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WSciParser (Web Science Parser) is a handy small library created in C#.NET to parse data from web science databases (ISI Web, Ncbi, Pubmed...) Full extraction of ISI WoK data (HTML and Plain text method)Get XMLDocument with well-formed and structured data.

September 11th 2012 127k Freeware
NCBI Blaster- NCBI BLAST automation tool

NCBI Blaster- NCBI BLAST automation tool

Ncbi BLAST is a bioinformatics software program used to find regions of similarity between two or more DNA sequences. It is used to find functional and evolutionary relationships between the sequences. A Ncbi BLAST search using multiple query sequences (e.g. gene predictions from a genome ... free , windows , automation , software , batch ...

October 4th 2012 2,268k Freeware  Heracle BioSoft SRL

Quantized correlation coefficient

To measure reproducibility of ChIP-chip data correctly, a correlation coefficient that is robust to the amount of signal present should be used. QCC is one such measure.

August 27th 2012 21,010k Freeware

Clinical Trial Submit

Clinical Trial Submit is a software application that allows you to visually create and edit XML files, for uploading to the (PRS) Protocol Registration System web site. Clinical Trial Submit helps by greatly reducing the data entry time to prepare and upload clinical ... xml editor , fda , create xml , clinicaltrials gov , clinicaltrials gov xml ...

May 13th 2012 584k Shareware  MedPhase Software


BlastViewer provides an interactive graphical user interface for the analysis of the reports produced by the Ncbi and the EBI BLAST sequence database search systems.

March 25th 2012 5,489k Freeware


Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers ...

March 31st 2012 102k Freeware


MyPHPBib is a web application for managing bibliographic references. It can import references in several formats (e.g., EndNote and RIS), as well as importing references directly from Pubmed. MyPHPBib is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database.

June 28th 2012 449k Freeware

Parallel Blast

Parallel Blast, parallelized version of BLAST biological sequence analysis program, is based on Ncbi's single node BLAST package.Parallel Blast parallelize client's request and process the request by parallelizing the request on Blast execution cluster

April 29th 2012 805k Freeware

SLRI Bioinformatics Toolkit

This project is obsolete/orphaned. The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) Bioinformatics Toolkit is a mainly C-based cross-platform toolkit for dealing with biological information, especially protein structure/function. Based on the Ncbi Toolkit

September 1st 2012 31k Freeware


A.I.G.Le is a French PHPMySQL code to simplify lab management.A.I.G.Le means "Aide Interactive a la Gestion de Laboratoire" DAİpA?t/Modification et rAİcupAİration (automatique et/ou manuelle) depuis et vers HAL/TEL et vers arXiv/PubMed_Central (via HAL) .Importation de publications depuis arXiv, Pubmed et WoS (sous reserve d'abonnement).La€™imp

September 7th 2012 24,398k Freeware


FSA-BLAST is a new version of the popular BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) bioinformatics tool, used to search genomic databases containing either protein or nucleotide sequences. FSA-BLAST is twice as fast as Ncbi-BLAST with no loss in accuracy.

March 28th 2012 268k Freeware


GenePrioritization is a program to prioritize disease genes based on the random walk with restart algorithm for any kind of gene/protein networks. Putative genes can be verified through evidences found in Pubmed, OMIM, and GeneRIF databases.

April 26th 2012 22,059k Freeware


GenScalpel is a program designed for specified-sequence retrieval and extraction from large-scale sequence sets in Ncbi GenBank flatfile format. It provides user with a friendly window and menus environment for sequence assembly and analysis.

June 6th 2012 7,164k Freeware

GenePrioritizati on

GenePrioritization is a program to prioritize disease genes based on the random walk with restart algorithm for any kind of gene/protein networks. Putative genes can be verified through evidences found in Pubmed, OMIM, and GeneRIF databases.

September 4th 2012 8,344k Freeware


An extension for the MediaWiki software that adds a #PMID parser keyword to look up scientific articles by their unique ID in the database and retrieve the citation. Automatically fetch article information from Pubmed.govUse custom MediaWiki templates to format citations

June 15th 2012 14k Freeware
Reticulated Pufferfish Wallpaper

Reticulated Pufferfish Wallpaper

Reticulated Pufferfish Wallpaper is a fish Wallpaper for your pc desktop, laptop or gadget that fill your desktop screen with aquarium and fish. Watch your Reticulated Pufferfish swim back and forth in your own desktop and tap on the fish to make them move quickly. ... wallpaper , reticulated puffer ...

December 4th 2014 3,389k Freeware  digiaquascr
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