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pircbotcpp, C++ IRC SDK port of pircbot

pircbotcpp is a Irc C++ software development kit. It is a C++ port of pircbot. pircbotcpp is an Object Oriented client framework which lets you write quick and easy C++ Irc Bots. It includes comprehensive documentation and samples.

July 29th 2012 798k Freeware


Anubi was a programmable textmode Irc Bot. This project is dead. Source code is very bad and there are very better Irc Bots; use eggdrop instead.

July 18th 2012 7k Freeware

Python Raw IRC Framework

A framework for creating Irc Bots and clients using Python 2 or 3, focusing on ease-of-use and intuition. Irc a low level of raw events and event objects, or a higher level w channel/user objects, as well as thread and commonly used Irc client features. ...

May 1st 2012 41k Freeware


PHP-P10 is an efficent PHP Framework to script Irc Bots connecting via P10 (IRCu Server to Server protocol).

May 16th 2012 39k Freeware


Pierce is an open source event based framework for building Irc Bots (or potentially clients?). It is written in Python and contains default handlers as well as some extra handlers that make bot creation simple.

April 27th 2012 18k Freeware


Thresher is a .Net Irc client library designed to serve as the basis for Irc Bots and GUI clients. It is written in C# but can be used by any .Net supported language. Thesher also works with Mono on Linux.

September 4th 2012 944k Freeware


paimbot is an automated AOL Instant Messenger bot written in Perl. Many features and capabilities have been inspired by Eggdrop Irc Bots. Make sure you download both the paimbot and modkit packages, instructions and news can be found on the homepage.

May 25th 2012 30k Freeware


This is a project that consists in a remake of a old php Irc script.It includes some Irc Bots, and you can get support in spanish or english if you enter in #celda211 in and contact dave96. More BotsMore ServersMore commandsMore uses

May 9th 2012 40k Freeware


IrControl is a PHP class which you can build Irc Bots and chat programes in PHP, the IrControl is built in PHP5 oop, thats mean that you cant run it under PHP4 and PHP3.the IrControl is fited to work with the Irc RFC 2812.

April 29th 2012 6k Freeware


Nested commands, easy configuration, and an incredibly flexible and easy-to-use plugin system distinguish Supybot from other Irc Bots. There simply isn't a more flexible or easier to use Irc bot!

April 24th 2012 977k Freeware
Talkative IRC

Talkative IRC

The easiest and fastest way to meet people online! With Talkative Irc you can chat with thousands of people at the same time. Find people with the same interests as you. Join channels where you can meet people speaking your language, or start your own. ... chat , mirc , online chat , free irc client , irc client ...

April 8th 2009 1,899k Freeware  Infiero
Spectral IRC

Spectral IRC

SPECTRAL Irc is a FREE easy to use Internet Relay Chat client for Windows that can be used to communicate and share with other users on Irc networks around the world, either in multi-user group conferences (chat channels) or in one-to-one private discussions.Featuring a tabbed ... free , irc , chat software , irc client , irc chat ...

April 10th 2012 1,577k Freeware  Spectral Software

PHP4 IRC Service Bot(s)

A PHP Service bot environment for Irc designed for Quakenet's IRCd. Supports multiple Bots on 1 process! Extend it your own with your modules.

August 15th 2012 12k Freeware

BBot IRC Bot

BBot is a GNU GPL Irc bot for everything from preventing spam to just plain old welcome Bots. BBot includes modules to handle factoids, away statuses, do math and more. Writing custom code for BBot is easy, and the more, the better. Flood/Spam protectionGoogle SearchExtendableFactoids

August 14th 2012 394k Freeware

Azzurra IRC Services

A powerful set of Irc Services written in the C programming language, with a centralized multithreaded Proxy scanner (with support for single server scan Bots) and statistical services, designed to run as a daemon on BSD systems.

May 8th 2012 883k Freeware

C IRC bot

A simple C Irc Bot. This is a small project and the goal isn't the replacement of other main Bots like eggdrop. The main goal of the bot: study C and socket library!

August 5th 2012 1k Freeware

HAL9000: An IRC Bot Odyssey

HAL is an RFC1459-compliant Irc bot written in C/C++. HAL's interface is much like the Undernet's X/W Bots with access levels, channel protection, and more. It features the ability to store its information in a mySQL database on a remote host. The project

March 31st 2012 141k Freeware

IRC Messenger

IRC Messenger is an innovative tool for chatting with your friends and contacts on Irc. It's the only existing messenger made just for Irc! Irc Messenger boasts many features, such as a skinnable interface, encrypted chat, and voice (microphone) chat. At its most basic level, ...

May 12th 2008 172k Shareware  Ring Zero Software
Cosmo Bots

Cosmo Bots

Cosmo Bots takes its cue from the addictive classics Jezzball and Qix. But that's where the similarity ends, because Cosmo Bots has different shapes for each level, 3D rendered graphics, digital sound, new enemies, and tons of power-ups. The free version features a full set ...

January 19th 2009 6,636k Shareware  retro64 com
IceChat IRC Client

IceChat IRC Client

IceChat can connect to many Irc Servers, has full scripting support and customizable popup menus, and a unique, easy to use Interface. It has emoticon support, skins, Full DCC Support, Easy to setup for Multi Servers. IceChat is in constant development, and is aimed at ... image , utility , jpg , mass , resizing ...

April 8th 2009 2,743k Freeware  IceChat Networks
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