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TAGAP 2: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins

TAGAP 2 continues the story of cyber-penguins Pablo and Pedro, who now have joined forces. Following the events of TAGAP, our waddling heroes stumble on even bigger zombie penguin army, spearheaded by general Primo, the most epic cyber-penguin ever! More advanced and better equipped, Primo ...

June 11th 2012 211,732k Freeware  Penguin DT

TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 1.8 Final

Mad scientist doctor Glowenko is planning to take on the world with an army of bio-engineered cybernetic penguins. One of the penguins, codenamed Pablo, doesn?t like the idea and escapes, only to find himself fighting against the whole clone penguin army,

June 22nd 2012 97,444k Freeware

OpenLITO Open Source MANOLITO P2P Client

The goal of the OpenLITO project is to write a MANOLITO (MP2P) peer-to-peer client, compatible with Pablo Sato's Blubster, Piolet, and RockItNet software, able to run on non-Windows OS's. Most of MP2P is already reverse-engineered.

April 6th 2012 6,443k Freeware
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Software Downloads 1-3 of 3
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