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Battery Monitoring - For Laptop

Laptop Battery monitoring. Alert if Battery is low. Show the Battery status of remaining. You are free to download it. monitoring , laptop , battery ...

April 8th 2009 488k Freeware  Deshot com
Software Extend Battery Life

Software Extend Battery Life

Software Extend Battery Life is the software which drastically reduces the power consumption of your computer, laptop or server until 48% in 4 different ways: - By reducing the consumption of RAM - CPU cooling (electronic) - By reducing the frequency of the processor (has ... temp , overclock , extend battery lifes , power saver , power saving ...

June 11th 2012 12,631k Shareware  IA KAR
Battery Meter

Battery Meter

Battery Meter is very useful gadget that monitoring your Battery.It will display your computer (notebook or netbook) Battery (status, percentage remaining, time remaining, current voltage, charge rate, discharge rate, current charge capacity and maximum charge capacity). For flyout features it will show all your Battery ... windows , desktop , battery , charge , voltage ...

July 3rd 2012 79k Freeware  AddGadgets
Smarter Battery

Smarter Battery

A Battery monitoring utility for portable computers, intended to provide you with all the Battery data, to help prolong its life and save its energy. It shows you the evolution of the Battery's capacity during the charge / discharge cycles and computes a few important ... monitor , laptop , battery , notebook , tablet ...

May 8th 2013 1,378k Demo  Microsys Com Ltd
Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor is a small widget that shows on the desktop the current Battery details of your notebook, as the name implies. It comes bundled with numerous customization preferences, in order to please even picky users. The interface is based on a small frame that ... monitor , rate , laptop , battery , charge ...

March 7th 2016 792k Freeware  Bushin SOFTWARE
Battery Status

Battery Status

his Tool supervises the Systemakku laptop/Notebook. Here only a short overview of the function range of the Tools. 1. The Tool has two representation modes. First of all the normal opinion and second of the compact opinion. These two opinions differ essentially only in the ... battery , systemtool , batterie , battery status , battery info ...

May 12th 2008 381k Freeware  Stefan Rader Software
Laptop Battery Power Monitor

Laptop Battery Power Monitor

Laptop Battery Power Monitor allows you to track the Battery power of your laptop. This cool little widget can be dragged across your desktop and placed over any window. To eliminate intrusiveness on your other programs, users can adjust the transparency of the Battery. In ...

January 19th 2009 431k Freeware  duomart com

Laptop Battery Monitor

Laptop Battery Monitor can displays an estimated time, until your Battery will discharge, or fully charge. You no longer have to worry on how much Battery power you have left, when you can have this information in hours, minutes and seconds. Features:Display remaining time until ...

January 19th 2009 761k Shareware  exs studios com

Vista Battery Saver Public Beta 2 r

Vista Battery Saver will save up to 70% of your Battery by disabling those nice, but greedy Vista features. Running in task bar with private workset of 5.5M and 0% CPU it will do all work for you, by enabling and disabling customizable features when ...

July 3rd 2012 920k Freeware

Battery Information

Read information from laptop Battery. Manufacture name, charge/discharge cycles, manufacture capacity, full charge capacity and more. Small program, single file, does not need installation, copy anywhere and double click.

August 31st 2012 156k Freeware

Simple Battery Applet

It is just a simple Battery applet for system tray in GNU/Linux systems. Written in Qt, based on ACPI.

July 28th 2012 471k Freeware

B# - battery emulator (software)

B# (B-sharp) is a Battery emulator by Park, Liu, Chou (ISLPED'03, IEEE D&T'05). This is the software that runs on the host PC. It can work with either the B# board or alone as a GUI to Newman's Dualfoil Li-ion Battery simulator (iPaq Battery)

July 14th 2012 2,730k Freeware

IBAM, the Intelligent Battery Monitor

IBAM is an advanced Battery monitor for laptops, which uses statistical and adaptive linear methods to provide accurate estimations of minutes of Battery left or of the time needed until full recharge.

September 6th 2012 22k Freeware

Battery Icon Collection

25 Unique and 2.850 icons fully editable vector (ai, xaml, design, swf, fh11) formats and many raster (ico, psd,png, bmp, gif, jpg, icns) formats.Energy capability icons.Next-generation presentation Icons for web and Windows. 3d , bmp , flash , icon , design ...

May 18th 2012 420k Shareware  Horizon Software Co.
Dark Blue Battery

Dark Blue Battery

Though in game only of 15 levels, not all can reach the end! You have no limited number of attempts, but one contact to something and level will begin with the beginning. Having closed game you will begin from the very beginning. Therefore you have ... 2d falcoware , game falco fire ...

December 21st 2014 5,515k Freeware  Falco Software Company


Batteries, given their chemical nature, are prone to wear, corrosion, leakage and outright failure due to events like short circuits and lightning strikes. Given their propensity to fail and to have decreased performance over time, it is important to be able to identify and monitor ... test , notepad , utility , monitor , computer ...

May 12th 2008 906k Shareware  PassMark Software


The aaxBattery ActiveX Control is a component that gives you the state of the Battery on your laptop/notebook computer. With this component, you can: - Get the Battery life in percent and time; - Get the charging status of the Battery; - Get the AC ... control , component , activex , laptop , battery ...

May 12th 2008 655k Shareware  aaxComponents


AccPlus is an utility designed to communicate with a Smart Battery or a serial memory device via the PC parallel port and a Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter. You can view the Smart Battery data and reset the EEPROM to its initial values. The ... memory , serial , philips , smart battery , eeprom ...

May 12th 2008 775k Demo  Microsys Com Ltd


AccSmart is an utility for portable computer's Battery monitoring. It is intended to provide you all the Battery data and to show you the evolution of the Battery's capacity during the charge/discharge cycles. All these information can help you to find out the Battery's wear ... test , monitoring , laptop , notebook , smart battery ...

May 12th 2008 1,282k Demo  Microsys Com Ltd


BatteryBar is one of the most accurate Battery meters available.BatteryBar is a Battery status meter toolbar that displays the status of your Battery in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. As you use your Battery, BatteryBar keeps historical data on how fast it ... battery , bar , meter , status ...

April 8th 2009 411k Shareware  Osiris Development
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