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Game Editor Linux

Game Editor Linux

Game Editor is an interactive multimedia tool for Game development, with a simple and intuitive interface and a rich set of features. The software allows anyone to develop 2D games for personal computers and mobile devices, with no programming knowledge required! The tool is designed ...

January 19th 2009 3,308k Freeware  game editor com
Easy MEMOry - THE Concentration Game (Mac,Linux)

Easy MEMOry - THE Concentration Game (Mac,Linux)

Easy MEMO is not only a memory Game, it's the memory Game of all time! Of course, like any concentration games, you have to find pairs of identical pictures. You can also play friends, the computer or even your youngest kids. You can play online ...

May 12th 2008 536k Freeware  Bruno Berenguer

QGSpider - a game cheater for Linux

Most games store values for money, energy etc. in memory while they are running. QGSpider can search for memory addresses of those values, and modify or lock the values to whatever you want. QGSpide also can change Game speed.

April 3rd 2012 59k Freeware

Pirate Board Game

Pirate Board Game is an interesting free Game where you get to play some Domino. You are in a hidden pirate club where you play an interesting Game of Domino with some of the most notorious pirates and creatures of the sea. On your Domino ...

May 31st 2012 2,355k Freeware  Lucky Legend Games

Twixt Board Game

We developed the Game of Twixt for its challenging strategy, relative obscurity, and the variety of data structures necessary to implement it. This Game runs on Linux Red Hat and uses OpenGL and C++. Help page is at:

August 21st 2012 27k Freeware

Deathmatch Game Server

Extendable Game server for a Linux Deathmatch. Basically, a Linux Deathmatch is a realtime hacking competition where several teams share a network and try to set up services, for which they get scores, and hack the other players.

April 18th 2012 24k Freeware

Serious Backgammon

A comprehensive backgammon Game with many features including Acey Deucey and Gul Bara. A choice of challenging computer opponents, many features & options. Extensive choice of rules including Domino backgammon : a new variation that replaces the dice with dominoes and allows players to think ... game , board , backgammon , domino , mylis ...

May 12th 2008 1,712k Shareware  Tower Software


Nibbles4Linux is a clone of the old Dos/Basic Game Nibbles for Linux. It should be playable directly at the pc (on tty, xterm, teminal etc) or via network (on ssh, putty, telnet ...). Just try it

August 14th 2012 27k Freeware

GNU Robbo

This is ATARI XE/XL Game ported to Linux. This Game was very popular and was one of the greatest ATARI games. You can see similarities to sokoban, but this Game has more features like shooting, unfriendly animals.... SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf

June 30th 2012 2,322k Freeware

Rush 2005

Rush 2005 is a BSD-licensed project to create an American football Game for Windows and Linux in the tradition of Tecmo Bowl and NFL Blitz, built using the cross-platform SDL Game programming library.

June 25th 2012 4,308k Freeware

Linux game launcher Project

A fast and easy-to-use Game-Server-Browser for Linux.Its ment to be a stand-alone application and not just a front-endto 3rd party apps like qstat. Req. Kylix3 libs.

May 25th 2012 2,540k Freeware
Domino 3D

Domino 3D

Domino 3D is challenging variant of the classic Domino. 10 games were included into this package: Draw Game, Goat, Block Game, Sebastopol, All Fives, All Threes, All Fives and Threes, Muggins, Bergen and Double Bergen. The draw Game is one of the easy basic games ... game , board , games , desktop , domino ...

May 12th 2008 484k Shareware  Trian Software
Domino Dilemma

Domino Dilemma

In this perplexing puzzle, a set of dominoes will be laid out before you. There are 28 unique pieces (rectangles consisting of 2 squares) with pips from 0-0, 0-1, ..., to 6-6. Easy? Unfortunately, the dominoes' outlines are not displayed, and it is your job ... game , puzzle , windows , domino , dilemma ...

May 12th 2008 1,021k Shareware  Sapphire Games
Domino 3D

Domino 3D

Domino 3D is challenging variant of the classic Domino. 10 games were included into this package: Draw Game, Goat, Block Game, Sebastopol, All Fives, All Threes, All Fives and Threes, Muggins, Bergen and Double Bergen. The Draw Game is one of the easy basic games ... board , desktop , block , domino , sebastopol ...

May 12th 2008 928k Shareware  Trian Software
Scalez - Linux

Scalez - Linux

Skalez, The BALANCING PUZZLE Game. It's a balancing act. Linux version. This shareware Game let's you balance the scales! Using skill keep the balance even without toppling! Great sound and graphics will keep you on your toes! Linux Requirements inlcude python 2.4.1, Pygame 1.6.2 and ... scalez , balance puzzle game ...

April 8th 2009 3,204k Shareware  Two Brothers Software
Domino Solitaire

Domino Solitaire

Play Domino Solitaire on your PC! Domino Solitaire features over 50 challenging and fun levels! Solve the puzzles by figuring out where each of the 28 dominoes are hidden! If you enjoy playing Sudoku, Domino Solitaire will provide you with equally mind twisting challenges in ... solitaire , domino , dominoes , dominos , dominoe ...

March 15th 2011 21,178k Shareware  Kristanix Games
Free Game Icons

Free Game Icons

This free icon set of Free Game Icons offers Game developers a variety of images that will come handy for all the kinds of computer games you can imagine. It includes icons for Lock, Door, Apple, Chain, Jester, Wizard, and many more. All the images ... free icons , game icons , rpg icons , free game icons , free png icons ...

February 29th 2012 23,345k Freeware  Aha soft
CloudBacko Pro for Linux

CloudBacko Pro for Linux

CloudBackup Pro is a robust cloud and local backup software designed for backing up virtual machines, databases and files in Linux. It backs up VMware virtual machines, MySQL and files to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Rackspace, OpenStack, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP ... notes , software , ftp , backup , server ...

August 16th 2015 74,452k Shareware  CloudBacko Corporation
President Bush Pretzel Shell Game

President Bush Pretzel Shell Game

Test your luck with this hilarious Game of chance, with President Bush and snack food. Watch as three shells are shuffled and one snack food is chosen for the Prez. He loves his broccoli and cheese puffs, but be careful of those pretzels! Bush has ... game , screen , riss , saver , president ...

May 12th 2008 1,209k Freeware  Rhode Island Soft Systems

BRIDGE Card Game From Special K

Bridge From Special K This program plays the enduringly popular card Game of Bridge. Use Windows to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Bridge Game with animation and sound. Playing and bidding logic vastly improved. You can choose from different bidding conventions and styles of ... club , diamond , bridge , chicago , heart ...

January 20th 2016 2,720k Shareware  Special K Software
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