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FB Lead Chef

FB Lead Chef

What Fb Lead Chef can do ? 1.Extract Power Players: Power players module will extract and rand the most influential and well-liked users using a unique algorithm that analyzes their popularity. These leads are extremely valuable as other members follow and listen to what they like. ... email extractor , facebook extractor , fb lead chef , social lead freak , social lead chef ...

July 12th 2015 283k Shareware  FB Lead Chef

FB Export

FB Export for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful utility to export your data. Supported formats are : Text, DIFF, SYLK, PDF, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, HTML, XML, PDF, DIFF (Data Interchange Format File), Lotus 123, Quattro ProSQL Script (Insert), Windows Clipboard, SPSS Format, ...

May 12th 2008 4,392k Shareware  CevenSoft

FB Import

FB Import for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful utility to import datas. using the most popular import formats :Text, Paradox, dBase, Excel, Word, Access, Lotus 123, Quattro pro, XML, HTML, DBISAM, Clarion, Advantage database, SPSS, Windows ClipBoard, Window Address Book and any ADO driven database (Oracle, ...

May 12th 2008 4,392k Shareware  CevenSoft


FB-Tools ist ein professionelles ActiveX-Control mit etwa 15 anspruchsvollen Werkzeugen, die bei keiner Anwendung fehlen dürften. Laden Sie sich dieses Tool mal ´runter und probieren Sie es kostenfrei aus. Viel Spass damit FienauBerlin..

May 12th 2008 2,158k Shareware  FienauBerlin
EMS IB/FB Data Import

EMS IB/FB Data Import

EMS Data Import for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful tool to import your data quickly from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV and XML files to InterBase/FireBird tables. It provides adjustable import parameters, including source data formats for all the fields and destination data formats ...

January 19th 2009 3,533k Shareware  sqlmanager net

EMS IB/FB Data Export

EMS Data Export for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful program to export your data quickly from InterBase/FireBird databases to any of 15 available formats, including MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, TXT, and more. IB/Fb Data Export includes a wizard, which allows you to set export options ...

January 19th 2009 3,738k Shareware  sqlmanager net

FB Toolbar

FB Toolbar is the must-have Facebook application to stay connected to your Facebook friends. Get instant access to Facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser. Fb Toolbar installation is free and takes only secon

June 23rd 2012 928k Freeware  fbtoolbar.com
Fahrtenbuch mmm/fb Standard

Fahrtenbuch mmm/fb Standard

Fahrtenbuchsoftware für Windows-PC, Anerkennung lt. Gutachten Rechtsanwalt / Steuerberater. Führen Sie Ihr Fahrtenbuch bequem am PC! Das Programm lernt Routen und Orte und erlaubt so eine schnelle Eingabe. Wahlweise kann die Software die Fahrtenbücher änderungssicher führen, um sie beim Finanzamt vorlegen zu kÃ∂nnen. Ein Steuervergleichsrechner ...

May 12th 2008 9,766k Shareware  Dipl Ing Mey Mark Meyer

EMS SQL Manager 2005 for IB/FB

EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful tool for InterBase and Firebird administration and development. SQL Manager 2005 is compatible with any Firebird version up to 2.0 and InterBase version up to 7.5 and supports all of the latest features including trigger messages, BLOB ...

January 19th 2009 13,988k Shareware  sqlmanager net

Linux fb driver for Trident boards

Kernel framebuffer lowlevel driver for Trident Blade3D (and maybe other)cards for kernel version 2.4

July 4th 2012 16k Freeware  tridentfb.sourceforge.net


System Administration Companies.It controls sales, stock, credit plan. Developed in Delphi 7 using FireBird database.Sistema de Gerenciamento de Empresas. Controla vendas, estoque, credirio. Desenvolvido em Delphi 7 utilizando banco de dados FireBird.

July 26th 2012 110k Freeware  sgefb.sourceforge.net

40-dicas-para-sa lvar-seu-blog-by :fb

Aki encontrasse o download do E-book feito por Marco Lemos do blog: ferramentas blog!Nele contA©m 40 dicas para salvar seu blog!

April 14th 2012 1,048k Freeware  salvarseublog.sourceforge.net

FB-AODV and WCIM routing

Flow-based AODV routing protocol and Weighted Contention and Interference routing Metric for Wireless Mesh Networks. routing metrics: HOPS, ETT and WCIMlink-quality, interference and load-awareflow-based routinggateway discoveryAODVwireless mesh networks

August 8th 2012 69k Freeware  fbaodv.sourceforge.net


The goal of the project is to create java implemented modular core to build modular programs atop. The ideas originally came from the FreeBuilder project redesign called FenIX. We try to give these radical designs a chance.

June 26th 2012 28k Freeware  FB-FenIX.sourceforge.net

Spheres of Influence

An ambient, physics-based puzzle game in the spirit of "The Incredible Machine", AKA a bunch of spheres floating around in space. Using C++/SDL/OpenGL

June 14th 2012 848k Freeware  soi.sourceforge.net

HXTT Cobol

Pure Java Type 4 Cobol JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1) driver packages for Cobol data, which includes Fb (fixed block) file, VB (variable block) file, Fb sequential file, VB sequential file, Fb relative file, IBM mainframe line sequential file, PC line sequential file, OpenCobol VB ... vb , fb , jdbc drivers , jdbc driver , pure java ...

August 26th 2012 1,290k Shareware  Hongxin Technology & Trade Ltd.


Orbitum is a web-browser with simple and user friendly interface with built-in chat and feature of applying nice skins on your Fb page. At first glance, when you open Orbitum for a first time you will see a simple common set of features and nothing ... chat , browser , social networks , fb , vk ...

January 1st 2015 303k Freeware  Orbitum LLC
Commenter Pro

Commenter Pro

What is Facebook Comments plug-in ? The Facebook Comments plug-in lets people comment on content on any regular web site using their Facebook account. If people wish to, they can share this activity to their friends and friends of friends in News Feed as well. ... facebook auto commenter , fb comment software , facebook comment tool , facebook comments app , fb auto commenter ...

July 27th 2015 100k Shareware  Commenter Pro
Interests Chef

Interests Chef

Interests Chef is a power application for facebook custom audiences. With this tool, your can extract the most valuable interests from Fb graph search. Due to facebook stops custom audience by upload Emails and UIDs from June 2015, more and more Fb marketers start using ... interests chef , facebook custom audiences , fb target audience , facebook targeted advertising tool , facebook targeted ads ...

September 15th 2015 156k Shareware  Interests Chef

Web Stats 2003

Web Stats 2003: a powerful, fast and easy-to-use web log analyzer that generates the "who, what, where, and how" of your web site's traffic. Web Stats 2003 tells you how visitors browse your web site, which pages they view, which they ignore and where they ... free , software , web , statistics , trends ...

May 12th 2008 527k Shareware  Hibase Group
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