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Ratio - Cutfill Ratio - Concrete Ratio - Aspect Ratio - Compression Ratio
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Panasonic TH42PX80

Panasonic TH42PX80

Panasonic TH42PX80, free windows XP article rewriter software. The highly rated TH42PX80 Panasonic plasma flat panel TV featuring 100Hz processing and Contrast Ratio is up to a quoted 15:000:1 resolution. Panasonic TV's have a reputation for producing plasmas with excellent black levels and the TH42PX80 ... plasma , article rewriter software , article rewriter , 42px80 , unique articles ...

April 8th 2009 1,425k Freeware  Panasonic TH42PX80
Cheap LCD TV

Cheap LCD TV

Cheap Lcd TV, free e-book for windows. Independent buying advice guide for Lcd and plasma large screen televisions. With so many choices today, how do you find the best Lcd or Plasma TV? This guide helps you decide which factors to consider including picture quailty, ... free ebook , free ebooks , download ebook , download free ebooks , cheap lcd tv ...

April 8th 2009 481k Freeware  Cheap LCD TV
Ratio Ghost

Ratio Ghost

Trouble maintaining a 1:1 Ratio on private trackers? Ratio Ghost runs in the background and improves your Ratio without using up your bandwidth. Ratio Ghost works by intercepting and modifying the stats your torrent client is reporting. It works with all major torrent clients and ... download , proxy , upload , ratio , cheat ...

October 27th 2015 1,976k Freeware  Ratio Ghost

LCD Clock

Beautiful Lcd Clock. Features: It is possible to run this applet with different parameters. For example: HH:MM:SS DD/MM/YYYY or HH:MM:SS or HH:MM.

May 29th 2012   Freeware  SoftCollection

SoftCollection LCD Clock

Beautiful Lcd Clock.Features:* Transparency may be changed. * May be placed everywhere on the screen. * May be hidden or shown by single mouse click on systray icon. * May be set to be always on top of other windows. * Has an option "Run ...

July 4th 2012   Commercial  SoftCollection

LCD Color Corrector

LCD Color Corrector transforms colors in some application windows in such a way that image in those windows appears on your Lcd display as close as possible to the same image represented by calibrated sRGB-compliant display.Lcd Color Corrector goes beyond the ordinary gamma correction; it ...

July 5th 2012 256k Shareware  Qualibyte Software

SoftCollection LCD Module OCX

SoftCollection Lcd Module OCX is an ActiveX component that provides you a way to control a variety of HD44780 comatible Lcd Modules. It is very easy to connect a low-cost Lcd Module directly to parallel port of PC without any additional electronic components.

April 4th 2012   Commercial  SoftCollection

SoftCollection LCD Module Library For .NET

SoftCollection Lcd Module Library For .NET is a library for .NET, that provides you a way to control a variety of HD44780 compatible Lcd Modules. It is very easy to connect a low-cost Lcd Module directly to parallel port of PC without any additional electronic ...

July 25th 2012   Commercial  SoftCollection

LCD PixelsOK

LCD PixelsOK allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on Lcd monitors. You can use it to test a new Lcd monitor before purchasing, or an already purchased monitor during the warranty period (you may get a replacement according to the manufa

September 15th 2012 56k Freeware

Turn Off LCD

There are times when you just want to listen to some music on your notebook/laptop and want the display (Lcd) of your notebook to remain off while the lid is still open. While there are a small amount of notebook manufacturer?s who provide this simple ...

August 8th 2012 69k Freeware

Crazy Contrast

Do you ever think to prank your friends? Then try this program! This program is a part of ScreenToys, a desktop pranks collections.It?s Crazy Contrast, a harmless program that changes your monitor Contrast level crazily!To stop Crazy Contrast, move your m

July 8th 2012 423k Freeware

LCD Manager

GTK client for LCDproc. The screens are optimized for 20x4 alphanumeric Lcd and Logitech G15 Lcd. It can show CPU stats, memory stats network stats, Amarok/Audacious/Exaile track info, uptime , date, clock, disk space usage and emesene information.

July 24th 2012 46k Freeware

LCD Utilities

This project provides several tools that make your Lcd more useful. There is currently a small game that uses the Lcd as a screen and a remote control for input and there is a plugin for XMMS that displays title information.

July 29th 2012 171k Freeware


JAVA library for accessing the 1-Wire Lcd controller from Louis Swart. The library provides a convenient interface as well as a low level interface. For use with any Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire network. Runs on TINI microcontrollers too.

June 26th 2012 95k Freeware

Matrix Orbital LCD Updater Daemon

An (nearly) all purpose software driver for Matrix Orbital Lcd-2041 series serial interface LCDs. Displays much useful information on the Lcd and allows much control. Fully configurable.

July 28th 2012 13k Freeware

64128 Graphics LCD Driver

A device driver in 'C' for interfacing a uController with a Displaytech 64128A Lcd display (or its variants).It was written and tested on a Renesas R8C/25 microcontroller proto-board. It provides control, text and graphics functions as function cal

July 12th 2012 6k Freeware

AVR LCD Drivers

Collection of various Lcd controllers Graphical and Alphanumeric (includes Nokia, Commercial LCDs) drivers for AVR uC. Nokia 1100/1110/1200 Lcd AVR drivers

May 23rd 2012 577k Freeware
Visual Aspect Ratio

Visual Aspect Ratio

This small program allows you to enter two integers to return the aspect Ratio. For example; HDTV uses a 16:9 aspect Ratio, with common resolutions such as 1920x1080 or 1280x720. Have an obscure screen size? No problem! Enter the dimensions and hit enter to return ...

September 12th 2012 5k Freeware

Visual Basic (VB) LCD

Visual Basic Program to drive an HD44780 Lcd connected to the Parallel port. I have it working in all versions of windows.

July 21st 2012 1,554k Freeware

Command Line Aspect Ratio

A very simple, compact program to determine the aspect Ratio when given a width and height.Note: This is no longer actively being supported.

August 5th 2012 3k Freeware
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