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QuizMaster Manager 2009

The purpose of the program is very simple; It is to help a Quiz Master to handle lots of questions (in a database) and to make it as easy as possible to make selections from those questions to form a good Quiz show.

April 17th 2012 58,655k Freeware
TV Station Manager

TV Station Manager

TV Station Manager is a simulation Game that lets you take control of a small independent TV station, about to go bankrupt. The current TV boss hired you to help the company recover from this bad situation, so now it's up to you! You'll have ... manager , tycoon , simulation , sandbox game ...

April 8th 2009 10,900k Shareware  tv station manager

Turn Watcher

Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker or Initiative Manager for RPG Game Masters. Lose your eraser and keep your players guessing at the same time! Turn Watcher tracks player characters, non-player characters and monsters easily during combat rounds. All you need to do is add ...

May 12th 2008 5,633k Demo  Made to Order Software Corporation

GplHattrickManag er

GplHattrickManager is an Assistant Manager for the online Game It allows to manage your team directly from your desktop, downloading your team details from Hattrick. It's realized in Java, thus is OS indipendent

May 18th 2012 8,611k Freeware

Aurora Game Manager

We Want To Make The PC Gaming Experience AMAZING!Aurora Game Manager is a step towards this goalPowered by Java and the AURORA ENGINEThis Application was built from ground up to serve the PC Gamer needs.This Application is built by Gamers FOR GamersPlease Leave Feed Back ...

May 18th 2012 40,791k Freeware Game Collector Game Collector

Catalog your video games automatically, no typing. Just type title and platform or type/scan its barcode to download all data from our own Game Database, including title, publisher, developer, platform, genre and the cover image. Browse your collection by genre, publisher, platform, etc... or ... game , catalog , video , organizer , database ...

May 12th 2008 3,282k Shareware  Collectorz com
Universal Boxing Manager (WIN)

Universal Boxing Manager (WIN)

UBM is a boxing Manager simulation. Manage up to 6 different boxers, each one with different stats and skills, in 17 weight categories. Search and hire new talents from a huge database of over 1000 unique boxers. Arrange fights, buy new training tools, hire better ... manager , management , boxing , universal , fight ...

May 12th 2008 4,199k Shareware  Winter Wolves
Poker Tournament Manager Deluxe

Poker Tournament Manager Deluxe

Planning to host a poker tournament? Poker Tournament Manager adds a professional feel to your poker Game, just like a Las Vegas casino! You can even post tournament results and stats to your own league home page at our website. Wow your guests with professional ... clock , manager , software , player , statistics ...

May 12th 2008 4,902k Demo  MB Hammond Group
Tennis Elbow Manager

Tennis Elbow Manager

Become a tennis coach and manage up to 4 tennis players : take care of training sessions, planning, sponsors, team members, and more ! Will you be able to lead your players to the top of the world hierarchy ? Tennis Elbow Manager features 3000 ... game , manager , 2d , ball , tennis ...

May 12th 2008 10,352k Shareware  Mana Games
Tournament Manager Pro / Turniermanager

Tournament Manager Pro / Turniermanager

The Tournament Manager Pro is a very openly arranged program (also for tournament plans with 64 participants the advertisement is distributed on max. 2 displays) with a detailed documentation. the Tournament Manager makes a smooth carrying out and evaluation of tournaments possible. Arbitrarily many tournaments ... manager , player , list , sports , boxing ...

May 12th 2008 7,974k Shareware  CSIS
Task Manager Mobile

Task Manager Mobile

Task Manager Mobile by Orneta is a system tool that enables management of the running applications on Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone's. Windows Mobile Smartphone doesn't come with a way to manage running tasks, instead they are managed by the system. Now it's ... task manager , pocket pc , smartphone , windows mobile , menu program ...

February 5th 2009 5k Shareware  Orneta

Little League Lineup Manager

Little League Lineup Manager is an Excel spreadsheet made to help head coaches generate and keep track of Batting Line-Ups and Fielding positions.a Specifically designed for a maximum 15 player roster and an 18 Game season schedule, it's easy to use and allows a coach ... manager , league , little , lineup ...

April 8th 2009 1,255k Shareware  Dave Attard
Universal Soccer Manager 2

Universal Soccer Manager 2

USM 2 is the sequel of the award winning Universal Soccer Manager, completely rebuilt with a new graphic and database engine that will allow complete customization of the Game data, still mantaining the usual fast processing speed. Choose your favourite team, use the integrated editor ... manager , management , soccer , universal , coach ...

April 8th 2009 6,200k Shareware  universal football manager

Starcraft Action Game

Another concept Game created by Starcraft fans. This time you must pilot a mighty Prothons battleship to conquer the Terrans world, use powerful bonuses and weapons to deal your way to victory! mario 7 , mario mario , mario 2009 , mario 6 , mario bros game ...

August 13th 2012 9,585k Freeware  Mario Games

Sokoban game Stand-alone version

The classic Sokoban (also known as Sokoban, warehouse Manager) games designed to train your logic thinking. In a small warehouse, asked the boxes into the specified location, there will be a little box can not accidentally move or channel is blocked situation, so they need ... sokoban , free games , classic games , desktop games , sokoban game ...

August 1st 2012 1,260k Freeware

Hitman Flash Game

Hitman flash Game is a separate mini mission pack - 6 levels of finding your target and shooting them with tactics. You'll need accuracy to finish. mario 7 , mario mario , mario 2009 , mario 6 , mario bros game ...

April 24th 2012 7,496k Freeware  Mario Games
EF Process Manager

EF Process Manager

What the Process Manager is and what you can do with it: * you can easily see what’s happening behind the desktop * which processes are running on your computer * you can see all modules which are loaded, or only those used by a ... efsoftware , efprcman , process manager , task manager , dll ...

May 12th 2008 1,524k Shareware  EFSoftware
President Bush Pretzel Shell Game

President Bush Pretzel Shell Game

Test your luck with this hilarious Game of chance, with President Bush and snack food. Watch as three shells are shuffled and one snack food is chosen for the Prez. He loves his broccoli and cheese puffs, but be careful of those pretzels! Bush has ... game , screen , riss , saver , president ...

May 12th 2008 1,209k Freeware  Rhode Island Soft Systems
Multimedia Manager

Multimedia Manager

Multimedia Manager is an all-in-one multimedia software that lets you view, play and manage your multimedia files in style. Supports many popular graphics and multimedia formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, PCD, PSD, ICO, WPG, WMF, MP3, MID, WAV, RMI, AVI, ... music , image , manager , video , multimedia ...

May 12th 2008 1,906k Shareware  Tropical Wares

BRIDGE Card Game From Special K

Bridge From Special K This program plays the enduringly popular card Game of Bridge. Use Windows to achieve the realistic atmosphere of a Bridge Game with animation and sound. Playing and bidding logic vastly improved. You can choose from different bidding conventions and styles of ... club , diamond , bridge , chicago , heart ...

January 20th 2016 2,720k Shareware  Special K Software
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