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Bounce eMail Manager

Bounce eMail Manager

Ai-intelligent bounce Email Manager auto detect retrieve bounce Email from multiple smtp POP3 Email server and CLOCK a bounce recurrence for each Email retrieved. Therefore, allowing precise surgical removal of bounce Email to be exported to; Data, Text, CSV, Access or MSSQL server files. Email ... shareware , software , email , server , filter ...

May 12th 2008 3,732k Shareware  Mailsbroadcast dotcom

Email Manager

Have you something to sell? Use this amazing software only in the free trial period, and you can start your business - it will find your clients in a few clicks. This is the new and revolutionary method to start or promote your affair. Email ...

May 12th 2008 4,485k Shareware  Mail Tools

ASP EMail Manager

ASP Email Manager allows you to easily collect Email addresses right from your website and send out newsletters directly to your customers. If you already have a website with even a few visitors coming to your site ASP Email Manager can work for you.

May 29th 2012 297k Shareware  Raizlabs Corporation

POP3 Email Manager

It is a virtual e-mail system that aggregates e-mail messages from a set of user's online mailboxes. Using the system, a user with large number of e-mail messages can perform detailed multi-level sort, accurate search and dynamic and multi-view re-categorization of his/her e-mail messages. This ... search , email , documentation , connection , safe ...

June 20th 2012 15,042k Freeware  Archymeta Information Technologies

POP3 Email Manager English

It is a virtual e-mail system that aggregates e-mail messages from a set of user's online mailboxes. Using the system, a user with large number of e-mail messages can perform detailed multi-level sort, accurate search and dynamic and multi-view re-categorization of his/her e-mail messages. This ... search , email , documentation , connection , safe ...

June 25th 2012 15,042k Freeware  Archymeta Information Technologies

Gekko Manager 0.71 Beta

Gekko Manager is a freeware file Manager and FTP client for Windows. It is like Windows Explorer, but can do much more, for example; access FTP servers, pack and unpack ZIP files, save log file. It has grateful interface with two fixed windows side by ...

September 12th 2012 788k Freeware

Xerxes email manager

A web based Email management system. Xerxes manages a virtual domain e-mail system using Postfix, Cyrus-Imap, and MySQL on Linux. It is designed for ease of use and is scalable. Use the docs and how-to to build your own virtual domain Email system.

July 24th 2012 301k Freeware

World Display Wallpaper Manager 0.2.1 Beta

World Display is a fun new way to automatically update your Desktops Wallpaper to beautiful pictures from all across the globe! Using Google Maps and Panoramio images, World Display lets the user choose and add locations from all over the earth to display

May 23rd 2012 400k Freeware

Powerful Email Sorter

Powerful Email Sorter is a tool for Email sort and managerment.It can sort and manage large volumes of Email addresses.With it,you can count Email,obviate Email,pick-up Email form text, make new Email and so on. For example,it can wipe off repetition for Email that over million. ... email , email sorter , sorter , email manager , email text list ...

July 22nd 2012 10k Shareware  Godsw,Inc.

High Impact eMail

High Impact Email 2.0 is an innovative add-on you can use with ACT!, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express that lets you to send graphical HTML emails, newsletters and advertisements in just minutes. High Impact Email can take your Email to a higher level - look ...

May 15th 2012   Shareware  Best Software SB, Inc

Format Recovery for Email

Format Recovery for Email V1.0 (free Email recovery software) can recover Email from a damaged dbx file or deleted dbx file or re-installed windows' drive. The mail fragment can be saved as EML file. Format Recovery for Email V1.0 supports Outlook Express and Foxmail format. ...

May 29th 2012 307k Freeware  Format Recovery
Subscription Mailer

Subscription Mailer

There are are few useful mail list Manager amd maling software on the market, however after you send mesage you don't have enough information if it was really delivered or not or what is more important if it as read or not. How to check ... mailing software , email tracking , email manager , emailing software , subscription mailer ...

April 8th 2009 561k Shareware  Soft Service Ltd
G-Lock EasyMail

G-Lock EasyMail

G-Lock EasyMail is a professional Email newsletter software for targeted Email lists building and bulk Email campaigns creating at your own computer. G-Lock EasyMail helps you create successful opt-in newsletters and Email marketing campaigns. You can easily manage opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers, create ... email , manage , check , marketing , mailing ...

May 12th 2008 14,014k Freeware  G Lock Software
Maxthon5 Browser

Maxthon5 Browser

As the name so clearly points out, this software application is a web browser - just like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Maxthon5 Browser offers all the features and functions you have grown to expect from a web browser: tabbed interface, fast browsing speeds, history ... web browser , password manager , efficiency , note-taking , ad blocker ...

August 3rd 2017 51,907k Freeware  Maxthon Asia Limited
Boldcenter Operator Client .NET

Boldcenter Operator Client .NET

Free live chat software for online sales and support teams. Increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce support costs. Simply install the client and add a chat button to your website to start chatting with your visitors. Upgrade to a paid edition to also manage ... email , contacts , contact manager , email management , email manager ...

April 8th 2009 4,263k Freeware  Bravestorm LLC
SpamWeed for Outlook/OE/Windo ws Mail

SpamWeed for Outlook/OE/Windo ws Mail

SpamWeed Email Manager is a full featured Email classifier. It not only blocks all spam messages, but also automatically classifies good Email into categories. SpamWeed's core engine is close to human intelligence, it precisely sorts Email to categories that users previously define. This helps organize ... spam filter , outlook express , spam blocker , junk mail filter , block spam ...

April 8th 2009 2,865k Shareware  Shuttle Info Tech

Friends and Accounts

Outlook address book replacement is here! The ultimate lister for net freaks! 1-Export collected emails to your clipboard, your default Email Manager using person-groupsthat have you created. 2-Store the details of your Internet accounts (usernames/passwords/given emails..), and use them with one-click... Features:Import from CSVExport batch ...

July 2nd 2012 2,048k Freeware  PipisCrew
CoSyDat Mail-Manager zum sicheren Betreiben von eMail nach POP3 uns SMTP

CoSyDat Mail-Manager zum sicheren Betreiben von eMail nach POP3 uns SMTP

The CoSyDat Mail-Manager is designed for easy traffic of Email correspondence like sending Email according to protocol SMTP or receiving Email according to protocol POP3. An unlimited number of control-sets for assessing Email provider can be established, using any available combinations of RAS-entries and Email ... email , smtp , pop3 , mail client , mail-manager ...

May 12th 2008 2,027k Shareware  CoSyDat Software Engineering

Send-Safe Email List Manager

Send-Safe Email List Manager is a brand new Email list management software from Send-Safe. It is a perfect tool for organizing contact information and preparing your lists for mailing. Send-Safe Email List Manager is an easy to use bulk Email address list cleaner. It will ... mailing list manager , bulk email software , email addresses , list manager , email list management software ...

May 12th 2008 747k Shareware  SEND SAFE

Opt-In Email List Download Manager

Opt-In Email List Download for your Internet Marketing! Instantly reach out to Millions of people - just imagine, if only 1 in 1000 people follow up on your offer, that's tousends of new customers!! You need to download the Software " Opt-In Email List Download ... email list , email list manager , opt-in email list , email list tool , email leads ...

April 8th 2009 680k Shareware  Xperya Corporation S A
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