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Drug - Drug Abuse - Drug Interaction - Drug Pharmacology - Drug Testing
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CA Antivirus Review

CA Antivirus Review

CA Antivirus Review brings you consumer ratings on Ca Antivirus. Thus, here we share important facts, relevant points as well as unfiltered consumer-comments including trustworthy complaints, so that your PC gets the best one. ca anti virus reviews , ca anti virus software , ca antivirus for vista , ca antivirus protection , ca anti virus plus 2008 ...

April 8th 2009 1,237k Freeware  Best Antivirus Software
Crystal Delivery

Crystal Delivery

Crystal Delivery is an automatic exporter for Crystal Reports. Crystal Delivery can export to PDF, XLS, XLS (data only), RPT, DOC, CSV, TXT, RTF, HTML, XML, Record, Print, or E-mail. Crystal Delivery can export ChartRunner Reports to JPEG, BMP, EMF, PNG, ClipChart, Print, and EmailCrystal ... crystal reports , blue sub software , crystal delivery , crystal passage , automatic exporter ...

April 8th 2009 64,500k Freeware  Groff Automation
CA Internet Security Suite Installer

CA Internet Security Suite Installer

CA Internet Security Suite Plus gives comprehensive protection from Internet threats that can jeopardize your privacy and diminish PC performance. Ca Internet Security Suite Plus also helps ensure your important files, photos, music, and PC settings are safe, by letting you easily back them up, ... internet security , internet security suite , ca internet security suite plus discount , ca internet security suite plus coupon , ca internet security suite plus ...

April 8th 2009 410k Freeware  Internet Security 2 0

Delivery Tracking NET

DELIVERY TRACKING NET is business software ordered and created for company which primary business is Delivery. DT NET enables you to perform professional Delivery tracking, regardless of your business type and size. Using DT NET, you will be able to easily store and find millions ... network , delivery ...

April 8th 2009 5,462k Shareware  ZPSSoft
Ebook Creation Delivery Marketing

Ebook Creation Delivery Marketing

My Ebook Master - eBook Creation Delivery Marketing software. My eBook Master is the only system to integrate: * - Easy eBook creation - Add videos, pictures, and multimedia. * - Automatic eBook Delivery - Instantly delivered to your customers. * - Built-in eBook marketing - ... software , ebook , marketing , master , delivery ...

July 30th 2012 1,000k Shareware  YouBay org
Delivery Service

Delivery Service

The program makes it possible to optimize all business processes of your Delivery service. The system "Delivery Service" helps to organize the operational work at every stage of the order process. "Delivery Service" - a simple solution for quick processing of orders, transmit them to ... restaurant delivery software , delivery service software , delivery management system , delivery system , program for online ordering ...

February 28th 2016 58,549k Shareware  Temia Consulting
EMail Delivery Engine

EMail Delivery Engine

E-Delivery Engine is a high-performance software for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists and newsletters . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our industry-leading email marketing software. Flash Animation movies can be embedded in your email message. Unlike other email ... software , email , marketing , bulk ...

May 12th 2008 5,153k Shareware  Lencom software Inc

Palm Springs Ca Desktop Alert

This is a very easy to use desktop application that will alert you whenever new articles are added to Palm Springs Ca.org. Simply install the software and any time new content is added to the website, you will receive an alert on your desktop letting ... rss feed , desktop alert , palm springs , palm springs resorts , palm springs hotels ...

April 8th 2009 656k Freeware  Palm Springs Ca

Ford Delivery Screensaver

A collection of beautiful, high-resolution images of Ford Delivery supercar. This screensaver features high-quality transitions and 25+ images of the speedy Ford Delivery muscle car. Download and enjoy the Ford Delivery today!

June 24th 2012 6,861k Freeware  leetsoftware.com

Laconi.ca Tools

An inclusive, central repository of all third party tools for bridging to or from Laconi.Ca instances. Currently, this comprises of an SMS->Laconi.Ca gateway, an RSS->Laconi.Ca gateway and a Laconi.Ca feed parser for Liferea and other systems.

August 10th 2012 28k Freeware  laconicatools.sourceforge.net

DELI: Delivery context library

DELI provides an API to allow Java servlets to determine the Delivery context of a client device using CC/PP or UAProf.

March 26th 2012 8,699k Freeware  delicon.sourceforge.net

Deliver: Flexible Delivery of Local Mail

Deliver is a local mail Delivery program. It makes a fine adjunct to your mail transport of choice (sendmail, qmail, exim, etc.).

August 18th 2012 79k Freeware  deliver.sourceforge.net

PodShow Delivery Network Tools

This project will be a collection of tools that will allow manipulation of the PDN . These tools are mainly being developed for use on the N800 Internet tablet. These tools will be writen in Perl, Python and C and should run on all Unix ...

June 30th 2012 15k Freeware  podshow-tools.sourceforge.net

Website to interface CVS apps delivery

Infrastructure website that provides an easy access to CVS content and enable package creation from the web interface. Create reporting on what has been delivered and for who.Create package (ZIP) from a CVS TAG. Uses ANT, XML, PYTHON technologies.

May 2nd 2012 108k Freeware  webpack.sourceforge.net

CA Web Helper

Helper web application writen in PhP and Perl to mantain local Certificate Authority based on openssl.Provides ability to view issued certificates, issue new certificates, revoke compromised certificates.

August 25th 2012 25k Freeware  cawh.sourceforge.net

Delivery Boy

DeliveryBoy's is one game implements the traveling salesman problem (TSP) into Android platform, using the AndEngine's API.

June 23rd 2012 8,821k Freeware  ita-tsp.sourceforge.net

Think Online.ca Cloud Desktop GUI

This is combined download of both the Windowing Toolkit and Menu Toolkit. With documentation on how to use it. It allows true dynamic menu and windows akin to modern GUIs right here within Webpages and customization of anything from dimensions to colour.

April 7th 2012 352k Freeware  blog.thinkonline.ca
Multi Pos for Restaurant

Multi Pos for Restaurant

MULTI POS is a full featured POS and backoffice software package for the foodservice industry, including: fine dining, bars, cafeterias, home Delivery, carry out, fast food, etc. This application is designed to quickly create detailed invoices using a wide variety of industry standard receipt printers. ... restaurant , food , bar , cafe , hotel ...

May 12th 2008 8,533k Shareware  Quality Software
Advanced Direct Remailer

Advanced Direct Remailer

Advanced Direct Remailer (ADR) is a powerful remailer and mass mailer which send your message straight out to the recipient's mail server (without your ISP's SMTP server). ADR realizes multi-threaded direct Delivery, and so works several times quicker than usual email client. The program has ... plugin , delphi , vb , proxy , server ...

May 12th 2008 1,367k Shareware  Tweak Marketing Inc

indexsoft intuitive mailer

Is a powerful web based mail list manager. It will meet most of your needs for handling any size mailing list. indexsoft intuitive mailer supports unlimited mail lists, unlimited numbers of users, HTML messages, unlimited numbers of attachments, pending message dispatches, background message Delivery, automatic ... manager , export , import , maillist , delivery ...

May 12th 2008 244k Shareware  IndexSoft
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