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PEP - Pair Eclipse Programming

Eclipse plugin to Distributed/Virtual Pair Programming, with code (re)synchronization, chat, NAT/firewall traversal, strict adderence to PP principles. NO SERVER needed.

May 5th 2012 2,581k Freeware
VvW Control

VvW Control

Project controlling becomes more important at architecture and engineering offices. But continuous Verification of economic success becomes more important for planning offices too, in order to be swift to react on undesirable developments. A well-engineered, well-structured project management as VVW Control 2017 CS allows you to ... download , software , monitoring , program , management ...

November 16th 2016 116,148k Shareware  Vordruckverlag Weise GmbH

Games & Things

Some of the classic games. Battleship is the computer model of the game you play on paper as a youngster. You may play against the computer or against another player. DeCode It! is the classic code breaking played with colored marbles and pegs. MaxIt! is ... games , battleship , mastermind , de-code it , magic square ...

May 12th 2008   Freeware  SigmaTech Software
ALTools Halloween Wallpaper 2k6

ALTools Halloween Wallpaper 2k6

This All Hallows' Eve dress up your computer desktop with ALTools Halloween computer wallpapers. The ALTools Eggheads dress up in their Halloween costumes to entertain you and keep your PC desktop fun. Fun, spooky, heroic, famous, and mystic - You choose your mood this Halloween ... halloween , desktops , desktop wallpaper , computer wallpaper , computer fun ...

May 12th 2008 12,011k Freeware  ESTsoft Corp
Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic OSX

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic OSX

This fun math game for ages 4-15 covers all basic skills.Its board game format has 7500 number fact and problem questions in numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentage and ratio at 26 graded levels. Varied question styles suit different learners.The game scenario requires ... artistic , borders , australian birds , anzac , boys ...

April 8th 2009 11,369k Demo  EdAlive


Watch live football online, live football streams and live soccer including Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Scottish Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Carling Cup, FA Cup, Euro 2008, World Cup and much more. Watch AEK ... football feeds , live football , watch live football , footy-live , watch live football online pc ...

April 8th 2009 5,792k Shareware  FootballWatcher com

VIIIJornadas_FCS D.exe

S=NDROME DE DOWN CONSTRUYENDO EL FUTURO. INTERROGANTES DE HOY, RESPUESTAS PARA MADANA. Recopilaci?n de las ponencias de las VIII Jornadas Internacionales sobre el SYndrome de Down DarYo Ianes La identidad en la persona con discapacidadMontserrat Trueta Discurso de Presentaci?n de las JornadasMiquel Perdiguer Discurso de ... down , sindrome de down , libro s?ndrome down , ebook down syndrome , s?ndrome ...

April 8th 2009 2,551k Shareware  FUNDACI CATALANA S NDROME DE DOWN

Tuning colouring book

Tuning colouring book is the game for all Boys from 3 to 99 years old. Is the game for cultivation children's creativity. Is the game that educate child in working with computer. coloring book , colouring book , colouringbook , coloringbook ...

April 8th 2009 1,483k Demo  PEDISOFT


ProTrax is a professional music scheduler and audio file manager with an included Studio Jukebox Player. A must have new product for anyone that is serious about enjoying professional music playlists for their office, home, or their personal music devices (mp3 and portable juke boxes).ProTrax ... playlist creator , audio ripper , music management , home audio server , radio station music scheduling ...

April 8th 2009 10,055k Shareware  Rocky Mountain Software Systems


Entertaining and distinctive name ranking and charting software. NameSpire lets you easily peruse the most popular names, including origin and meaning, in the United States as determined by the Social Security Administration. Is a name becoming too popular? Are you looking for a name with ... girl baby names , boys baby names , girls baby names , popular boy names , popular boys names ...

April 8th 2009 4,279k Shareware  Suzanney Software
Yam The Killer Potato

Yam The Killer Potato

Yam - The Killer Potato. Take on the role of the fearless agent, Yam. Yam's mission is to infiltrate the various enemy bases around his homeworld and rescue as many MIAs as possible. Yam is a solider in the Potato Army. Many years ago the ... arcade , action , opengl , mario , platform game ...

July 10th 2011 51,553k Shareware  jalada GmbH
jalada AstroChase

jalada AstroChase

Shoot the waves of aliens and avoid their fire! Watch out-menacing aliens enter the game from all sides, and can swoop down to get you at any minute!In AstroChase you control a space fighter moving on the screen, scrolling left and right in order to ... game , 3d , space , asteroids , arcade ...

March 21st 2012 100,741k Shareware  jalada GmbH

BrainSpeeder Brain Games

Online brain training and brain teasers for free! Mind exercises and mental workout for your grey matter with big fun factor. The quick brain games of BrainSpeeder enhance your mental agility with different types of mind games such as Arithmetic, Mnemonic, Speedoku and so on. ... brain teasers , online games , memory improvement , brain training , brain games ...

May 3rd 2012 3,328k Freeware  BrainSpeeder Brain Training

Picture Exchange Printing

Picture Exchange Printing (Pep) is designed to ease the burden of printing pictures used in the PECS speech therapy. The application is a simple 4-step wizard that locates images to print and resizes the images to the desired dimensions.

May 17th 2012 7,790k Freeware


Pikzie is an Unit Testing Framework for Python. Pikzie provides more Pythonish API(*) and more usefull test result output rather than PyUnit ( (*) Pep 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code:

June 3rd 2012 74k Freeware

Restlet Proxy Server

The Restlet Proxy Server uses the Restlet framework and allows to make access control to Restlet Server.The Restlet Proxy Server is composed by a filter that intercepts all requests. Each request is evaluated with a mechanism of Pep/PDP

May 31st 2012 2,478k Freeware


XRally is a Xlib clone of the classic arcade game Rally X. In Rally X, you control a car that must run around on a maze-like map, collecting flags and running away from the bad Boys.XRally is highly customizable, and users can create their own ...

September 19th 2012 733k Freeware


py-sqlplug_mysql is a MySQL module full compatible with Pep-0249 (Python Database API Specification v2.0) for CPython. It is fast and stable. `Prepared statement' and building with embedded MySQL library are planned for the future.

September 8th 2012 43k Freeware
Private exe Protector

Private exe Protector

Professional licensing, anti-tampering and software examination system. Pep works with traditional methods, such as file compression, code fragment encryption, metamorphic loading, protection from debugging and file tampering , and features new innovative techniques, including data protection with stolen resources technique and partial code execution on ... software licensing , license management , software protection , software piracy , machine locking ...

January 29th 2013 1,908k Shareware  SetiSoft Tech
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