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uCertify Master Ciw Administrator (1D0-4

uCertify Master Ciw Administrator (1D0-4

PrepKit Master Ciw Administrator 1D0-425, CIW E-Commerce Designer is an interactive software application that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 3 interactive practice tests with over 313 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively cover ... e-commerce , administrator , master , designer , for ...

May 12th 2008 8,436k Shareware  uCertify

Linux Administrator Bash Scripts

I have abandon this site, if you wish to grab more of the script info, including updates of vulnurability, please kindly visit: Linux AdministrationBash ScriptAutomation Scripts

May 18th 2012 19k Freeware

GPL NI 73xx Linux 2.4/2.6 Motion Driver

GPL National Instruments 4-axis motor controller driver for PCI and PXI 73xx series (7334/7344,etc.) boards. Requires Linux Kernel 2.4 or 2.6 for proper operation.

May 29th 2012 1,643k Freeware

Visual Log

To us the main concern about windows system security is it's weak log functions. A Unix/Linux Administrator is able to trace what happened in the history, however it's really a nightmare to a windows Administrator after a disaster has happened. Window's users have very few ...

May 12th 2008   Shareware  Softgears Company
Malware Inspector

Malware Inspector

Malware Inspector 2.11 (4.10.2012) What is Malware Inspector? Malware Inspector is powerfull anti-malware, antispyware tool that protects your computer against viruses, worms and other dangerous software that could attach while surfing the Internet. It detects more than 90% viruses, worms and other dangerous software. With this program you have your ... antivirus , antispyware , antimalware ...

October 29th 2012 4,143k Freeware  InCode Solutions TM

Bounce Metronome

Beginners find the bounce visuals wonderfully easy to use. Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm capabilities. Accessible for deaf, colour blind & visually impaired musicians, and especially designed to help musicians with metronome technique. RHYTHM FEATURES: * Steady metronome tick * All time signatures ... music , metronome , swing , jazz , tempo ...

January 10th 2013 10,141k Shareware  Robert Inventor

BootIt Bare Metal (formerly BootIt Next Generation)

Taking its roots from its highly successful predecessor, BootIt Next Generation, BootIt BM has been developed from the beginning to provide a powerful set of tools for today’s computer users, enthusiasts, and professionals.Features:Partition Manager:· Supports MBR, EMBR and GPT type partitioning.· Direct support for PATA/SATA ...

July 25th 2012 4,127k Shareware  TeraByte Unlimited

Lampp Panel

My "LAMPP GUI" depends on: -kommander -kdialog -kdesu -firefox -kwrite -xterm It's my first Kommander script, but I hope you like it. My Lampp Panel was testen on the following systems: -Opensuse 10.3-11.1 -Debian 3.0-5,0 -Kubuntu 6.06-9.04

September 4th 2012 231k Freeware


platform Linux fedora 11+/UbuntuProgram execution steps1.Open two konsole with super user privilages2.Execute the command $modprobe snd-pcm-oss$play -r 192000-t oss /dev/dsp13.In another konsoleUSBFMRadio]$./fm 92.7 100 Works for any v4l2radio card and radio si470x tunerSimple user interfaceworks in fedora 11+/ubuntu

April 26th 2012 6,264k Freeware

AI Engine for Mancala

This AI engine developed using CPP with minor QT library function which will be easily replaceable using standard CPP function.This Engine takes complete Mancala board as input string in this format.Format : pit-numberOfStone0-4,1-4,2-4,3-4,4-4,5-4,6-0,7-4,8-4,9-4,10-4,11-4,12-4,13-0Pits are arranged like that. 12 11 10 9 8 713 6 0 1 ...

August 11th 2012 2k Freeware


quantOS, based on Linux Mint 11, is a hardened Linux distro for secure daily use. quantOS leverages AppArmor application security profiles, Arkose Desktop Application Sandboxing and Vidalia for creating secure Tor connections for enhanced privacy.

June 29th 2012 1,014,478k Freeware

scalix-configura tor

Script for configuring scalix-11.4.6 community edition. Currently SLES10 and RHEL5 or CentOS5 are supported. It installs the platform dependencies, executes the scalix installer, clamav, spamassassin, SSL, Pops, smtps and imaps and the spanish transl Installs dependenciesClamav and Spamassassin configuratorEnables SSL in apacheConfigures rewrite to force ...

May 26th 2012 398k Freeware


Hupnet (Helsinki University Public Network) is a free network access controller (NAC) software for a NAT router/gateway based on (Debian) Linux, kernel 2.4. It is meant mainly for wireless networks (WLAN) and uses WWW-based authentication.

June 16th 2012 40k Freeware

Ethernet bridge tables

Ethernet bridge tables - Linux Ethernet filter for the Linux bridge. The 2.4-ebtables-brnf package contains the ebtables+bridge-nf patch. Be sure to check out the ebtables hp. This site also contains the arptables userspace tool.

August 1st 2012 101k Freeware

Torrent - Transmission for dummies

This is the far-easiest command line tool for running torrents under Linux. It only has 4 options, but a little-more advanced user can finetune it by editing. Created by Salcay's Boring Hours

September 17th 2012 1k Freeware

Utility watching anomalous packets

Protowatch is a userspace extension to Linux\'s 2.4 iptables firewalling code. Userspace will dynamically start a server to accept the packet, and log whatever the client sends. Useful for discovering what protocols are in use.

May 3rd 2012 20k Freeware
Music Cleanup for Mac

Music Cleanup for Mac

Tenorshare Music Cleanup for Mac is a handy iTunes music and local music library cleanup program. With it, you can remove duplicates music easily after it help you to quickly and deeply scan out iTunes or local music library. Besides, it can automatically find and ... clean up itunes library , delete duplicates in itunes , edit album information , music cleanup software , fix missing itunes information ...

April 25th 2015 46,656k Shareware  Tenorshare Co Ltd

OpenSuse 11.3 i386 - VMware image

VMware image with minimal installation of Opensuse 11.3 i386. Perfect for new virtual server or tests. minimal installation - only system core - perfect for virtual server

June 28th 2012 669,647k Freeware

Extreme Gaming 4 Linux

Extreme Gaming 4 Linux is a project that aims to provide simple scripts and utilities to run Windows-based games sucessfully under Linux.

July 19th 2012 384k Freeware

Navicat MySQL administrator Manager for Linux (Freeware available)

Navicat Manager is an ideal solution for MySQL administration and development. This is an all-inclusive mysql front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for mysql on the web or your ... phpmyadmin , mysql editor , mysql administrator , mysql frontend , mysql front end ...

April 8th 2009 20,480k Freeware  PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd
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