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ST.Patrick Screensaver

The person who was to become St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in Wales about AD 385. Much Irish folklore surrounds St. Patrick's Day.St. Patrick screensaver was made of cartoon Patrick pictures with pleasent background music.Install and set free St. Patrick screensaver ...

May 10th 2012 10k Freeware  Ptshare

Vega Favorites Organizer

Vega Favorites Organizer has been a popular and powerful bookmark manager utility program since its first release in August, 2000. With Vega, you will be amazed how easily you can find and organize your links, and how easily you can open your links the way ...

September 1st 2012   Shareware  ycAge Software

VEGA Rocket Simulator

The Italian Rocket Vega is ready for first launch. This Software lets you simulate all the telemetric quantities of the flight of the launch vehicle. The visualization of scientific quantities in 2D-3D is important for detecting early flight issues.

May 9th 2012 25,408k Freeware
Vega: CashFlow Demo

Vega: CashFlow Demo

Vega: CashFlow is a simple and easy to use software for effective control over cash flows of a company. It automates financial planning, current financial control, forecasting and cash flows analyzing. Vega: CashFlow will be effective both in small companies and businesses with a complex ... management , budgeting , analysis , cash flow , forecasting ...

December 22nd 2015 52,168k Demo  Vega Expert Consulting Ltd
St. Patrick's Day Screensaver

St. Patrick's Day Screensaver

Leprechauns move around, Shamrocks float, rotate and bounce, while a beautiful scene displaying a pot of gold is shown. All this and more are in this fully animated screensaver. This is perfect for home or the office.

January 19th 2009 705k Shareware  rb59 com
A Bit of Irish Screen Saver

A Bit of Irish Screen Saver

A Bit of Irish is a St. Patrick's Day Screen Saver that will add a bit of Irish luck to your desktop. Watch 3D shamrocks float and leprechauns dance around your screen. st. patrick's day screen saver , st. patrick's day screen savers , irish screen saver , clover screen saver ...

May 12th 2008 1,124k Freeware  Acez Software
Saint Patricks Day Desktop Wallpapers

Saint Patricks Day Desktop Wallpapers

St. Patrick's Day is time to decorate your PC with pots of gold and rainbows, leprechauns and magic toadstools, shamrocks and shillelaghs, and green beer too. And you can put a little bit of Eire on your desktop with the ALTools St. Patrick's Day Desktop ... wallpaper , holiday , gold , desktops , desktop wallpaper ...

May 12th 2008 8,569k Freeware  ESTsoft Corp

Vegas Fever 2

Choose from over 120 authentic Vegas-style games -- now in dazzling 3D graphics. Learn secrets and strategies to improve your chances of winning from professional gambler John Patrick. Vegas Fever 2: High Roller's Edition even lets you create your own slot machines, poker games, and ...

May 12th 2008 14,008k Shareware  MVP Software
Lewd Leprechauns

Lewd Leprechauns

Kiss your blarney stone goodbye as these naughty trolls conjure up some devilish deeds to play on your computer. From fresh-mouthed sayings to lewd acts, these little green men are guaranteed to make you laugh. If you want more shenanigans from the wee people, purchase ... screensaver , screen , riss , saver , humor ...

May 12th 2008 2,169k Shareware  Rhode Island Soft Systems

Stock Options Secrets

Overpricing/underpricing option calculator. Handy options calculator no option trader should miss. This is a serious piece of software with several features not fould in any other option calculator - whatever price. No datafeed support is included, however.- Compute fair prices - Find Delta/Gamma/Vega - Find ...

May 12th 2008 684k Demo  Kjell Hasthi
Power Components, Flash Text Effects

Power Components, Flash Text Effects

Power Pack Components, text effect plugins used directly in .fla files (Macromedia Flash MX / Flash MX Professional 2004 / Flash 8). Power Pack Components contain over 700 predefined text effect variations. Power Pack Components can be used by users of any skill-level, offering use ... text , font , plugins , software , effect ...

May 12th 2008 4,536k Commercial  Patrick Jansen

Buggy Flyer

The city was invader for huge bird, the professor Von Patrick invented a buggy that can fly , you with the new buggy have to kill all the bird.

May 12th 2008 17,899k Freeware  The 3D Games

Lite Secret

In the lab of the professor Von Patrick, your partners of squadron has been sequestered , you have to find him and rescue with life

May 12th 2008 41,851k Freeware  The 3D Games

Space Conquest

The space, the professor Von Patrick has invented the Jet Pack, you can fly whit it, the invasion has beginning, kill all enemy and capture the building

May 12th 2008 50,832k Freeware  The 3D Games
Option Pricing Calculator

Option Pricing Calculator

This free option pricing calculator can be used to calculate: Call Price, Put Price, Gamma, Delta, Theta, Vega, Implied Volatility. This option pricing calculator has three option pricing models to caculate prices: Black-Scholes Option price, Binomial American option price and Binomial European option price option pricing , option pricing calculator , black-scholes option price , binomial american option price , binomial european option price ...

May 12th 2008 2,114k Freeware  OTrader Software


A complete and accessible astronomy experience is in store -- with real-time sky, comprehensive reports, arcsecond accuracy, and exciting features such as animation and live tracking. Adastra's powerful search encompasses planets, comets, asteroids, DSOs, and a multitude of stars, making exploration of the sky in ... dictionary , orrery , encyclopedia , galaxy , planisphere ...

April 8th 2009 3,900k Freeware  Coeli Software Products

Adastra Plus

A complete astronomy experience is in store -- with real-time sky, comprehensive reports, arcsecond accuracy, and exciting features such as animation and live orbital tracking. Adastra's powerful search encompasses planets, comets, asteroids, DSOs, and a multitude of stars, making exploration of the sky in real ... asteroids , planets , sun , comets , moon ...

April 8th 2009 4,500k Shareware  Coeli Software Products

Horror in the Lab

In the lab of the professor Von Patrick, something is happening all the site is so quite, that it' scare to me. download games , free game , 3d games ...

April 8th 2009 56,124k Freeware  Free Game

Hidden Key

After you took the Professor Von Patrick's gold, he captured six men from your team and he already killed one of them. Now you have to find the key to open the building where they are caught and save the other five. game , games , free game , download free game ...

April 8th 2009 43,567k Shareware  Free Game

Silent in the Dark

in the laboratory of the professor Von Patrick we believe that he is working in a new powerfull virus, kill all the enemies. Fascinating and dynamic FPS game with realistic 3D graphics and great 3D sound free games online , free games downlaod , fps games , horror games , terror ...

April 8th 2009 78,111k Freeware  Free Games
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