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APFill - Ink Coverage Meter

APFill - Ink Coverage Meter

Ink usage is usually described by the printer manufactures as so many pages of A4 using 5% coverage. This software helps you calculate Ink, toner coverage on page before printing expressed as a percentage. So you will be able to estimate cost price of the ... program will help you help to calculate ink , toner coverage ...

April 8th 2009 1,800k Shareware  AVPSoft

PretonSaver Home Toner Ink Saver for XP

PretonSaver Home™ Save hundreds per user on Ink and toner without compromising on quality.PretonSaver Home™ saves as much as 70% on your printing costs without compromising on quality. Based on a unique patent-pending Pixel Optimizer™ technology, it uses advanced algorithms to identify and delete pixels ... save , money , print , printer , laser ...

August 27th 2012 707k Shareware  Preton Ltd.

PretonSaver Home Toner/Ink Saver Win 7

PretonSaver Home™ Save hundreds per user on Ink and toner without compromising on quality.PretonSaver Home™ saves as much as 70% on your printing costs without compromising on quality. Based on a unique patent-pending Pixel Optimizer™ technology, it uses advanced algorithms to identify and delete pixels ... save , money , print , printer , laser ...

May 10th 2012 748k Shareware  Preton Ltd.
Think Ink Tattoo Screen Saver Collection

Think Ink Tattoo Screen Saver Collection

Ink your desktop with 17 top quality tattoo photos! FREE to Try, $12.95 to Buy. Get Inked Today! screen saver , tattoo screensaver , tattoo design , inked ...

May 12th 2008 1,838k Shareware  Greg Mulac

Advanced Newsletters

Advanced Newsletters is an Advanced Portal product offered to every website hosted with us. That allow you to compose,mail and track Newsletters. It helps you to keep your clients informed of your latest news and to increase your cliental.

January 19th 2009 1,000k Shareware  advcomm net

Local Ink by Downhill Battle Labs

Local Ink by Downhill Battle Labs. Making democracy easy, like it was meant to be. Enter your zip code, write a letter, and send it to the op-ed pages of newspapers in your area, and/or your representatives in Congress.

July 24th 2012 27k Freeware

Open Transnote Ink Suite

Open Transnote Ink Suite (OTIS) is a set of tools to increase the functionalty and usability of IBM's line of Pen Computing devices. These devices include the IBM Transnote notebook computer and the IBM Crosspad.

August 25th 2012 12,685k Freeware

Ink Address Bar

The Ink Address Bar is a utitlity that helps Tablet PC users to Ink their URL addresses with a greater percision and convinience. Note: only Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will be supported.

September 15th 2012 236k Freeware

Ink Spill (Flood It clone)

Ink Spill is a clone of the puzzle game Flood It. The player must convert a multicolored board to one color by using colors and the flood fill algorithm. Implemented with Python using Pygame.

May 9th 2012 3,923k Freeware

KInk, a KDE printer ink level monitor

KInk is a KDE frontend for libinklevel, to monitor the Ink level of printers connected to your PC

September 5th 2012 409k Freeware

University of Utah CONTENTdm API

The University of Utah CONTENTdm API Extension allows developers to extend or create new interfaces for CONTENTdm collections by providing a robust object-oriented middleware to query and access collection data.

May 13th 2012 39k Freeware

Pen and Ink Illustrations

Drawings convey visual information to the viewer via a different way than photorealistic images do. Many non-photorealistic rendering techniques are available, but most of them not specifically targeted toward tree. Trees are a important in architecture p

June 24th 2012 865k Freeware

Ink J2SE Context Dependency Injection

Simple implementation of CDI Context Dependency Injection outside Java EE. Use some CDI magic in J2SE projects WITHOUT using Java EE. You can use Jini to create a complete RMI distributed framework. Only you need is a standard EL implementation CDI Context Dependency InjectionExpression Language ...

September 18th 2012 37k Freeware
10-Strike FTPrint

10-Strike FTPrint

10-Strike FTPrint allows faster text files printing under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000. Usually, when printing text under Windows, your printer operates in a graphics mode. For dot-matrix and Ink-jet printers text mode printing is much faster and more economical than graphics mode. You are saving your time ... text , print , fast , printer , jet ...

May 12th 2008 633k Shareware  10 Strike Software
G-Lock EasyMail

G-Lock EasyMail

G-Lock EasyMail is a professional email newsletter software for targeted email lists building and bulk email campaigns creating at your own computer. G-Lock EasyMail helps you create successful opt-in Newsletters and email marketing campaigns. You can easily manage opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers, create ... email , manage , check , marketing , mailing ...

May 12th 2008 14,014k Freeware  G Lock Software


MailMailer is a compact easy to use server (web) based email mailer. It is specifically designed for the small business market, not to be the biggest or most featured but to be a clean efficient contact tool helping you to send Newsletters to your clients, ... email , mail , merge , mailing , newsletters ...

May 12th 2008 7k Shareware  Bizpep


This software has been created for simply sending out bulk email like Newsletters or personalized ads without troubles.Its jump-start GUI is very easy to use. TurboMailer has powerful options like insertion of text variables from tables, HTML mail and professional log files. Email addresses may ... free , email , internet , mail , mass ...

May 12th 2008 1,047k Freeware  Xellsoft Software
1st Mail Sender

1st Mail Sender

1st Mail Sender is a powerful program used for sending notification messages or requested Newsletters to your subscribers by email. Providing some service, you would like to notify your users about significant events, send invoices or price lists as well as organize email-based subscriptions on ... download , easy , windows , server , filtering ...

January 2nd 2012 2,075k Shareware  SoftFolder Inc


BookPrinXP is a shareware program for MS-Windows 9x and Win 2000/XP. This program prints booklets or books and saves Ink and paper by printing up to 64 pages on both sides of a sheet. A series of booklets are combined to build a book. BookPrintXP ... print , booklet , paper saving , printer driver , virtual printer ...

May 12th 2008 1,147k Shareware  Walter Eckel
32bit Email Broadcaster

32bit Email Broadcaster

32bit Email Broadcaster is a very powerful marketing tool for you and your business. Use it for emailing your own created messages to a list of email addresses. Broadcast e-mail news letters, clients notifications, advertising, and more. Send an email to one recipient or thousands, ... mail , e-mail , newsletters , mail software , bulk mailer ...

May 12th 2008 476k Shareware  ElectraSoft
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