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Mobile Witch Bluetooth Remote Control - Parallel Port - Bluetooth Serial Port Plug - Bluetooth Serial Port Module - Usb Port Control
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parashell - Parallel Port Control

Parallel Port Control Made Easy - parashell allows Control of a Pc Parallel Port (input and output) with simple command line arguments. The simplicity of these programs make it very easy to use in scripts. Control stepper motors, Relays, LEDs, etc... Simple Parallel Port Control ...

April 21st 2012 2,114k Freeware

SoftCollection Parallel Port Library For .NET

SoftCollection Parallel Port Library For .NET lets you a full Control over the Parallel Port of your Pc. You can set separately an electrical potential, 0v or 5v, on each writable pin, and you can get an electrical potential from each readable pin of the ...

May 13th 2012   Commercial  SoftCollection

Parallel Port Viewer

Description:This program allows you to view and Control Parallel Port on hardware level.Features:* It is possible to change each bit in Data Register, Status Register and Control Register. * It is possible to view and Control when 5 Volts exist on the pins of Parallel ...

April 4th 2012   Freeware  SoftCollection

Linux Parallel Port+

Read/write data to your Parallel Port from Linux using this GUI app. Control individual pins. Good for hardware interfacing.

May 10th 2012 64k Freeware

Oxygen Mobile ActiveX Control

Oxygen Mobile ActiveX Control incorporates (and expands) the functionality of Oxygen SMS ActiveX Control and Oxygen Gallery Browser ActiveX Control. It is designed to provide an access to various Nokia phone capabilities from a Windows program. Oxygen Mobile ActiveX Control has two main modules: Messaging ... gallery , phone , java , sms , messaging ...

April 8th 2009 910k Shareware  Oxygen Software

Parallel Port Pin Banger

Simple GTK2 application allowing users to manually toggle devices attached to a Parallel Port device on or off (through the D0->D8 data lines), or run an automatic sequence based on a simple language contained in this program. Good for driving relays, etc

March 29th 2012 79k Freeware

Servo RTAI Parallel Port Driver

SERVO-RTAI is a Linux Kernel Module for controlling servos from (multiple) Parallel Port(s) using RTAI extensions. This project includes the kernel module, command line and ncurses based applications. Developed at UADE University in Argentina.

April 8th 2012 49k Freeware
RSP Parallel Port Connection OCX

RSP Parallel Port Connection OCX

ActiveX OCX to connect two PCs using a LapLink Parallel cable ( Turbo cable ) , the connection don't requires any other software installed in order to work , it can transfer files in any Windows based machine , just plug the cable , start ...

May 12th 2008 369k Shareware  RSP Software
Auto Wolf Mobile Edition for Pocket PC

Auto Wolf Mobile Edition for Pocket PC

The Complete Car Care Software for your Pocket Pc. Use your PDA at home, on the road, or anywhere to record all your important vehicle information and cost related data. Easily track all your car maintenance, repairs, fuel usage, operating expenses and much more. Setup ... information , vehicle , car , organizer , care ...

April 8th 2009 4,845k Shareware  Lone Wolf Software


AccPlus is an utility designed to communicate with a Smart Battery or a serial memory device via the Pc Parallel Port and a Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter. You can view the Smart Battery data and reset the EEPROM to its initial values. The ... memory , serial , philips , smart battery , eeprom ...

May 12th 2008 775k Demo  Microsys Com Ltd


MemPlus is an utility designed for EEPROMs programming, using the Pc Parallel Port and a Philips Standard Parallel Port Adapter. It allows you to Read/ Edit/ Write a large number of serial memories, working either with I2C or Microwire protocols. You can deal with I2C ... memory , programmer , programming , serial , philips ...

May 12th 2008 817k Demo  Microsys Com Ltd

Vectir WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Control

Vectir is a Pc remote Control application that lets you Control applications such as Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player and PowerPoint with a Bluetooth or WiFi enabled Mobile phone or infrared (IR) remote Control. Other features include remote desktop, mouse pointer Control, keyboard Control, master ... pc , bluetooth , remote control , media player , infrared ...

July 2nd 2012 12,411k Shareware  Incendo Technology

Ez PC Lock

Ez Pc Lock allows you to remotely Control the Pc access time of any computer that you allow your employees or contractors access to, anywhere in the World. You can Lock, Restart, turn the power off on any Pc. Automatic Pc Power OFF, Lock Down ... remote control , remote access , pc timer , time restriction , time limiting ...

April 9th 2012 3,994k Shareware  IT Works Corporation


Let your Mobile phone lock and unlock your Pc. When LockItNow! detects that you are no longer by your Pc it locks it, keeping others from accessing it. When you return your Pc is automatically unlocked, ready to be used. No user interaction required! No ... security , bluetooth , lock computer , mobile phone , lock pc ...

May 12th 2008 3,038k Shareware  Bluetooth Shareware


Parapin makes it easy to write code under Linux that controls individual pins on a Pc Parallel Port. This kind of Control is very useful for electronics projects that use the Parallel Port as a generic digital I/O interface (instead of as a printer Port)

May 9th 2012 273k Freeware

PICPrg - Fast PIC Programmer

PICPrg is a fast Linux command line (or ncurses) program, to program any Microchip PIC microcontroller using the Pc Parallel Port interface. Any Parallel Port PIC programmer hardware can be used, simply edit the configuration file or use the ncurses conf

July 18th 2012 12k Freeware


Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrolers that uses Pc Parallel Port to program the device in serial mode. The device can be programmed "in-system". Comes with a schematic of the hardware required. Hardware designed to be simple, efficient and unexpensive.

May 13th 2012 89k Freeware
Huey PC Remote Control

Huey PC Remote Control

Huey is a remote Control program that allows you to remotely Control another Pc through the internet or your local area network. It is specifically designed to allow you to easily use your work/school computer from home. Features full 256, 15, 16, 24 or 32 ... remote control software , pc remote control , remote control , transfer files , huey ...

April 8th 2009 1,212k Shareware  GID Software
Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is a powerful tool for professional developers that allows your application to create custom additional virtual serial Port in system and fully Control it. You can view parameters information of a virtual serial Port, set by other application. From your ... virtual serial port , virtual com port , virtual serial ports , virtual serial port activex control , serial port driver ...

May 12th 2008 1,676k Shareware  ELTIMA Software GmbH
Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control

Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control

Serial Port Sniffer is a powerful advanced ActiveX Control that allows your application to sniff (fully monitor and edit data flows) serial Port in your system. Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control detects all serial Port activity in your system, all applications that work with serial ... serial port sniffer activex control , sniff serial port , monitor serial port , advanced serial port control ...

May 12th 2008 1,792k Shareware  ELTIMA Software
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