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Visitor Organizer Deluxe

Visitor Organizer Deluxe

Visitor Organizer Deluxe for Windows: Visitor management software for businesses, schools, offices, or any buildings. Our software gives your receptionist or security personnel an easy way to enter, manage, track, and organize visitors. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use Visitor management solutions ... visitor tracker , visitor manager , id labels , badges , visitor database ...

July 19th 2011 7,323k Shareware  PrimaSoft PC

Visitor Footprints

Visitor Footprints is a tracking script which installs on your web server and ,when setup, reports directly to a viewable interface on your desktop. This software will enable you to instantly see what websites are referring your visitors, what keywords are being used to find ... visitor tracker , visitor tracking , website tracking , visitor tracking software , stat counter ...

August 6th 2012 1,321k Freeware  Flex Mini

Lobby Track Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software for Visitor registration, tracking, and reporting. Pre-register visitors online or register onsite. Issue Visitor badges. Maintain visit logs. Check against watch lists (FBI's most wanted, etc.). visitor management software , visitor registration software , visitor badge software ...

April 9th 2012 45,066k Demo  Jolly Technologies
Visitor Counter Script

Visitor Counter Script

Our free php Visitor counter allows you to see how many people are visiting your web pages. There is no need for a database as the script simply uses a .txt file, and it is easily installed onto your website with the simplest of coding ... script , counter , open , source , count ...

May 17th 2014 7k Freeware  MFScripts
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

This program can be used by every organization to register visitors recording. Our software makes it easier to keep track of when and who gets a visit. The program has a special visit log that can be easily used for recording who comes, who has ... management , visitors , managing , guest , guests ...

March 24th 2016 43,735k Shareware  Temia Consulting

Rhythm & Bio

"Rhythm & Bio" is a freeware dealing with Bio-Rhythms. It explains the principles, builds your 3 curves, tells you if the current day is auspicious or not, retrieves the critical days, explains the notion of Rhythms... It's fun, it's free, enjoy it!

May 12th 2008 2,002k Freeware  DELEMME DIffusion Ltd

VMPro Visitor Management Pro

VMPro 2.0 turnkey system to manage Visitor ID Cards, print badges & produce reports. It is extremely fast in producing Visitor photo ID cards, has a very clear & legible interface, supports bar codes and is THE choice in ID & Visitor management system. Personalize ...

May 12th 2008 37,135k Demo  VMI Visitor Management Inc

Bio Lines

Bio Lines is funny puzzle game. It is based on famous puzzle - Lines,but has with original idea.In this game you have to control microbs activity. Field includes 81 cells. Each free cell may produce new creature.When there is no free cells - field is ...

May 12th 2008 1,127k Shareware  Taranov Aleksei


With Nephalin-Bio you can create your biorhythm. It will be interpretated as computer-graphics and as text. Printings of the calculated days possible. A database for integrating several persons data is also included. physical , intellectual , emotional , biorhythm ...

May 12th 2008 161k Freeware  Gstams


Bio PIM is a unique PIM software that based on biorhythm analyse technology. Tasks and events are organized in Bio-Calendar. Knows your friends or colleagues contact information and biorhythm status in Bio-Contacts. Organize large numbers of notes, documents, images to create a personal or corporate ...

January 19th 2009 2,679k Shareware  biopim com
bio-iVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Drive

bio-iVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Drive

bio-iVault uses the well respected myBiometrix Biometric platform to deliver Finger, Face and Voice verification to securely create and manage biometrically Encrypted Virtual Drives on a computer and other external storage devices by simply scanning ones biometric. Using Biometrics means No Passwords to remember or ... email encryption , disk encryption , single sign on , biometric software , logon security and encryption ...

January 31st 2010 39,713k Shareware  Cordian Corp

VU Website Visitor Analyst

VU Web Visitor Analyst is an application that retrieves your website visitors’ IP address, exact date and time, visited page name, the link a Visitor came from originally (referred URL address). You can view the single Visitor history with the list of all pages visited. ...

July 12th 2012   Shareware  VUNET

Feedback chat, dialog to your visitor

Video Flash chat, broadcast LIVE images with your webcam. Enable real time answers and dialog to your Visitor, get their comments and personal data online, give them real time help. Let know if you are on the Internet without using messenger program .

May 21st 2012 1,403k Shareware  Proxymis Multimedia

VMI - Visitor Management Pro Starter Kit.

Id Card Production:VMI Pro is a fast and reliable badge-printing program. It allows you to produce photo ID cards, badges and nametags for all kinds of users: Visitors, Contractors, Delegates, Staff, TempStaff , Guests etc. VMI Pro has built in templates which utilize VMI's three ...

April 23rd 2012 34,816k Demo  VMI - Visitor Management Inc


Bio-Rhythms calculates the high, low and critical periods of your emotional, intellectual and physical cycles with an optional master cycle to give you an in depth look at what's in store for you. Compatibility charts can be calculated for any two people in the Bio-base ...

May 24th 2012   Shareware  Inter-Soft

Urkburk Visitor Counter System

UVCS is a Visitor counter written in PHP.Main Features:+REALLY simple+No database neededDeveloped on Apache/1.3.29 (Win32) PHP/4.3.6.Should work with any server, OS, PHP/4.3.x.

May 5th 2012 10k Freeware
NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows

NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows

NCheck Bio Attendance is an automatic ready-to-use time tracking system with biometric fingerprint and face identification. May be used from employee attendance control to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, etc. Protection against human-factor errors or user fraud. Employee GPS logging (optional). User groups, shifts and ... pc , windows , control , attendance , employee ...

November 7th 2018 146,794k Shareware  Neurotechnology

VMI - Visitor Management Pro

VMI Pro software is a complete system for managing the visitors, contractors, and full-time employees entering your facility. With integrated query capabilities, VMI Pro can create reports to suit your specific needs and includes evacuation reports and emergency panic lists. The software is fully scalable ...

January 19th 2009 35,313k Shareware  vmisecure com

HTML Parser in Java 5.0 - The Bio One

A hypersmall HTML parser library, implemented in Java 5.0. Appropriate for educational purposes or parsing HTML pages in a fast and convenient Java style. Requirements: JRE 5.0. For developers: Recommended environment is JDK 5.0, Eclipse 3.1 with JUnit.

June 16th 2012 8k Freeware

SCWC-bio-simulat or

The Calculus of Wrapped Compartments is a variant of the Calculus of Looping Sequences. CWC strongly simplifies the development of automatic tools for the analysis of biological systems. The SCWC-sim is a OCaml implementation of CWC calculus. stochastic simulations of biological processesrating function to compute ...

June 4th 2012 102k Freeware
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