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Magnetic controls

Magnetic Controls is a ... framework managed controls written in ... of button controls with enhanced ... included. All controls supports data ...

April 13th 2012   Shareware  9Rays.Net

BCGDateTime Controls

... of ActiveX controls. This suite ... powerful calendar controls, that may ...

April 14th 2012 238k Freeware  bcgsoft.com

ASP.NET + JQuery Server Controls

... asp server controls that render ... the standard controls.It utilises ...

March 31st 2012 4,902k Freeware  SourceForge.net

WMS Client Controls for .Net

... of .Net controls. The client controls ease the ...

April 13th 2012 2,551k Freeware  SourceForge.net

B612 - Parental Controls Desktop

... a parental controls software. The ...

July 3rd 2012 50,150k Freeware  b612.sourceforge.net

HTML5 ASP.Net Controls

Html5Asp Controls enable you ... cutting edge controls available to ...

August 2nd 2012 395k Freeware  html5asp.sourceforge.net

JSControlsTags javascript controls tags

... manage javascript controls (Autocomplete, Slider ... it manages controls on client/server ...

June 16th 2012 1,159k Freeware  jscontrolstags.sourceforge.net

JSP Controls

Controls the lifecycle ...

August 13th 2012 76k Freeware  jspcontrols.sourceforge.net

Optenet PC Internet Parental Controls

Filter out the content you don't want your children to see and manage the time they spend online. This leading web filter even allows you to control P2P, chat, email and more.

April 11th 2012 17,408k Shareware  Optenet

Vista Controls Icon Collection

83 Unique and 9.462 icons fully editable vector (ai, xaml, design, swf, fh11) formats and many raster (ico, psd,png, bmp, gif, jpg, icns) formats.Vista style control designs.Next-generation presentation Icons for web and Windows.

June 16th 2012 317k Shareware  Horizon Software Co.

Simple Controls Image Gallery

A gallery script that displays images as an automatic slideshow that can also be explicitly played or paused by the user. A "control panel" glides into view when the user hovers over the gallery, allowing her to play, pause, or cycle through the images on

June 22nd 2012 8k Freeware  dynamicdrive.com

Microba controls

Microba is a set of finely crafted & feature rich JFC (Swing) components. Keywords: jfc, swing, java, date picker, datepicker, date-picker, calendar, gradient editor, marker, slider, palette editor, jgraph bird view, bird eye

August 31st 2012 429k Freeware  microba.sourceforge.net

PaceBook Controls

ONLY LINUX RELATED SOFTWARE - Provides the interface for the PaceBook/TouchBook and SlimBook Pen - Tablet PC for Linux like backlight control , touchscreen drivers and calibration ( on-the-fly) , video output etc

September 8th 2012 43k Freeware  pacebook.sourceforge.net

BCB Hex Controls Components

"Hex" components for Borland C++ Builder. Package includes THexCSpinEdit, THexEdit, THexGrid, THexMemo and THexRichEdit.These Components allows user to input/edit values in hex format.

August 28th 2012 23k Freeware  bcbhexcontrols.sourceforge.net

SWC Extended Controls

This project is aimed to provide a set of Flash components not included in the development enviroment.

August 14th 2012 923k Freeware  swccontrols.sourceforge.net


... Windows Common Controls installed on ...

May 12th 2008 168k Freeware  Castle Software Ltd
ActiveResize Control

ActiveResize Control

... repositions all controls (and captions ... all form controls without requiring ... type of controls. It also handles complex controls like the ... of Sheridan controls & Grids ... other resizer controls, ActiveResize automatically ...

May 12th 2008 1,902k Shareware  VBGold Software

PlusSuite .Net Control Library

... Studio. The controls and components ... 17 main controls and components ... most important controls available in ... try our controls before you ...

May 12th 2008 10,472k Commercial  Olvio IT Inc
DMControls.Color Mixer .NET control

DMControls.Color Mixer .NET control

... using different controls properties. ColorMixer ...

May 12th 2008 1,087k Shareware  DMSoft Technologies
DMControls.Lens .NET control

DMControls.Lens .NET control

... by calling controls methods. Tracing ... build-in controls meant for ...

May 12th 2008 1,110k Shareware  DMSoft Technologies
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