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World Architecture Screensaver

World Architecture Screensaver

Old-time constructions, great buildings, ancient and modern houses, mansions, splendid cathedrals, churches. Oriental and western Architecture. This screensaver shows of the beauty of the Terrestrial Civilization and World Architecture. This screen saver contains 48 amazing images. All images in resolution 1024*768 and High Color (24-bit). ... pics , buildings , altix , architecture , towers ...

May 12th 2008 5,188k Shareware  Altix Soft
Architecture Landscapes

Architecture Landscapes

Free screensaver featuring 50 beautiful Architecture landscape photos for your desktop. Modern arhitecture and ancient Architecture. Gorgeous views and glorious buildings and monuments, from the capital building in D.C. to the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Visit the amazing buildings and sites the world has to ... screensaver , landscapes , city , buildings , australia ...

May 12th 2008 3,505k Freeware  Celebrity Mooch
Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture

You are probably familiar with expensive planning software as used by architects and engineers. These software products usually cost thousands of euros since they have the capability to plan large-scale projects. Based on the latest software technology, Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture provides similar capabilities at ... 3d design , planning software , cad construction , cad architecture ...

November 5th 2008 1,126k Shareware  ashampoo GmbH Co KG

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 4

Be your own architect with Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 4 and plan single rooms, apartments or entire houses including gardens, complete with furniture and appliances. Start off in the right direction Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 4 comes with a comprehensive 5-step wizard to handle basic ... 3d , graphic , design , planning , construction ...

October 3rd 2013 1,001,841k Shareware  ashampoo GmbH Co KG

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 3

With Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 3 exact models, 3D views, ground plans and lists for construction and furnishing projects can be created quickly.Getting started with the new program wizards is easy. The start wizard enables the user to watch training videos and to edit or ... cad , graphic , construction , ashampoo ...

May 21st 2012 996,403k Shareware  ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

Mizu Bu; Rapid Development Architecture

[WIP!] Mizu-Bu is a 'Rapid Development Architecture' which provides a platform to build entire programs on. It uses an internal webserver, SQL server, logging, i18n, skinning and multi-user support. You can download Mizu-Bu RDA and just "get to work"

August 6th 2012 232k Freeware

Pipeline Architecture

The Pipeline Architecture project (PARC) is a high performance java based batch processing framework. It utilizes the Pipe-Filter pattern from the POSA book to provide a flexible, extensible mechanism for data conversion between systems.

June 14th 2012 207k Freeware

Poetica Studios Java Library

A general Java library used by all Poetica Studios Java software products. The library includes utilities ranging in use from serialization to arrays to debugging and includes many helpful classes such as object pointers and stored actions.

August 7th 2012 608k Freeware

SDArch - Semantic Document Architecture

SDArch - Semantic Document Architecture is a service oriented Architecture which goal is to make office-like document data to be efficiently discovered, linked and shared across application, enterprise and community boundaries.

June 1st 2012 5,167k Freeware

Simple Architecture for Web Applications

The Simple Architecture for Web Applications (SAWA for short) is a Perl framework designed to allow developers to rapidly create and deploy modular, component-based Web applications both in mod_perl and plain CGI environments.

July 6th 2012 173k Freeware

A flexible .NET Plugin architecture

The TaskPluginInterface namespace is a set of classes, interfaces, enumerations, and events to provide create a "Plug-in" Architecture for .NET applications.

April 4th 2012 269k Freeware

Architecture Application Framework

Architecture Application Framework is JavaEE Web Application Development Framework. Rapid Development Using Struts Wrapping Framework and Extends Apache Commons DBUtil JDBC Framework.

April 17th 2012 5,233k Freeware

DAArch: Digital Archive for Architecture

The Digital Archive for Architecture (DAArch) is a project at The Art Institute of Chicago. The system is structured around the use of Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA) metadata schema, and its underlying digital repository DSpace.

June 24th 2012 16,012k Freeware

Discover and Recover Architecture

Drarch is a discoverer of the Architecture of an implemented system tool for Eclipse plug-ins. The results are represented by Components and UCMs diagrams.

May 17th 2012 265k Freeware

Enterprise Reporting Architecture

Enterprise Reporting Architecture (ERA) is a set of java interfaces and classes designed to support a highly scalable, robust, enterprise-wide reporting Architecture. The fundamental Architecture is that of a 'directory of cubes', where objects similar

August 31st 2012 201k Freeware

SofAA - Software Architecture Assistant

SofAA is a graphical tool designed to create/edit/view software Architecture descriptions, expressed in <A HREF="">xADL 2.0</A> (an Architecture Description Language based on the XML schema xADL).

June 7th 2012 1,053k Freeware

TAG: 3D Architecture Guide

A software designed to act as a guide for Architecture design by providing high level graphics support to view/express and experience the desired Architecture in a very user friendly manner.

July 6th 2012 9,180k Freeware

Vipera Unified Server Architecture

Vipera is a unified server Architecture which allows greater portability and stabilization of server software, it provides all Objects with a miniapi that allows them to be almost totally portable; as well as significantly decreasing time to write an app.

August 25th 2012 11k Freeware

Architecture Clock Screensaver ArC1

Stylish screen saver including such useful attributes as the date with indication of the month and the day, digital clock and analog clock with elegant face. Screen saver is created with touching of architectural elements.

May 12th 2008 957k Shareware  ScreenSaverSoft com

Modular Controller Architecture 2

A modular, network transparent and realtime capable C++ framework for controlling robots and other kind of hardware.

July 28th 2012 24k Freeware
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