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natural log for java logging framework

With Log4J and the Java logging Framework being floodgate-based, I personally still see the need for a bit-masked logging Framework, where you not only have categories but actual event types instead of event levels. This will be that Framework.

April 2nd 2012 20k Freeware

High Performance Java Comm.-Framework

Its a high performance Java communcations Framework forinternet/intranet aware applications. Its based on the Java J2SE 1.4.1Version from Sun and the J2EE 1.3.1.

March 27th 2012 2,771k Freeware

JUF (Java Update Framework)

JUF (Java Update Framework) is a Framework that makes easy the implementation of automatic updates of software. It's written in Java and it has been tested in windows and linux but it's hoped it will run in any os with a Java Virtual Machinne. Wit

April 19th 2012 14k Freeware

Java Emulation Framework

Java Emulation Framework (or JEF, for short) is a collection of Java classes that provide a Framework for creating emulators. Many common emulator related problems are solved in JEF such as CPU emulation, graphics decoding and rendering etc.

August 14th 2012 122k Freeware

Java Events Framework

JEF (Java Events Framework) is a simple Framework to aid Java developers in using event-driven programming in their applications/classes with great ease and flexibility. JEF offers the choice of single/multi threaded models for each event.

April 11th 2012 25k Freeware

Java Wizard Framework

jwf - Java Wizard Framework. An intuitive Framework for creating Wizards in Java Swing applications. Example provided.

September 8th 2012 8k Freeware

JPF (Java Plugin Framework)

JPF (Java Plugin Framework) is a general-purpose plug-in Framework intended to help building scalable, extendable Java applications with low cost of maintenance. The Framework is specially designed to be easily included into Java project of any kind.

June 26th 2012 1,768k Freeware

Micro Java Plugin Framework

mjpf is a lightweight and flexible Java Framework for plugin-based application development. It is a small Java API that provides a minimal set of primitives supporting runtime extension of pre-existing Java app. Realized by Andrea Sindico & AUCOM Srl.

May 28th 2012 63k Freeware

Java Algorithm Framework

JAF es un Framework que posibilita a los programas Java el acceso a archivos de registros de longitud fija. Est pensado para uso didctico para facilitar la enseanza del lenguaje de programacin Java en materias de Algoritmos y Programacin.

April 13th 2012 32k Freeware

Java MIF Framework

Simple Framework written in Java, for Adobe Maker Interchange Format (MIF) files. It is possible to create own ContentHandler for Callback functions. Sources, JavaDoc and Experimental XMLOutputHandler included.

September 8th 2012 214k Freeware

Java eXPerience FrameWork

Java Framework grown from experience, usable in multiple projects. It consists of SQL, Util, JSP and EJB classes plus unit tests, documentation and templates. The Framework is currently developed and used in commercially developed software.

July 24th 2012 3,357k Freeware

Java Validation Framework

Rules are changing everyday in the face of rapidly volatile business requirements . How do we handle this change while keeping our systems effectively maintainable, reusable and extensible?

May 5th 2012 32k Freeware

Utilities Java Application Framework

This project hosts a set of utilities from across the horizon. This projects provides a collection of quick to use tools like: 1. Exception handling supporting messages externalization and localization 2. Message Readers 3. Configuration Readers

March 31st 2012 5,015k Freeware

Java-based Incremental Dialog Framework

Jindigo is a Java-based Framework for developing and experimenting with incremental spoken dialog systems.

June 23rd 2012 17,951k Freeware

dom4j: flexible XML framework for Java

dom4j is a simple and flexible open source library for working with XML, XPath and XSLT on the Java platform using the Java Collections Framework with full integration with DOM, SAX and JAXP.

September 6th 2012 9,460k Freeware

Open Optimization for Java

The Open Optimization for Java provides a Framework and the implementation of commonly-used algorithms found in Graph Theory and Network Optimization, e.g. shortest path and postman problem.

May 27th 2012 416k Freeware

OpenSprout Application Framework

OSAF is an Java application Framework for developing large enterprise applications based on SpringFramework and Hibernate.

July 27th 2012 14,967k Freeware

Piu Framework

Piu Framework is a Java/J2EE Framework that simplifies Java enterprise development, while at the same time assuring that architectures backed by the Framework can scale upwards and downwards to most accurately handle actual demands of your applications.

June 27th 2012 13,683k Freeware

Primitive Collections for Java

Primitive Collections for Java is a collections Framework for primitive Java types. The Framework supports all primitive types and includes bridges to the standard Java Collections Framework.

June 12th 2012 2,200k Freeware

Waffle Web Framework

Waffle is a Java Web Framework that allows for pojo-based actions. Dependency injection support is built in. Waffle does NOT have a proprietary templating language nor does it require any XML configuration files. Waffle apps are easy to write and test.

June 11th 2012 83k Freeware
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