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UNIX User Password Modifier

UNIX User Password Modifier

UNIX User Password Modifier (2UPM) is a Windows application which is designed for batch modifying, generating, initializing and managing the user passwords on the various UNIX/Linux hosts. It may be useful for the UNIX/Linux system administrators, programmers and general users, specially, if you manage or ... modify unix password , change unix password , generate unix password , manage unix password , unix password management ...

May 12th 2008 1,000k Shareware  TriSun Software Inc

Unix system tools

Chsh, getty, id, login, Passwd, su, stty, tty, uname and more *nix tools that handle terminals, logging in, and info about the system and who you are on it

March 26th 2012 21k Freeware

Virtual ProFTPD Control

Perl application to create, delete and maintain users for a ProFTPD Virtual login system. Uses command line switches so its easy to call from other scripts or applications. User abstraction layer allow for users to be stored in differing ways (sql, passwd

April 20th 2012 7k Freeware


The goal of this project to provide the form based authentication, based on the user source like flat file, xml file, Unix /Etc/Passwd or NIS, Windows Domain or database.

March 27th 2012 624k Freeware

X-LC1 2.0

The X-LC1 is a linux based solution for project olpc / ondalivre. Is common for scool proxies. Why so special? 1-click-setup and c2sd (conntrack to syslog daemon). Step to go 1) download iso 2) burn cd 3) start setup 4) usr=root, pswd=root 5) type passwd

June 4th 2012 241,115k Freeware


[Daemon] Watches files such as /Etc/Passwd, /Etc/shadow, /Etc/group. When they are modified, make is automagically run in the NIS directory (often /var/yp) to update and push out new NIS maps.

March 25th 2012 29k Freeware


A fork of nss_db, modified to work on Solaris as well as Linux. This provides an alternative location for storing configuration information used by the Name Service Switch libraries, and may be used to supplement user, group and other information in a Berkeley DB.The Berkeley ...

June 17th 2012 674k Freeware


WebAttach is a small web based file uploader.It uses fancyupload for flash based file upload and provides a non-flash fallback solution.Feel free to do anything you want to do with it - would be great if you give feedback on errors or if you have ...

May 10th 2012 187k Freeware

DS Password Tools

DS Password Tools are a pair of command line tools for changing passwords on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server (versions 10.2.x) that make use of the Directory Services API. Unlike the included Passwd program, these tools are compatible with Password Server.

April 9th 2012 10k Freeware


FAUS is a tool for user administration at a Linux server acting as a Samba server. FAUS is able to deal with entries both in /Etc/Passwd (and /Etc/shadow) and smbpasswd files.

April 5th 2012 137k Freeware

Flexible Single Sign-on Solutions

Extends the Name Service Switch (NSS) API, enabling superior integration with network databases. Various sources, such as MySQL, extend naming services such as /Etc/Passwd - allowing for better data management and single sign-on capabilities.

May 13th 2012 319k Freeware

Generic SQL Database Interface for NSS

The nss_sqldb project provides ability to access system databases (like Passwd, groups Etc.) from a SQL database. As a result service authentication can be done from a database rather than files like /Etc/Passwd.

May 23rd 2012 119k Freeware
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