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eMule Plus COM

eMule Plus COM

eMule Plus COM is a new generation Emule compatible client. It improves speed and robustness in downloads and it offers more features than the standard clients. Emule Plus COM includes a new e-link feature that shows the top music, movies, series, software and global downloads. It ... file sharing , free download , peer to peer , p2p , emule ...

January 15th 2015 2,902k Freeware  Onekit Internet

2nd Millennium Invisible Calculator

2nd Millennium Invisible Calculator allows you to make calculations in any place where it is possible to enter expressions (e.g. text editor, lines of input, etc.). After starting the calculator, it is automatically placed in your system tray. All you have to do to count ... calculator , invisible , calculate in any place ...

April 8th 2009 318k Shareware  Zebbra Software Lab

eMule Plus 1.2e

eMule Plus is a new generation Emule compatible client created to improve the original GUI and to bring you the best experience ever. Emule Plus doesn?t contain any spyware, adware or the like. It?s open source and free for life.

April 19th 2012 2,621k Freeware  emuleplus.info

eMule Xtreme

eMule Xtreme is a modification of the original Emule filesharing client. It is Emule Xtreme?s aim to use the bandwidth much more efficiently and to enlarge the range of the functions. We have paid special attention to create a stable, resource saving mod.

August 28th 2012 6,564k Freeware  xtreme-mod.net

eMule Razorback 3 Next Generation

eMule is a filesharing client based on the eDonkey2000 protocol. This means you are able to connect to official eDonkey2000 clients and visa-versa.

August 18th 2012 5,233k Freeware  emule-mods.biz

aMule - All-Platform eMule P2P Client

The "all-platform Emule", it is a Emule-like client for ed2k network, supporting linux, MacOS and Win32. It was forked from xMule project back in september 2003 to drive it to a brand new direction and quality. Uses wxWidgets for multiplatform support.

September 7th 2012 4,463k Freeware  amule.berlios.de


eMule is a filesharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network but offers more features than the standard client

April 10th 2012 170k Freeware  emule-project.net

emule Xtreme Mod

emule client, based on official Emule version (see www.Emule-project.net)many enhancements and bugfixes, for details see provided changelogsupported languages: for xtreme features: english, for all official Emule client features: english, german, spa

July 24th 2012 6,563k Freeware  xtreme-mod.net

emule X Mod

emule client, based on Emule Xtreme Mod (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/emulextreme/) many enhancements, bugfixes and useful features from other mods. Lite Mod, based on X Mod only keep the commonly used features and reduce memory usage

July 18th 2012 2,601k Freeware  emulex.sourceforge.net

eMule for Linux

This is a Linux port of Emule client (see http://www.Emule-project.net) using wxWindows class library.

June 21st 2012 1,360k Freeware  lmule.sourceforge.net

SPYmule - eMule client

SPYmule is an Emule client which offers a WHOIS query and an IP logging database to detect file sharing users in the eDonkey2000 network.

August 17th 2012 2,158k Freeware  spymule.sourceforge.net

Millennium Digger for PocketPC (ARM)

There is no risk to bet that you know enough about the good old Digger. In the mid-80ies of the last century this genuine game masterpiece captivated the minds of the players all over the world. The Digger is back! Now you can play it ...

May 12th 2008 1,810k Shareware  Alawar Entertainment

StudyAide Millennium Edition

StudyAide is a self-study tool designed to assist the diligent learner in her endeavors. It’s intuitive enough for the early grade-schooler, yet proven and structured enough for the collegiate audience. The premise is simple: user-defined word and definition lists, with powerful tools to test your ...

July 21st 2012 1,004k Shareware  Amethyst Interactive
A WebShare Meta Finder

A WebShare Meta Finder

WebShare Meta Finder is free powerful search-software which will connect you to the most Popular search engines,downloads-sites Kazaa, Emule, eDonkey and Bit Torrent files. WebShare Meta Finder submits searches to most popular search and downloads site directly from your desktop. From now you don’t have ... find , search , kazaa , meta , engine ...

May 12th 2008 428k Freeware  Naor Ben Meir


The only working anty-spam solution for Emule. No more viruses, spyware or adware.Your Emule is safe again. SafeMule is a very simple but a very powerful program.It works right inside your Emule. No need to run any additional applications - just use Emule as usual ... privacy , antivirus , antispam , safety , p2p ...

April 25th 2012 1,335k Freeware  P2P Security Labs Inc


TrayDay - date, calendar, week number and counter utility for the Windows tray, or Windows XP Notification area. TrayDay places an icon showing the date (day of the month) in the system tray. The icon resembles a page of a "tear-off" calendar. You can therefore ... time , internet , calendar , date , swatch ...

July 30th 2015 1,333k Shareware  MJMSoft Design Ltd
CCCC '99

CCCC '99

Uli Trimpe, an extremely dangerous and brutal smoker, has assaulted the planet of Boot II and occupied five colonies of the Confederation. Now Agent 4X-019 #Y Codename Combo gets the task to free the colonies by force. He has to hurry, because Trimpe plans to ... fun , skullbyte , malign black , platform , commander combo ...

May 12th 2008 1,646k Freeware  Michael Hoffmann
Dial-Up Lock Me

Dial-Up Lock Me

Dial-Up Lock Millennium Edition is an Internet security and dial-up (RAS) monitoring software that enables to set user-level security for Internet Dial-Up (RAS) connections. Using Dial-Up Lock Me you can limit and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, limit and monitor time online and set allowed/denied ... children , internet software , internet security , access control , ras security ...

May 12th 2008 731k Shareware  Shatran Software


Ancient Egyptians used the shadow clock (gnomon) to determine correct time. The Greeks used the water clock, or clepsydra. The first mechanical clock appeared in the fourteenth century. Then, in 1929 first electronic timepieces appeared. As time changes, so do the time-keeping devices. Now, in ... clock , alarm , tray , xp , atomic ...

May 12th 2008 1,924k Shareware  AlfaSoft Research Labs

StartMenu Cleaner

StartMenu Cleaner is a tool designed to allow users to identify dead links and empty folders in their start menu and remove them. Under Windows 98SE and Windows Millennium, the user is able to see the files in the start menu folder (which is shared ...

May 12th 2008 500k Shareware  L5 Software Group LLC
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