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Function Grapher

Function Grapher

Function Grapher is graph maker to create 2D, 2.5D and 3D Function graphs, animations and table graphs. 2D Features: explicit Function, implicit Function, parametric Function, and inequality graphing; Cartesian and polar coordinate systems; curve and animation; line plot; scatter plot; stem plot; step plot; curve ... function grapher , graph maker , graph function , graph functions ...

August 1st 2010 2,842k Demo  GraphNow

SPROC Function Builder

SPROC Function Builder is a tool for writing functions to access SQL Server stored procedures (SPROCs). The program is not limited to any specific language so you can write your code in ASP,.NET or pretty much any other language and still save hours with this ...

May 12th 2008 461k Shareware  Clickcess Ltd

Math Function Mania

Math Function Mania is a fun multimedia game that teaches functions, algebra and problem solving skills. Functions are very important in math! By mastering them, you will greatly increase your math skills. This game teaches you by the "hands on" method - you will discover ... algebra , scondary ...

April 8th 2009 906k Shareware  Sheppard Software

Excel Function Dictionary

The Excel Function Dictionary has over 150 fully worked examples of Excel functions. The examples are written in plain non technical English with real world examples.

September 4th 2012 362k Freeware  xlfdic.com

Function Analyzer

Function Analyzer is a program that permits you to see the graph of a Function likef(x)=

May 23rd 2012 1,229k Freeware  hexagora.com

PL: Piecewise-linear topology using GAP

This is a project aiming at creating programs for calculations in Piecewise-linear topology and mathematical physics - finite-dimensional fermionic topological quantum field theories - using GAP computer algebra system.

September 13th 2012 162k Freeware  plgap.sourceforge.net

Vector partition function

A vector partition Function is the number of ways you can split a vector into a sum of given finitely many integral vectors. Computes the combinatorial chambers and the quasipolynomials measuring the VPF; they can be evaluated or printed to LaTeX.

April 25th 2012 2,496k Freeware  vectorpartition.sourceforge.net

C-Function pointer for .NET

This project intend to provide C-Function helper class which would make call to Function pointer in C# or VB.NET nearly as easy as it is in managed C++.

September 14th 2012 6k Freeware  pfct4net.sourceforge.net

Function Wizard

The Function Wizard is designed to provide a lightweight, fast, and easy to use application that will integrate, differentiate, calculate maxima and minima, etc. basic polynomials, as well as assist in other tedious polynomial tasks.

August 10th 2012 5k Freeware  functionwizard.sourceforge.net
GLUT Complex Function Plotter

GLUT Complex Function Plotter

GLUT Complex Function Plotter (GCFP) is an open-source tool for visualizing complex functions using OpenGL. It can be customized using LUA.Please note: I wrote GCFP while learning for an exam in complex analysis to understand the behavior of some complex functions. As it has proven ...

August 27th 2012 11k Freeware  SourceForge.net

Shark CGI Function

The Shark CGI Function simplifies programming CGI's in C. It extracts variables and contents from GET, POST & multipart/form-data forms (including file uploads and cookies) and makes them accessible as environment variables. See homepage for more info.

July 17th 2012 32k Freeware  sharkcgi.sourceforge.net

Advanced Function Library

An open source dynamic link library housing 1000+ subs, functions and properties spread throughout 50+ classes that can be easily integrated into your visual basic and visual basic .net projects as a com component or pure vb code.

June 4th 2012 748k Freeware  freewarefiles.com

FLV converter with append logo function

This application converts a selected avi file to flv, it can also extract a specified frame from the source video. An other functionality is appending a logo on the converted flv. It is based on an *unofficial* FFmpeg Win32 build made by tripp. avi to ...

May 28th 2012 9,955k Freeware  flvconvvhook.sourceforge.net
Keyboard Manager Deluxe

Keyboard Manager Deluxe

Keyboard Manager Deluxe provides you with the power to assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys or key combinations for automatic, click-free activation and pasting. You can create shortcut functionality for drives, folders, programs and other file types, the control panel, printers, ... text , images , files , keyboard , clipboard ...

May 12th 2008 981k Shareware  Polyphony Software

ASP2VB converter

A simple program that converts any ASP code into VB code. May be helpful when converting ASP/HTML into VB components and many other cases. Understands Function and subs. Doesn't understand includes. utility , convert , code , vb , asp ...

May 12th 2008 267k Shareware  Interapple Inc
Test Tone Generator

Test Tone Generator

The Test Tone Generator (TTG) turns the PC into a Function generator for testing or demonstration, sound tuning, education and many other purposes.Features include: Constant and swept tones (log or lin); Many wave forms (Sine/square/triangle/sawtooth/white and pink noise with adjustable crest factor etc); Extensive scripting ... test , sound , function , generator , tone ...

May 12th 2008 787k Shareware  Timo Esser
fKey Template Designer

fKey Template Designer

fKey Keyboard Template Designer v2.02 - $40 from SigmaTech Software. A keyboard template design tool to construct and print a template of any program's Function key and shortcut key combinations. The program prints a template to fit all current keyboard Function key layouts. You may ... keyboard utility , keyboard template design tool , function key template utility , function key template design tool , function keys ...

May 12th 2008 7,416k Shareware  SigmaTech Software
3DMath Explorer

3DMath Explorer

3DMath Explorer is a computer program that pilots 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical functions and curves in unlimited graphing space. It has many useful feature such as; 1-3D curve ploting in real time, 2-perspective drawing, 3-graph scaling (zooming), 4-active graph rotation, 5-fogging effect, 6-cubic ... mathematics , math , design , graph software , math software ...

May 12th 2008 2,472k Shareware  Teber Software


Rt-Plot is a tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots from scientific data. You can enter and calculate tabular data. View the changing graphs, including linear and non linear regression, interpolation, differentiation and integration, during entering. Rt-Plot enables you to create plots fast and easily. The line ... plot , graph , function , regression , plotter ...

May 12th 2008 5,293k Shareware  Rt Science
AxEval Expression Evaluator ActiveX Control

AxEval Expression Evaluator ActiveX Control

The AxEval (v 1.0) ActiveX Control to allow you to calculate mathematical expression evaluation into your programs. For example, using these routines you can evaluate such expressions as: 1+1 256 * (x=51.9) calculator , component , function , activex , expression ...

May 12th 2008 448k Shareware  AxisPackage Software
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