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Geek In A Box XP

Geek In A Box XP

Geek In A box is a system control board, designed with beginner users in mind. With this software a person with absolutely no computer knowledge will have the ability to make changes or adjustments to their computer. The board consists of over 40 settings, all ... geek in a box , computer help for beginners , begginer computer user , geek squad ...

August 16th 2008 27k Shareware  ClemCode
Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice is an easy to use program that allows you to enter items to be sold or services to be rendered and generate custom invoices. These invoices are printable, and the program stores all invoices to be easily recalled or edited. Great for invoicing ... billing , invoice , invoices , invoicing , invoice software ...

May 12th 2008 95k Freeware  Commercial Collections
Geek In A Box - Vista

Geek In A Box - Vista

Geek In A box is a system control board, designed with beginner users in mind. With this software a person with absolutely no computer knowledge will have the ability to make changes or adjustments to their computer. The board consists of over 40 settings, all ... system tool , geek in a box , beginner computer user , computer help for beginners ...

August 14th 2008 51k Shareware  ClemCode
Geek Notes

Geek Notes

Do you have sticky notes all over your desk, monitor, and walls? Ever wish there was away to write something down fast and still be organized?Geek Notes is a virtual sticky pad allowing for you to keep your notes on your desktop and be organized ... note pad , sticky pad , geek notes ...

April 8th 2009 4,545k Freeware  Concept Geek
Commercial Property for Sale

Commercial Property for Sale

Commercial Property screensaver by Cheap Commercial Property. Pictures of Commercial property to use as your screensaver. Pictures for free use that you can download and start using today.. Pictures include hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and other Commercial property pictures. commercial property for sale , commercial property screensaver , commercial buildings screensavers , screensaver of commercial properties ...

April 8th 2009 7,212k Freeware  Commercial Property For Sale
Syndikut - Mail Me Commercial

Syndikut - Mail Me Commercial

Syndikut Mail Me Commercial is an easy to edit php contact form script packed with useful features. MMC allows your visitors to contact you using a simple easy to customize form. MMC is 100% flat file so no SQL database required! When a visitor contacts ... contact , commercial , form , mmc , mail me ...

April 8th 2009 1,029k Commercial  Syndikut Scripts

Commercial Rental Tracker Plus

This affordable, complete, easy-to-use accounting software is designed for small Commercial rental property managers. It tracks your tenant leases, income and expenses for office buildings, stores, etc. Commercial Rental Tracker Plus is a complete, affordable, easy-to-use, rental property manager software program for long term rental ... lease software , commercial property software , commercial unit , tenant software , rental management sof ...

August 28th 2012 5,837k Shareware  SpiritWorks Software Inc.
Geek Superhero

Geek Superhero

Geek Superhero watches your computer for changes, immediately notifying you when a setting is altered to confirm you want to keep or reject the change. This catches many of the modifications made by a virus, trojan or worm; protecting your computer from harm. (A "Computer ... security , virus , protection , worm , popup ...

May 12th 2008 2,548k Shareware  Headlight Software Inc

Laser Squad Nemesis

The award winning strategy game from the creators of the X-Com series. Play Marine, Machina, Spawn or Grey campaigns against a devious AI opponent, or play online against human opponents in competitions and tournaments with over 100 maps to choose from. Laser Squad Nemesis is ... wargame , strategy , tactics , turn based , turn-based ...

May 12th 2008 6,127k Shareware  Prospero Productions

File Squad

The File Squad is a little powerful file utility which intended for various kinds of file operations: encrypt/decrypt files, create SFX archive, Split File, Change multiple files attributes, multi renaming, etc... The user friendly and intuitive interface allows you to do all operations easily and ...

January 19th 2009 1,356k Shareware  lutosoft com

Swf to exe Converter - Commercial

Bullrushsoft SWF to EXE Converter is a smart and easy-to-use wizard-like tool that enables the creation of executable files from SWF Flash files.With the help of this friendly tool you may easily compile licensed, stand-alone executables of any SWF file.Use it to protect the copyright ... flash to exe , swf to exe ...

May 8th 2012 963k Shareware  bullrushsoft

Geek - Package wrap/loader for tcl/tk

Geek is trying to provide a framework to help developer use tcl/tk to write and deploy pragram. It can wrap a tcl/tk program to .EXE in windows platform, compile tcl/tk code to TCL ByteCode and the package management is much like java class/jar.

April 18th 2012 2,491k Freeware

Geek Code 3.12 CODEC

A Geek code generator that generates 3.12 compatible Geek code block. It lets you add your real age and many other functions not seen in other Geek code generators. The Geek code block is formatted dynamically, shown on screen and stored in a file

May 19th 2012 56k Freeware

Geek Code Generator

The Geek Code Generator will generate a Geek code block for you by asking you a series of questions about yourself. The generated code can be pasted into your .sig or anywhere else you would like to display your geekiness.

June 12th 2012 59k Freeware

Geek Credit

Geek Credit is a digital compelmentary currency. It is decentralized, secure, interest and demurrage free. It is backed by mutual credit (time). There is no central issuing and control authority, so it is a true p2p currency.

July 27th 2012 1,634k Freeware

Geek House

Software from the book Geek House, published by Wiley, written by the authors of PC Toys. Project code is for a bar code inventory, security monitoring, a recipe database, a barbeque controller, and a soil moisture driven sprinkler controller.

July 27th 2012 100k Freeware is a fork of the Menu, adding support for security features, internet searching capabilities, category support, autorun apps, and much, much more. It can serve as a replacement for the portableApps menu.

May 30th 2012 5,631k Freeware
Easy-Data Computer Geek

Easy-Data Computer Geek

The Computer Geek program is not a tool for ordinary computer users, rather for the more experienced users like system administrators etc. And obviously for all the geeks out there :-) That said, there are parts of this program that should fit most computer users, ... port scanner , startup manager , system information , disk manager , ping tool ...

April 9th 2014 2,701k Freeware  Easy Data

Traffic Geek

Search Engine submission software to submit your websites to more than 800,000 search engines, directories and link pages including Google, Yahoo and Dmoz. The software includes more than 20 SEO tools such as link popularity, keyword builder, html validator, website ranking and the ability to ... website submission , search engine submisison ...

April 8th 2009 3,069k Shareware  Software Store Products

TntDrive Commercial License

TntDrive is a new Amazon S3 Client for Windows. With TntDrive you can easily mount Amazon S3 Bucket as a Windows Drive. Unlike many other Amazon S3 Clients, TntDrive offers incredible simplicity of accessing your Amazon S3 Buckets and files. Just imagine! You can work ... s3 drive , amazon s3 bucket mount , bucket drive , access s3 drive ...

August 16th 2012 3,686k Shareware  NetSDK Software
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