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CruxEX Linux Live CD

CruxEX 2012 Linux Live Cd is based on CRUX 2.7.1 (latest version), which is all Linux enthusiasts favorite OS. CruxEX 2012 uses the Xfce 4.10 Desktop environment (released 120428) and kernel 3.3.4-exton with support for "extra everything". Alternative download location: The Swedish Linux Society at ...

May 27th 2012 508,328k Freeware
Active@ Data Studio (Live CD)

Active@ Data Studio (Live CD)

Active@ Data Studio (Live Cd) includes a set of powerful desktop applications as well as a bootable image which can be copied to either an optical disk or a flash drive. You can then dual-boot your computer into either a DOS or Windows environment. This ... data recovery , unformat , file recovery , disk utilities , data backup ...

July 27th 2014 238,764k Shareware  Active Live CD Tools
Live CD Ripper

Live CD Ripper

Live Cd Ripper is an audio Cd grabbing tool. It can rip Cd tracks to many popular audio formats. Features: * Rip Cd tracks to AAC, AIFF, AU, CAF, FLAC, IRCAM, MP3, NIST, OGG, PAF, PVF, RAW, SVX, VOC, W64, WAV, WMA files. * Query ... cd ripper , audio converter , audio cd grabbing tool , play cd track , query cd album ...

August 19th 2008 3,877k Shareware  SoftRM

LinuxRCD (Linux Rescue CD)

This is Live Cd gives its users an easy graphical interface to configure Linux systems, that are no longer "bootable" due to a configuration error, or broken X server. Its similar to the ERD Commander disk, only for Linux. Automaticaly searches and finds your installed ...

September 14th 2012 524,684k Freeware

Orion Live CD

Orion version 0.4 (Squirrel Edition) is officially released. Orion is a Live Cd based on Ubuntu (currently 11.04) that provides acquisition, analysis, collaboration, tracking and reporting tools for professional intrusion response teams.

August 18th 2012 1,554,566k Freeware

AstroGarrobo Live CD

DistribuciAln Live Cd basaba en openSUSE 11.2 con paquetes y documentaciAln para iniciarse en el fabuloso mundo de la AstronomA¬≠a Aficionada. Live Cd GNOME de openSUSE 11.2 con paquetes de astronomA≠a.Simuladores del Cielo: Celestia, Stellarium, KStars, Xephem y Where is M13?Conectividad a Internet y FirewallRealizado ...

May 21st 2012 571,786k Freeware

BMO Tools Live CD

This is a Live Cd based on Ubuntu version 9.04, containing network monitoring and management tools. ntopNagiosMySQLJavaTomcatsyslog-NGpmacctpmGraph

June 12th 2012 697,726k Freeware

ExLight Linux Live DVD

ExLight 12.04 Linux Live DVD is a remaster of Ubuntu 12.04 (alias Precise Pangolin released 120426). The Desktop Environment is Enlightenment 17 ("Beauty at your fingertips"). Kernel 3.2.0-24-generic is used. Program content: AbiWord 2.9.2, Skype, Wicd, Thunderbird 12.0.1, Firefox 12.0, Gimp 2.6.12, Vlc ...

June 15th 2012 1,055,422k Freeware

KOHA GSDL Integrated -- LIVE CD

This is a customized Ubuntu Live Cd having KOHA ILS , Greenstone Digital Library Software,DBWiz ,Sopac and wordpress pre-configured with the integration between the two. It also has mail server and client configured for the mail sending features of KOHA.

July 31st 2012 1,171,092k Freeware

The Linux Admin CD

Found at in the Projects area. The complete Linux Administrators Cd. For normal system and network administration, security, forensics tools and utilities.

May 17th 2012 114,308k Freeware

Portable Linux Auditing CD

PLAC is a business card sized bootable cdrom running Linux. It has network auditing, disk recovery, and forensic analysis tools. ISO will be avialable and scripts to roll you own Cd.

September 1st 2012 49,300k Freeware

Thinux (Cluster Live CD)

Programming language: COperating System: Red Hat LinuxSoftware: Diskless Linux Thin Client Cluster Live CDObstacle: PXE image for Kernel/Ramdisk with adequate supportFeature: Boot into sample windows application to access serverFormat: TCP/IP

July 13th 2012 150,676k Freeware
PBXPress Live CD Demo

PBXPress Live CD Demo

PBXpress is a modern-day replacement for traditional PBX systems. Instead of working with wires and cables, it utilizes Internet technologies. In particular, it uses VoIP (voice over IP) technology to transmit calls. All of your phones are connected and provisioned via an IP network, your ... pbx , voip , phone recording , voice over ip , call recording ...

May 12th 2008 123,904k Demo  PBXPress Communications Inc
Bluebird Live CD

Bluebird Live CD

Bluebird is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for auditing Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is specially created for students and information security professionals. This Linux Mint based distro was specially created to carry on this project. It uses LXDE as main desktop enviroment and in its applications there ...

August 12th 2012 1,015,930k Freeware
ownCloud live cd (based on PCLOS)

ownCloud live cd (based on PCLOS)

This is an owncloud ( appliance based on PCLinuxOS (openbox).After you install it (all usernames and passwords are owncloud), you can use it as server from a remote PC. Files hostingMusic PlayerCallendarContactsGallery

August 28th 2012 329,462k Freeware


antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install Linux Live Cd distribution based on Debian Testing and MEPIS for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems.

July 5th 2012 681,984k Freeware


Piratix is a GNU/Linux Live Cd based on Debian 6.0. It contains the XFCE Desktop Environment, Firefox 10 ESR and ClamAV. Piratix can be used as Safe Internet Surf machine or as Anti-Malware-Scan Cd for infected Systems.

September 4th 2012 515,072k Freeware

myrinix - debian livecd

Myrinix is a Bootable Linux Live Cd remastered from SIDUX/FLL. It allows can now be installed into a usb drive in a quick & easy way or permanently install into your hard drive.It also comes with some application modules that can be add later.

June 9th 2012 704,388k Freeware


Taneu Os ist eine Linux Live-Cd die auf Slackware basiert. Neben der Live-Cd wird auch eine Installation unterstALtzt die es ermA¶glicht Taneu auf USB und Festplatte zu installieren. Taneu Os ist ein versuch Linux an Windows Benutzer weiter zu ...

June 20th 2012 442,918k Freeware

LiMP-Linux Multimedia Player LIVE Distro

Linux Multimedia Player,is an yet another tiny Linux based Live Cd and windows integrate Distro. It auto detects Sound,Video,Network,USB storage devices Features network support. It is GUI-menu driven and requires no knowledge of Linux.File Size is 30 MB

April 11th 2012 83,697k Freeware
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