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Mandelbulber 1.11 Beta

Mandelbulber is an easy to use, handy but experimental application designed to help you render 3D Mandelbrot Fractals called Mandelbulb and some other kind of 3D Fractals like Mandelbox, Bulbbox, Juliabulb, Menger Sponge.

June 28th 2012 9,134k Freeware


This generator can generates buddhabrot fractal, Mandelbrot Fractals and inverse bb Fractals, as per Melinda Green's method. It's reasonably fast, and has a few options. The name buddhabrot stems from a remarkable resemblance to sitting Buddha.

August 15th 2012 28k Freeware
Natural Fractals

Natural Fractals

Natural Fractals features beautiful scenes of natural patterns for your desktop enjoyment. The pictures are accompanied by an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned. The advanced screen saver engine includes a Wallpaper feature allows you to select any image in the screen ... screensavers , imagedancer , natural patterns , natural fractals ...

April 8th 2009 3,760k Shareware  Imagedancer

Fractals World

Amazing Fractals screensaver. Fractals appear in random order.Fractals list:Mandelbrot FractalJulia FractalDragon FractalMorse FractalKoh FractalKoh 4 FractalSerpinski Triangle Serpinski SquarePeriodical CirclesFern FractalSpider web

September 3rd 2012   Freeware
Weird Fractals Free Screensaver

Weird Fractals Free Screensaver

Decorate your screen with this amazing Weird Fractals Free Screensaver. It shows you off the long set of fractal images having very unusual forms and nice pure colors and hues. These images are so weird and make the strong push to your imagination. You will definitely ... free , download , fractal , fractals , weird fractals ...

January 28th 2016 5,450k Freeware  Cool Savers com
Beautiful Fractals

Beautiful Fractals

Spectacular views of beautiful views of natural fractal patterns. The pictures are accompanied by an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned. The advanced screen saver engine includes a Wallpaper feature allows you to select any image in the screen saver as your ... screensavers , screen savers , imagedancer , natural image , natural patterns ...

May 12th 2008 3,468k Shareware  Imagedancer

Optimal Mandelbrot

Optimal Mandelbrot allows rapid navigation of The Mandelbrot Set fractal, and can generate an almost infinite number of interesting and colorful patterns to explore. A screensaver is also included to display your images with mesmerizing animated colors. Optimal Mandelbrot can also record the sequence of ...

April 11th 2012 1,546k Freeware  Improbable Software

Aros Fractals

With Aros Fractals you can explore some classical fractal images at extremely high resolutions (physical size and color depths).

April 9th 2012 165k Freeware

Mandelbrot Explorer

This Mandelbrot and Julia set explorer allows you to zoom into areas of the Mandelbrot Set and the family of Julia Sets. You can use the mouse for easy visual exploration, or you can fine-tune the areas you view using one of the Navigation Plug-ins.

June 17th 2012 2,120k Freeware

Mandelbrot generator

This software is a simple Mandelbrot fractale generator. Its output is a bitmap .bmp file.Ce programme est un gnrateur de fractales de Mandelbrot ; il cre un fichier .bmp.

September 17th 2012 4k Freeware

Fractal Extreme Abs Mandelbrot Variants

This plugin for Fractal Extreme calculates three variations on the Mandelbrot Fractal.Burning Ship, which uses the absolute value of the imaginary side of the equation.Celtic, absolute of the real side.Buffalo, absolute of both real and imaginary.Place the dll in the plugins (or plugins64) directory of ...

July 9th 2012 8k Freeware

JLRFractal: Mandelbrot/Julia Generator

JLRFractal is a Mandelbrot/Julia generator written in C++ using Trolltech's Qt graphics libraries. It features an easy-to-use zoom feature and a speed-up technique that is visible to the user. Color cycling features as well as saving to file are also

August 8th 2012 2,931k Freeware

Barnsley Fractals

Proyecto de investigaciAln cientA­fica sobre teorA­a del caos y fractales, su desarrollo empezAl en el aA±o 2008, siendo liderado por un grupo de estudiantes y profesores de la Universidad Industrial de Santander. Explora fractales en dos y tres dimensionesPermite visualizar grA?ficamente una aplicaciAln de la ...

August 25th 2012 3,493k Freeware
Fractal eXtreme

Fractal eXtreme

Fractal eXtreme is a fast, easy to use fractal exploration program for Windows,especially Windows XP. Fractal eXtreme features real-time interactive zooming on theMandelbrot set and many other Fractals, an innovative palette editor, multi-level undo,anti-aliased fractal images, and effortless creation of stunning zoom movies.Optimized assembly language ... graphics , chaos , mandelbrot , julia , deepzoom ...

April 8th 2009 3,030k Shareware  Cygnus Software

Ultimate Fractal

Create amazing fractal artwork in just a few seconds. Explore the wonderful world of Fractals. Fractals are complex, detailed geometric patterns found throughout the natural world. Ultimate Fractal generates fractal designs of amazing detail. They are infinite in their ability to be viewed in ever ... image editor , fractal , chaos , mandelbrot , julia ...

May 30th 2012   Shareware  fotoview
Fractopia Screen Saver

Fractopia Screen Saver

Fractopia Screen Saver lets you explore the colourful world of Fractals and design your own screen savers using the images you find. Main features: Dive beneath the surface of fractal images and discover the treasures within Convert your discoveries into animated screen savers that play ... screensaver , saver , fractal , psychedelic , fractopia ...

May 12th 2008 2,425k Shareware  Software Cottage


Fractals generator.Demo (Save in BMP disabled) Vieiewing of bewitching images of fractal Julia easily received in program JFPCreator removes a stress and improves mood. The program allows to observe deformations a fractal structures " in real time " at change of factors, has ample opportunites ... fractals generator ...

May 12th 2008 392k Shareware  Dmitriy Pavlov
Fractal_Mandala Screensaver

Fractal_Mandala Screensaver

Fractal_Mandala screensaver shows mandala collected from Fractals images. This screensaver renders psychodelic influence. Animated mandala from Fractals. Fractal_ Mandala it can be used during reflection as object to focus attention. Symmetric geometrical forms Fractal_ Mandala tend to draw attention of eyes to the center. Fractal_ ... screensaver , animated , psychedelic , fractals , mandala ...

May 12th 2008 520k Shareware  All Sweets
DanceFractal Screensaver

DanceFractal Screensaver

This screensaver show animated abstract images from Fractals Smoothly varying animated Fractals. Unusual forms, pleasant colors. Abstract images can become a flower, a fantastic animal, a sphynx or to become a mosaic. Fractals can become some plasma or a flame, can spread on the screen ... images , animated , mosaic , flower , abstract ...

May 12th 2008 485k Shareware  All Sweets


NuGenFractalX is Fractal visualization and generation application for the .Net platform. You will find it to be fast, extremely customizable and best of all; support for numerous Fractal Sets as well as custom sets is supported.Fractal sets can be saved, zoomed, rotated, manipulated with unlimited ... mathematics , rendering , fractals ...

April 8th 2009 787k Shareware  Genetibase Inc
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