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standard samurai sudoku

100 printable standard Samurai Sudoku puzzles.Samurai Sudoku consist of five overlapping Sudoku grids. The standard Sudoku rules apply to each 9 x 9 grid. Place digits from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. Every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box should ... game , puzzle , games , puzzles , sudoku ...

June 25th 2012 389k Freeware

hard samurai sudoku

100 printable hard Samurai Sudoku puzzles. Samurai Sudoku consist of five overlapping Sudoku grids. The standard Sudoku rules apply to each 9 x 9 grid. Place digits from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. Every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box ... game , puzzle , games , puzzles , sudoku ...

June 2nd 2012 389k Freeware

python sudoku solver

the python Sudoku Solver was done as a first year engineering project, it is programmed in python and it allows the user to enter in an unsolved Sudoku .txt file which it then solves and presents the solved Sudoku to the user in a user ...

August 19th 2012 4,076k Freeware

Generic Sudoku Solver

Generic Sudoku Solver is a Solver for Sudoku puzzles which can handle, next to the standard 9 by 9 grid, arbitrary sized puzzles (like 25 by 25). Puzzles can also be solved manually by the player. The Solver is remarkably efficient for the basic grid.

April 12th 2012 104k Freeware

Java Sudoku Solver

This is an attempt on a Java Sudoku Solver. By starting with a very simple model, the project aims at building a Solver which handles even the hardest Sudoku's (the ones involving certain assumptions and multiple solve threads).

September 16th 2012 163k Freeware

Sudoku Solver

Solves any and every Sudoku puzzle. Input in the numbers leaving the blanks and click solve.

June 2nd 2012 25k Freeware

.net sudoku solver

.Net forms application that helps finding solutions for Sudoku puzzlesmost of the times it resolves the puzzle. sometimes it gives an intermediate step leaving the user to finish it.

June 2nd 2012 22k Freeware

Java Intelligent Sudoku Solver

Now with GUI! jiSudokuSolver is really a Java Sudoku master. It solves any puzzle, good or bad, even an empty one, usually in an instant, and it shows you how, every step. It also lets you play, generate, fix, test, reduce... just run startGUI.bat.

April 13th 2012 611k Freeware
Sudoku WorkPlace

Sudoku WorkPlace

This is an excellent tool to generate, play with, and solve Sudoku puzzles on your computer. Will generate an infinite number of genuine Sudokus, or solve from the newspaper. As well as being good looking, and easy to use, Sudoku Wokplace is one of the ... shareware , automatic , manual , english , french ...

May 12th 2008 2,148k Shareware  Asia Wharf
Sudoku Puzzles Ace

Sudoku Puzzles Ace

Sudoku Puzzles Ace is a new program based on Sudoku - a Japanese numbers game initially introduced in 1986. The Sudoku-mania really took the world over this year. For example, one of the major British newspapers The Telegraph, which started publishing the Sudoku puzzles in ... board game , puzzle , freecell , free cell , puzzles ...

May 12th 2008 1,157k Shareware  AltrixSoft
123 Sudoku series

123 Sudoku series

The Software “123 Sudoku Series” is the complete Sudoku computer game for every user, from beginner to expert, for the whole family. Play unlimited grids from easy to difficult, with variable game settings (time, number of clicks and validations). You can also choose from numerous ... sudoku , puzzle game ...

May 12th 2008 18,330k Shareware  teddysday
Sudoku Flash 1.0

Sudoku Flash 1.0 is a flash Sudoku puzzle with pencil mark and other features. Please visit also for Sudoku-Ball(R). The unique challenge of Sudoku-Ball is to solve a 14 Samurai Sudoku network on a spherical object such that the entire network is closed in all directions. ... puzzle , kakuro , crosssums , flash game , number place ...

April 8th 2009 36k Freeware  Mobile Excellence B V Lensoft Int l Ltd


BATKU is the world?s fastest PC-based Sudoku Solver/generator.

April 21st 2012 1,321k Freeware


A ncurses(w) based Sudoku Solver. can batch solve thousands of puzzles from a file, or just one entered by you. Batch SolvingImporting from a file

July 14th 2012 204k Freeware


Jdoku is a Sudoku Solver made in java. It implements the swing API. Thesudoku Solver applies two logics for now. Try it. I got board solvingnews paper Sudoku after creating this! solves sudokuexplaination for each step of solvingcool swing api

August 25th 2012 47k Freeware

Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver

SuDoku began its attack on the nation last year, and versions can now be found in four national newspapers. Addicts are as obsessed as 1980s teenagers fixated on the Rubik's cube. Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver can create unlimited number of new puzzles and can ... game , puzzle , su doku , suduku , sudoko ...

April 8th 2009 1,164k Shareware  MuddyFunksters
Sudoku Pocket for the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile)

Sudoku Pocket for the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile)

One of the web's most popular Sudoku puzzle games for the Pocket PC/Windows Mobile platform. This version includes thousands of Sudoku puzzles for you to play. Complete with skinnable interface and multiple puzzle entry methods this implementation of the classic Sudoku logic grid game should ... game , crossword , number place , sudoku-x , sudoku pocket ...

April 8th 2009 395k Shareware  Crunchy Carrot Software
Privacy Solver

Privacy Solver

Removes traces of Internet activity and every-day computer use. Potential privacy threats removed include cookies, temporary Internet files, typed URLs and more. Privacy Solver gives you the choice of both automatic and manual protection capabilities. You can even set advanced protection rules to exclude legitimate ... privacy , url , security , cookies , cookie ...

May 12th 2008 556k Shareware  Multimedia Australia
Sudoku Works

Sudoku Works

Generate and enter/solve Sudoku puzzles against the clock. Nine grid sizes from 4x4 to 16x16. Five levels of difficulty, to suit all levels of play. Play on your PC or print out to solve the traditional way. Save games to complete later. Fastest times stored ... sudoku number puzzle ...

May 12th 2008 3,084k Demo  Oak Systems
Sudoku Epic

Sudoku Epic

Sudoku Epic is a Windows version of the famous game, Sudoku. You can generate puzzles in sizes from 4x4 to 16x16 and difficulties from very easy to very hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus ... puzzle , logic , create , generate , sudoku ...

May 12th 2008 2,041k Shareware  Kristanix Studios
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