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Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin

Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin

You can change your default VB6 setup program with this inproved setup program. It has a Skin and it is multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese). The language is automatically swithched according to the user language. Yo will have to manually copy the ... multilingual , setup , vb , visual , basic ...

May 12th 2008 179k Freeware  Javier Balkenende
Glowing Skin Secrets Revealed

Glowing Skin Secrets Revealed

Glowing Skin Secrets Revealed is a free info on Skin care and healthy complexion. You will help your Skin as much as you can before the aging process actually starts. The key has been in front of you all the time and you will be ... skin , beauty , skin care , healthy skin , glowing skin ...

May 12th 2008 601k Freeware  Flawless Complexion

Acne Free And Glowing Skin

Since diet plays a large part in acne problems, the first step is to make dietary changes. Learn more about acne, it's main causes, prevention and cure.The fact is that beauty treatments, whether surgical or homemade will not help the Skin if a healthy lifestyle ... acne , glowing skin , acne free ...

May 12th 2008 628k Freeware  Flawless Complexion
Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones

Two unlikely friends thrown together by the Wizard to retrieve his magical gems. Skin is fast and agile, Bones is slow but tough. Use their different abilities and work together as you journey through strange and wonderful worlds. Fast frantic platform fun, mixed with a ... platform game , platformer , pc games , bones , skin and bones ...

April 8th 2009 20,111k Shareware  Addictive 247

Mr Bones

Help guide Mr Bones to evade traps and find his way out in this multi-level platform challenge game. Explore spooky graveyard scenes, find you way through the maze of sewers and evade weird plant life to escape. Travel through strange lands that are home to ... mr bones , platform adventure , evading traps ...

June 1st 2012 24,177k Shareware  Software4me

Mr. Been Puzzle Game

Free Online Mr bean puzzle Game for Fun. Solve A Fun And Challenging Mr Been Puzzle. Complete The Puzzle To Win. game , puzzle , mr been ...

May 15th 2012 297k Freeware  Web Design
Mr. Captor

Mr. Captor

Captures anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, rectangular, elliptical and freehand regions, single window, a group of windows, menues, cursors, and colors. It can capture long web pages, PDFs, DOCs and other documents using auto-scroll feature. Can record any screen ... image , software , animation , utility , screen ...

May 12th 2008 2,107k Shareware  Fox Magic Software
Mr.Snow DirectX8 Column Gold

Mr.Snow DirectX8 Column Gold

Best DirectX8 programming tutorials over the net, by Denis "Mr.Snow" Kozhukhov. The given column we devote to programming everything, that is coupled with DirectX8. It's covers all aspects of DirectX games development from DirectInput to Direct3D and will be updated as often as it'll be ...

May 12th 2008 1,748k Shareware  Choco Snow Creation


Die Mr-Toolbox soll Arbeitserleichterung für Excel Poweruser sein. Lösungsansätze der Makrosammlung können in neue / eigene Problemstellungen eingebaut werden (nur für registrierte User) *** Funktionen der "Mr-Toolbox 3.1" *** Währungs Umrechnung (FW => EUR / EUR => FW ); Inhaltsverzeichnis einer Excel-Arbeitsmappe anlegen (mit Buttons); ... in , makrosammlung , mr-toolbox: , folgeversion ...

May 12th 2008 276k Shareware  Markus Reichenbach
Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

Asimov is a lowly service mechanoid aboard the interstellar colony ship Eidolon. Carrying hundreds of frozen human colonists to a new world. When the Eidolon's computer brain malfunctions, it falls to Asimov to undertake a perilous journey through the bowels of the massive ship to ... puzzle , arcade , rpg , action , robot ...

April 8th 2009 25,113k Shareware  Moonpod Ltd
Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

Skin care products chmod calculator for Microsoft windows desktop. Get the best Skin care products for your Skin. A wide variety of skincare products to choose from. Range from anti wrinkle Skin care, acne Skin care, natural Skin care and organic Skin care products. desktop , permission , chmod , chmod calculator , skincare products ...

April 8th 2009 414k Freeware  Skin Care Products
Mr Soundman

Mr Soundman

Mr. Soundman is a challenging ear training game for music producers and sound engineers.Enhance your frequency detection skills, get a precise indication of your abilities, and find out once and for all: who's got the golden ears? Prove your talent and you might win special ... music , plugin , sound , audio , frequency ...

April 9th 2012 18,373k Shareware  V Plugs

Tactical Lines operation Mr.General

Tactical Lines operation "Mr.General". This game gives you a chance to become a general using your Intellect and become the real strategic thinker. Choose the best soldiers, get the highest scores

June 12th 2012 2,048k Shareware  Pyramid-Games

Mr Atomic Cookie Chips Muffin Mix

Mr Atomic Cookie Chips Muffin Mix 2.0 is a terrific easy-to-use personal information manager program. Simply type in or paste text you want to save into the program and save it! Later, click on the information you want to view, or search for any word ...

July 7th 2012 2,202k Shareware


Mr.Weather displays the weather information of any given location in real time. Information includes temp, wind chill, wind speed, weather condition and forecasts for the next two days.Features: - Search by zip, town or landmark (Eiffel Tower ?) - Display temp in Fahrenheit or Celsius ...

August 22nd 2012 1,710k Freeware  Verifive

MR Tech Systray

MR Tech Systray is a swiss army knife of tools, tweaks and system options. It will not only let you quickly shut down, restart or log off from Windows, it can help keep your hard disk a little cleaner, organize your MP3 & Other Media ...

May 5th 2012 143k Freeware  MR Technical Solutions, Inc.

Cute Skin

Cute Skin 2005 is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible tool for developing visually stunning professional applications. Visually create skinnable professional applications that can have any shape and that can dynamically be expanded to any size. Effortlessly allow users of your professional application to customize the ...

July 16th 2012 20k Shareware  Imatronics

Mr. Fix Registry Cleaner

Mr. Fix Registry Cleaner is a freeware Registry cleaning tool.

June 29th 2012 1,106k Freeware

MR Tech Systray 3.0 Beta

MR Tech Systray is a swiss army knife of tools, tweaks and system options. It will not only let you quickly shut down, restart or log off from Windows, it can help keep your hard disk a little cleaner, organize your MP3 & Other Media ...

March 25th 2012 179k Freeware

iColorFolder Additional Skin Pack

The Additional Skin Pack regroups several skins from various authors. iColorFolder Additional Skin Pack is a free utility for iColorFolder that allows you to discover a new environnement and customize everything in your folders!

August 16th 2012 7,168k Freeware
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