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Internet Password Lock

Internet Password Lock

Internet Password Lock is a software program for Windows 2000/XP/NT computers (does not work on Windows 95/98/Me) that allows you to Password protect all access to the Internet. This includes Web surfing, Instant Messaging, and email. Parents can use Internet Password Lock to protect your ... web , internet , password , access , password protect ...

May 12th 2008 817k Shareware  Leithauser Research
Internet Password Pro

Internet Password Pro

The more we use the Internet, the faster we tend to accumulate a long list of usernames, passwords and website log-in information. The two biggest problems are 1: trying to remember all of this information, and 2: writing them all down, which may put you ... password manager , password keeper , password storage , manage passwords , password organizer ...

May 12th 2008 2,634k Shareware  Hogan Web Solutions
Pdf open password lock

Pdf open password lock

Pdf encryption software to Lock pdf files with user Password and owner restrictions. Open Password is asked by user to open locked pdf. Pdf restrictions may locked printing, disallowed editing, protected copying & form filling etc. These restrictions are optional and pdf owner can select ... encrypt pdf , pdf encryption , pdf encrypt , pdf protection , pdf security software ...

October 4th 2012 1,178k Shareware  pdf security software
Accent Internet Password Recovery

Accent Internet Password Recovery

In a perfect world, you would never have to recover any passwords. In a perfect world, people always write their passwords down. In a perfect world, people never quit their jobs leaving behind them a pack of Password-protected e-mail and FTP accounts. In the real ... ftp , internet , mail , password , express ...

May 12th 2008 726k Shareware  AccentSoft Team
Internet Password Recovery Toolbox

Internet Password Recovery Toolbox

Internet Password Recovery Toolbox is a comprehensive solution for recovering Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Outlook, network and dial-up passwords including passwords for modem connections, ISDN lines and virtual private networks. The program maintains browsing and deleting passwords for protected sites, user passwords for HTML forms ... free , software , internet , privacy , password ...

May 12th 2008 859k Shareware  Rixler Software
Internet Password Recovery Wizard

Internet Password Recovery Wizard

Using the Internet is inseparably linked with passwords. Every time you open private pages, check your email, download or upload files via FTP or simply connect to the Internet via your Internet service provider, you authenticate yourself with a Password. Almost all the software available ... ftp , internet , mail , password , express ...

May 12th 2008 868k Shareware  FSPro Labs

Dr.Web CureIt! 6.0.0 (03.13.2012)

Dr.Web CureIt! is a FREE anti-virus and anti-spyware utility based on Dr.Web Anti-virus scanner, which will help you quickly scan and cure, if necessary, a computer operated by MS Windows 95OSR2/ 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7 without installation

July 14th 2012 77,824k Freeware

New Computer Designer Beta

New Computer Designer (NCD) is an application designed to help users design their next computer by providing a simple tabbed interface to work with. Both a PC and Mac Designer application exist (both for Windows currently). The goal of the application is

August 4th 2012 447k Freeware
Password Lock Transparent Screensaver Utility

Password Lock Transparent Screensaver Utility

Password protect access to your computer, while monitoring programs that are running in the background. Perfect for system administrators, retail stores running computer demos, or any user of email, instant messaging or live stock quotes. Relax in the knowledge that your computer is secure. shareware , screensaver , screen saver , email , program ...

May 12th 2008 408k Shareware  e motional com software
HTML Password Lock

HTML Password Lock

Password protect html pages, web pages and whole web site. Based on strong algorithms, it will thoroughly encrypt your entire page so that no one can getting in unless he know the correct Password. And the encrypted web page can work anywhere even without a ... web password , password protect html , password protect web page , password protect web pages , password protect website ...

May 12th 2008 773k Shareware  MTop Software Inc

RemoteAccess RAConfig GUI Version 0.0.

RemoteAccess BBS RAConfig GUI Version 0.00.12 Written in Delphi 7 by Randall Baker and the Source Code is Included, this is about 90% finished project, an a good starting point for someone to pickup and finish.

April 13th 2012 1,487k Freeware

Audio WASP 1.0.0

Audio WASP (Web Audio Sync and Publish) is an audio captioning and web publishing tool for web newbies to Internet pros and lazy gurus who'd rather be drinking beer than programming :)Audio WASP helps you put captioned audio and video on the web quickly and ... mp3 , txt , sami , audio caption , smil ...

April 8th 2009 2,258k Shareware  Emersys

TweakNow SecureDelete 1.0.0 Beta

As you may already know that there are a lot of free and commercial undelete programs available on the Internet. You may wonder how those undelete programs can magically bring back deleted files.

September 19th 2012 1,772k Freeware

TVants Build

A one of a kind, media broadcast software. Its core technology is similar to the present, extremely popular, BitTorrent.

June 18th 2012 2,939k Freeware

CyberLink Live Beta

CyberLink Live gives you a private and secure way to access and share content on your home PC with any web-enabled device. Usining CyberLink Live user can easily share live TV programs, personal videos, recorded TV, digital photos and audio files.

June 1st 2012 15,022k Freeware

RSVME 1.0.0 Build

RSVME is a free survey tool that integrates with Outlook and other email packages, and makes obtaining feedback from people a snap! You can quickly and easily put together a survey on any subject, from the best time for soccer practice to who?s bringing w

July 2nd 2012 4,454k Freeware

FlashDevelop 4.0.0 RTM

FlashDevelop is a highly customizable lightweight script editor with extended support for class based languages. Although the program is designed mostly for ActionScript, other languages can be implemented quite easily too.

June 21st 2012 16,271k Freeware

TunesUp for Skype - Beta

Serenade Your Lover - Rock with Your Friends - Play a Lullaby for Your Kids - Share fun and emotions.

May 11th 2012 2,150k Freeware

tgloPhone Beta

tglo is aimed at simplifying and unifying all of your communications service needs.

May 13th 2012 5,560k Freeware

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (03-13-2012)

The Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool application was designed to be another virus scanner and detection software from Kaspersky. The product will scan the specified locations for any virus threats and remove them or send to Quarantine folder.

September 2nd 2012 119,808k Freeware
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