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Fluid - Cerebrospinal Fluid - Fluid Properties - Fluid Grid - Fluid Volumes Converter
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PhysPro Fluid Properties

PhysPro Fluid Properties

PhysPro Fluid Properties is a physical properties estimation software that uses two powerful databases, both databases include over 400 fluids (including 55 common refrigerants). The software also include humid air properties and has the ability to estimate mixture properties using common property packages. You can ... physical properties , fluid properties , mixture properties , chemical properties ...

July 21st 2016 6,237k Demo  WeBBusterZ Engineering Software


FLUiD CMS 4.5, FeedStream's XML Content Management System, enables non-technical users to easily create and manage a professional Web site that is automatically Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Accessible, and Future-proofed. This robust, scalable XML-based Web Content Management System takes care of all the technical and ...

May 12th 2008 97,477k Demo  FeedStream Inc
EngCalcLite(Flui d Mechanics) - PocketPC Calculator

EngCalcLite(Flui d Mechanics) - PocketPC Calculator

50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.A must have for Engineers. This PocketPC software program empowers you with instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of efforts and time will vanish, there ... engineering software , rpn , scientific calculator , unit converter , electrical ...

May 12th 2008 2,928k Demo  3GR Technologies

EngCalcLite(Flui d Mechanics) - Palm Calculator

50 Momentous Fluid Mechanics Calculator.A must have for Engineers. This Palm software program empowers you with instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of efforts and time will vanish, there ... engineering software , rpn , scientific calculator , unit converter , electrical ...

May 12th 2008 904k Demo  3GR Technologies
List Cleaner Intravenous

List Cleaner Intravenous

List Cleaner IV is an Email Address List Cleaner that sorts, filters & removes duplicates from your bulk email lists.List Cleaner Intravenous v3.01 is the ultimate in Data Cleaning and preparing your email lists before sending out your advertisements and news letters. You can combine ... bulk email address list cleaner , list cleaner , email list cleaner , email address list cleaner , email address cleaner ...

April 8th 2009 2,956k Demo  IWarrior Corporation
Flash Fluid Effect

Flash Fluid Effect

Flash Fluid Effect is a tool to easily and quickly create cool Macromedia flash animation effect such as melt, vaporize, warp, blur, chaos, etc. There is no need to know any scripting language. Simply select an effect from a library and customize it by adjusting ... animation , effect , flash , swf , macromedia ...

July 21st 2012 7,967k Shareware  IncrediTools
Fluid Icon Organizer

Fluid Icon Organizer

Keep your icons organized. If you find yourself arranging icons over and over because somehow they get jumbled, stop! You're wasting your time. Let us help. Fluid Icon Organizer will analyze your icon placement and will prevent them from getting jumbled by resolution changes, projector ... desktop , desktop icons , organize icons , lock icons , align icons ...

July 1st 2012 5,874k Shareware  Fluid Icon Organizer

Fluid Clock ScreenSaver

The world is Fluid in the hands of Fluid Clock. Install this timekeeper and its magic hands will show you accurate time and fill your life with many happy surprises. The animation is smooth and produces a wonderfully Fluid effect.

August 26th 2012   Freeware

Funky Fluid menu

Funky Fluid menu is emmbedded with nice transparant color pipe where a Fluid will flow through it to reach the button which user rollover it. after reaching the button it will fill inside the space in the button. This menu can be changed flexibly and ...

August 14th 2012   Commercial

CFD Fluid Collection

Computation Fluid Dynamics Source Code CollectionNavier-Stokes equations - Chorin Projection method ( 2D )Lattice Boltzmann method ( 2D , 2 phase )Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics ( 2D , 3D , freesurface )

September 5th 2012 3,524k Freeware

Fluid Flash Interfaces Engine

The Fluid Flash Interfaces Engine (FFIE) is a compact library for Macromedia Flash applications using ActionScript code to generate Complex Graphical User Interfaces with pseudoHTML and StyleSheets. All interfaces are rendered Client Side. It could be con

April 28th 2012 948k Freeware

Fluid Source Code Editor

The Fluid editor is a prototype source code editor supporting a "bring from" exploration model.With the Fluid editor programmers can avoid explicit navigation between source documents by incorporating related code into the document under examination

July 26th 2012 10,005k Freeware

Fluid Streaming Server

Fluid is a server daemon for streaming media. The latest release is built as an API for building any kind of media streamer. The current version supports mp3 and mp3pro and can be set up as a broadcaster, relay or on demand server.

July 17th 2012 168k Freeware

The Fluid Warp

Have you ever seen how your desktop's dye dissolves? Now we offer you great opportunity to watch it with your own eyes! Even more, you can touch surface of the desktop and mix it, as now it has become so liquid...

May 12th 2008 215k Shareware  Kryptile Design

Digital Content Component and Fluid Web

Digital Content Component (DCC) is a self-descriptive unit to encapsulate any kind of content artifact. Designed to be reused and adapted, DCCs encapsulate data and software using a single structure.

May 12th 2012 127k Freeware


AlcoVol is a graphical, interactive, Fluid volumes conversion and display utilility. The User Interface is in the form of an attractive 'panel-mounted' flask - with scrolling units lists and controls adjacent to it. AlcoVol's database includes all the major Fluid volumes in use throughout the ... fluid volumes converter , volume conversion utility , alcohol units database , wine measures , beer measures ...

May 12th 2008 3,177k Freeware  Measurement And Conversion Software


Fuzzy logic replaces inflexible bivalent logic and complicated mathematicalfunctions with simple linguistic rules. The models based on these rules can beconstructed using relatively little mathematics, and exhaustive computercalculation can be replaced with easily manageable computer programs. Fuzzy logiccan actually be used to create models that ... calculation , interpretation , cerebrospinal fluid , csf , cytology ...

April 8th 2009 938k Shareware  Patologian Laboratorio Nickels Ltd

Crazy Flood

Crazy Flood is a logical combination game. Rotate different pipes (bendings, junctions, crossings, ..) and let splash the spring. But you can only rotate pipes, which are flooded yet. All pipes, which have a connection with the rotated one, will be flooded too. The Fluid ...

May 12th 2008 1,264k Shareware  Josef Stockl
RFFlow Professional Flowcharting

RFFlow Professional Flowcharting

RFFlow is the ideal program for creating a wide variety of flowcharts, organization charts, and diagrams for education, business, and industry. It's easy to draw and edit charts with RFFlow. Simply drag a shape from a stencil to your chart. Shapes in RFFlow will automatically ... iso , free , software , graphics , business ...

May 12th 2008 2,863k Shareware  RFF Electronics


DREAMScope GL is an interactive screensaver that generates an infinite variety of continuously evolving, multidimensional kaleidoscopes. Breathtaking color, texture, and dimension generate kaleidoscopic illusions suggesting the vast cosmic expansion of glowing phosphorescent nebulas, the blossoming explosion of impossible flowers, or even the fantastic Fluid dance ... shareware , free , download , software , screensaver ...

May 12th 2008 1,097k Shareware  Nandeska Media L C
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