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Quick Calculus

Quick Calculus, a simple yet powerful tool for computing the derivatives, integrals, Taylor series, and limits of functions. KeatsSoft Quick Calculus helps you quickly find the solutions of Calculus problems, freeing you from the tedious manipulation of mathematical equations. Through an intuitive graphical interface, Quick ... integration , limit , calculus , differentiation , taylor series ...

April 2nd 2012 6,666k Shareware  KeatsSoft Company

Visual Calculus

Visual Calculus is an easy-to-use Calculus grapher for Graphing limit, derivative function, integral, 3D vector, series, ode etc. Which can create 2D, 2.5D and 3D function graphs, animations and table graphs. 2D Features: explicit, implicit, parametric, and in equation; Cartesian and polar coordinate systems; curve ... calculus , calculus grapher , pre calculus ...

May 29th 2012 2,877k Demo  GraphNow
Fortran Calculus Compiler

Fortran Calculus Compiler

Fortran Calculus Compiler: Calculus level computer languages are Fortran Calculus and PROSE. Both languages are based on what is called "Automatic Differentiation" (AD). Calculus languages simplify computer coding to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective function. Minimizing the amount of ... differential equation solution , system of differential equations , pdes , pde , ode equations ...

April 8th 2009 2,571k Commercial  Optimal Designs Enterprise

Calculus Help

A series of solved Calculus exercises, with step-by-step shown.

July 4th 2012 379k Freeware  MyGeekyTutor

Lambda Engine

The Lambda-Engine is a cross platform game engine written in C++. It simplifies core tasks, such as rendering/graphics, sound, physics, math, scene and resource management.It is still *far* from finished, but I am working on it :)

April 18th 2012 496k Freeware

nICE new Integrated Calculus Environment

nICE : new Integrated Calculus Environment (limits, functions, derivatives, integrals, sequences, big numbers, complex numbers, ...). All this in a simple program totally written in C. Operating System : Linux, *BSD, Solaris, MacOSX, ... (UNIX)Language : CDevelopers : Mohammed-Salah Ibn AmarVersion : 0.1.2Project State : ...

August 8th 2012 83k Freeware


The web-Calculus is a web services design methodology that leverages REST design patterns for distributed computation with decentralized authorization. This project implements the Waterken web-Calculus ( in ASP.NET.

May 30th 2012 156k Freeware

Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner

The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner is an open source program for performing automated commonsense reasoning using the discrete event Calculus, a comprehensive and highly usable formalism for reasoning about action, change, space, and mental states.

May 12th 2012 344k Freeware
Natural Healing Introduction

Natural Healing Introduction

Natural Healing Introduction lists and describes alternative medicine therapies such as: Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Autogenic Training, Ayurveda, Biofeedback, Chiropractic Treatment, Color Therapy, Herbs, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Hypnosis, Massage, Magnetic Fields, Meditation, Nutrition, Sound Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Tissue Salts, Visualization, and Yoga. The opening page gives ... homeopathy , nutrition , herbs , natural healing , alternative medicine ...

November 30th 2014 3,932k Freeware  Zentrum Publishing
Animated Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements

Animated Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements

Help-book for users of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Tutorials are illustrated with movie clips showing around the program.Are you looking for a video course? The 76 embedded clips may be played as a single full-length and full-size movie. The elaborated controls allow you to instantly find ... elements , reference , photoshop , guide , photoshop elements ...

April 8th 2009 6,132k Demo  Andrei Doubrovski

A Gentle Introduction to Emacspeak

Before beginning with Emacspeak, there are dozens of commands and concepts which must be learned before you can go anywhere; this project tries to guide the non-technical user who may have no prior Emacs or Unix experience.

July 16th 2012 54k Freeware
uCertify OCP DBA9i PL/SQL (1Z0-007) exam

uCertify OCP DBA9i PL/SQL (1Z0-007) exam

PrepKit OCP DBA9i PL/SQL 1Z0-007, Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL is an interactive software application that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 3 interactive practice tests with over 280 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively ... ocp dba9i pl/sql exam 1z0-007 , 1z0-007 , oracle ocp dba9i introduction to sql , 1z0-007 question , 1z0-007 exam ...

May 12th 2008 8,436k Shareware  uCertify


CurvFit (tm) is a curve fitting program for Windows. Lorentzian, Sine, Exponential and Power series are available models to match your data. A Lorentzian series is highly recommended for real data especially for multiple peaked and/or valleys data. CurvFit is another improved productivity example do ... curve fitting , math modeling , data fitting , sine series , lorentzian series ...

March 6th 2016 3,770k Freeware  Optimal Designs Enterprise


Robot4 (tm) is a Robotic Arm Movement program where the arm is moved from a given position to a desired position. The program finds the angles necessary for the desired position. Problem came from NASA. Robot4 is an Inverse Problem example. It wants to solve ... engineering , teaching , calculus , inverse problem , robotics ...

February 8th 2017 3,597k Freeware  Optimal Designs Enterprise
Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer

A Heat Transfer problem is described with equations and shows a Calculus-level language used for solving this two point boundary value problem (BVP). The equations being solved may be ordinary differential equations and/or partial differential equations of any order & degree. Equations maybe nonLinear, implicit, ... engineering , optimization , teaching , simulation , math modeling ...

May 12th 2008 570k Freeware  Optimal Designs Enterprise

uCertify Study Notes for exam 1Z0-001

Get Free Study Notes. Prepare for Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL(1Z0-001) certification exam. Use this Study Notes to be certified on OCP certifications. questions , test , exam , free , download ...

April 8th 2009 114k Shareware  uCertify
Math game - puzzle.

Math game - puzzle.

Math games and Puzzles. Math Games. Speed Math Deluxe - Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve an equation as quickly as possible! Free educational elementary and preschool math games and online lessons. Free online math activities for kids. Math lessons on counting backwards, ... learning , multimedia , tools , gallery , online ...

April 8th 2009 29k Freeware  Child math games


step by step tutorials pre algebra through pre Calculus and statistics word , statistics , algebra , calculus ...

June 17th 2012 51,200k Shareware  Prof Weissman's Software
FC Win

FC Win

FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for FortranCalculus (tm). The FortranCalculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. Minimizing ... engineering , optimization , teaching , simulation , math modeling ...

September 7th 2013 3,750k Freeware  Optimal Designs Enterprise
FC Compiler

FC Compiler

FC-Compiler (tm) is a Calculus (level) Compiler, helps Tweak parameters. The FortranCalculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition. ... engineering , optimization , teaching , simulation , math modeling ...

May 3rd 2017 8,392k Demo  Optimal Designs Enterprise
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