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MP3 PC Alarm Clock

MP3 Pc Alarm Clock is a program that can make your computer to worked just like an Alarm clock. This computer Alarm clock software is loaded with features that will ease you into the beginnings and endings of your day. The multi-Alarm can be set ... clock , timer , alarm clock , copmuter alarm clock , mp3 alarm clock ...

May 12th 2008 642k Shareware  Computer MP3 PC Alarm Clock Software

Pocket PC Alarm

Fully functional Alarm clock for all PDA's running Microsoft Windows Pocket Pc. Program more than one Alarm for multiple reminders throughout the day. Simple to use, set up a Alarm or reminder in seconds. Use your own wav files! Optional 9 minute Snooze. Runs completely ...

January 19th 2009 350k Shareware  ppcalarm com

ARP pc alarm

this is a timer made using python(so you recquire python without any extra lib) which asks for time when it should run.if the time in your Windows Pc is same as determine it will run a tune. more info in Readme.txt Uses Python(without any additional ...

June 5th 2012 1k Freeware
Computer Alarm Clock

Computer Alarm Clock

With this Computer Alarm Clock software, you can give yourself reminders of important events that happen throughout the day, or wake up/fall asleep by listening your favorite music. It is an Alarm clock that is built into your personal Pc and is completely customizable to ... alarm clock , computer alarm clock , pc alarm clock , alarm clock download , alarm clock software ...

May 12th 2008 775k Shareware  PC CD MP3 Computer Alarm Clock Software Team

Free Cellular Alarm Clock

The Free Cellular Alarm Clock is a completely 100%-free product that will use your cellular phone to give you a wake-up call, remind you of an important meeting, send a reminder to your child's cell phone, let you know when to do something. alarm , phone , alarms , alarm clock , cellular ...

August 13th 2012 840k Freeware  Knowledge Probe Inc

Alarm Timer

Alarm Timer is an Alarm clock on your Pc. If you need an Alarm on your trip, you can use your Pc as an Alarm clock. You can choose your favorite music file as your Alarm sound.

June 22nd 2012 50k Freeware


WakeMeUp! is an advanced Alarm clock software for PCs with Windows 2000/XP/2003srv OS installed. For now, all Pc Alarm clocks rely either on Windows Task Scheduler or their own timers and work only when they are running. WakeMeUp! implements a much more convenient approach. It ... mp3 , wma , ogg , timer , alarm clock ...

May 12th 2008 2,514k Shareware  Highspheres com


Small original desktop Alarm. Timely reminders for appointments etc.. alarm , alarm clock , pc alarm ...

April 8th 2009 1,374k Freeware  Clarkscript


YAC (also known as Yet Another Cleaner/YAC Pc Cleaner) is an excellent software for Pc maintenance and optimization. It is a rich suite of tools which is free and multilingual. This small utility can quickly and effectively scan and fix your Pc, and purge it ... antivirus , malware , adware removal , spyware removal , malware removal ...

November 23rd 2014 753k Freeware  Elex do Brasil Technology Inc
MonitorPack Guard

MonitorPack Guard

MonitorPack provides Windows tools at no cost for server monitoring, IT asset management and help Desk solution, optional Cloud Solution (IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service) Cloud Application (Platform as a Service) and software on demand (SaaS or Software as a Service). MonitorPack consolidates your ... help desk , microsoft , soft , pc inventory , it asset management ...

October 10th 2015 11,276k Freeware  TECK SYSTEM SOFT

PC Health Optimizer Free Edition

PC Health Optimizer Free Edition is a unique set of over 10 maintenance tools to improve system performance and security. This free suite of utilities never expires and corrects problems in many areas of your computer including hard disks, memory, registry and more. Besides giving ... free , freeware , system , optimizer , optimization ...

July 24th 2012 11,018k Freeware  Retina-X Studios, LLC
Wondershare PC Health Check

Wondershare PC Health Check

With simply 3 steps,Wondershare Pc Health Check completes comprehensive system security diagnostics and helps to repair Windows to speed up computer. It does well in Windows XP repair,for Windows XP has the most vulnerabilities,and other Windows system as well. 1. Fully scan repair Windows 7,Windows ... speed up computer , system tool , repair windows , fix vulnerabilities , software vulnerabilities ...

March 25th 2010 6,994k Shareware  Wondershare Software Co Ltd

Total PC Health

Total Pc Health allows you to quickly and easily manage all areas of Pc optimization and error repair. It contains four scans which include Registry, drivers, processes and privacy. You can fix errors, scan and update your drivers, fix startup and active processes and protect ... malware removal , disk defrag , registry repair , update drivers , fix drivers ...

July 4th 2012 4,188k Shareware  Total PC Health

Alarm Health Care

Helping you find high quality Health care.The majority of people working long hours on computers each day may experience one or more symptoms such as: (1) upper or lower back pain; (2) neck and shoulder pain; (3) forearms, wrists, hands or fingers with pains, loss ...

May 12th 2008 1,084k Shareware  Aaresoft Inc
PC Health Optimizer

PC Health Optimizer

This suite of diagnostic utilities will identify and eliminate problems which can slow your Pc down. Improve system performance and stability with just one click. Corrects problems in many areas of your computer including hard disks, memory, registry and more. Along with providing optimum Pc ...

January 19th 2009 27,632k Shareware  pchealthoptimizer com
Alarm Master Plus

Alarm Master Plus

This skinnable organizer includes Alarm clock, scheduler, calendar, calendar and timer. The Alarm clock can remind you about important events by playing your favorite music or video (MP3, MPG, AVI, etc.), showing a notification message, opening a document, or starting the program you like. The ... music , pc , notes , video , sound ...

July 27th 2009 1,828k Shareware  Brigsoft


IRCAS Alarm is a Pc based camera Alarm system and surveillance system for Microsoft Windows. It can use almost every resource of camera, (Web cam (USB) and video capture card detected by the windows system and MJPEG IP cameras and other IRCAS Alarm applications) with ... pc , free , windows , software , ftp ...

May 12th 2008 9,595k Shareware  Rombouts Electronics IRCAS

WCD Drink Alarm

Experience the numerous Health benefits of being hydrated with this new, handy app. Simply enter your weight, the amount of exercise you will be doing and set the number of hours that you will be monitoring your water intake and the app will calculate how ... monitor , monitoring , alarm , benefits , drinks ...

May 19th 2012 12,022k Freeware  WaterCoolers
Alarm Master

Alarm Master

This skinnable organizer includes Alarm clock, scheduler, calendar, calendar and timer. The Alarm clock can remind you about important events by playing your favorite sound or music (WAV, MP3), showing a notification message, opening a document, or starting the program you like. Snooze is supported. Alarm-clock mode ... music , pc , video , sound , mp3 ...

August 22nd 2009 1,634k Shareware  Brigsoft
1 Click PC Fix

1 Click PC Fix

Are you suffering from computer rage? Is your computer crashing, slowing down or freezing when you least expect it? Solve Pc problems Instantly with 1 Click Pc Fix. Designed for use by complete beginners or expert power users, you won't be able to imagine using ... registry cleaner , improve pc performance , pc doctor , diagnostic tool , pc problems ...

May 12th 2008 3,712k Shareware  1 Click PC Fix
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