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Nuclear - Post Nuclear - Nuclear Weapons - Waste - Waste Minimization
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Abandoned Well

Abandoned Well

After the interplanetary Nuclear war, many planets laid in ruins polluted with Nuclear Waste. In state of total energetic crisis, people found a way to use the Waste as fuel to their space ships. Countless space ships wandered from planet to planet searching for fuel. ... game , free , download , games , well ...

May 12th 2008 6,301k Shareware  Realore Studios
MySQL Dump Timer

MySQL Dump Timer

The MySQL Dump Timer is intended to backup MySQL databases and tables periodically (MySQL Dump). It also allows the transfer of a MySQL database and MySQL tables between different MySQL servers (= MySQL Backup AND MySQL Restore). * Firewalls will not block the access to ... php , backup , restore , timer , dump ...

May 12th 2008 1,871k Shareware  Dirk Richter Softwareentwicklung

Dump Flash decompiler

Dump Flash Decompiler is the program that treats compressed and decompressed SWF-files and shows the detailed structure in the tree form. It's possible to export a file to the XML format for the next work with SWFMILL program. flash , dump , decompiler ...

April 8th 2009 1,055k Freeware  Dcomsoft
Nuclear Watch ScreenSaver

Nuclear Watch ScreenSaver

Allow its precision into your life. Our world is running on exact time that is counted by Nuclear clocks. Join the club of Exact Time and host this replica of the Nuclear Clock on your computer - for the feeling of being always on time. clock , time , screen , desktop , new ...

December 21st 2014 1,289k Freeware  7art ScreenSavers com clock scr max
Makhaon DICOM Dump

Makhaon DICOM Dump

Makhaon Dicom Dump - is a free software Can browse directory structure Support analyzing, editing and viewing DICOM files Support coloring every element of a tag - Group Number, Element Number, Length, Start At, each element of multiplicity values Support all standard tags (under standard ... free , edit , dump , view , dicom ...

April 30th 2015 2,738k Freeware  Makhaon Software
Nuclear visions

Nuclear visions

If you travel deep into microcosmos inside the nucleus of an atom into the world of the quarks, you might see these visuals. Let yourself be hypnotized by this never ending flow of Nuclear visions. virtual reality , psychedelic , mandala , trance , cosmos ...

April 8th 2009 1,396k Shareware  Astral Visuals

MyDbDump(Access MYSQL DUMP)

MyDB Dump is a simple database utility that allows you to: ..Import your Access database to your Mysql server to use it in your web site even if your hosting provider doesn't give direct access to their MySQL servers.. Dump Both Your MS ACCESS databases ...

May 24th 2012   Shareware  SOFTGURU.NET

Linux Kernel Dump Test Tool

DTT (Dump Test Tool) is a test suite that evaluates the reliability of kernel crash Dump capturing mechanisms for Linux by precisely recreating crash scenarios that take into account both the state of HW and the load conditions of the system.

July 21st 2012 4k Freeware

Linux kernel dump project

The purpose of this project is developing Dump facility of Linux. In this project, we mainly develop diskdump function, which is a poll-based crash Dump for Linux kernel, and offer kernel patch and utils for diskdump.

May 11th 2012 35k Freeware


MY MAMP Dump is a free Mac OS X Automator workflow to import and export databases of MAMP ( and/or MAMP PRO (

June 16th 2012 788k Freeware

Media Dump

Media Dump is a web application that allows you to manage your media files and digital video tapes. Features include search, user managerment and logging.

September 13th 2012 312k Freeware

Open Global Thermal Nuclear War

Open Global Thermal Nuclear War is a strategy Nuclear war game loosely based on the Nuclear capabilities and politics currently in the world today. Can you avoid the ultimate Game Over before it's to late!

March 24th 2012 10k Freeware

USB History Dump

USB History Dump is a forensic tool used to trace evidence of USB thumb drive activity from the Windows Registry. It can be used to gather information such as the last time the thumb drive or mp3 player was connected as well as the last ...

June 29th 2012 27k Freeware

AJAX Image Dump System

AJAX Image Dump System (AIDS) is a image Dump system written in PHP and Javascript using MYSQL databases, with AJAX functionality using the jquery library and the MOD_REWRITE Apache module to shorten down URL-addresses. The system also uses the XTemplate

May 6th 2012 520k Freeware
Nuclear Watch Live Wallpaper

Nuclear Watch Live Wallpaper

Allow its precision into your life. Our world is running on exact time that is counted by Nuclear clocks. Join the club of Exact Time and host this replica of the Nuclear Clock on your computer - for the feeling of being always on time. clock , animation , entertainment , video , wallpaper ...

December 14th 2014 1,435k Freeware  7art ScreenSavers com clock lw max

Nuclear Bike

Ride your sports bike through a rocky terrain and reach the flag! Complete levels as fast as possible to achieve maximum score points. Maximize your score by collecting bonuses and performing stunts, such as a 360 degree flip or a wheelie! Feel breath-taking game play ... freeware , action game , arcade game , free game , racing game ...

September 7th 2012 6,646k Freeware

Nuclear Ball

Prepare to smash your way through a wild and crazy game, excellent 3D models and radiant level design. Move your bumper to the left and to the right - that's all. The new bonuses are as dazzling to watch as they are helpful. Download your ...

June 19th 2012 8,192k Shareware  URSE Games
UnTangle [ Java Thread Dump Visualizer ]

UnTangle [ Java Thread Dump Visualizer ]

UnTangle is a tool for Visualization and Analysis of JVM Thread Dumps. UnTangle has a Unique Tree View, which aggregates the threads into groups of similar threads. This tree View makes it easier to understand the threads currently in the system and identify bottlenecks faster. ...

September 10th 2012 635k Freeware

Windows Money Waste

Programa para calcular el dinero perdido por culpa del tiempo de arranque de Windows.Un algoritmo innovador.Soluciones para no perder tanto dinero. AzCuanto dinero malgastas?

June 17th 2012 1,596k Freeware


nnBackup is a small and convenient tool for backing up and synchronizing your files and folders, creating and processing file-lists. When backing up you can optionally compress the data using gz or zip algorythms and start specified applications before and after main backup process. nnBackup ... synchronize , backup , directory , restore , folder ...

May 12th 2008 241k Shareware  nnSoft
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