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Ask Guru Joe

Ask Guru Joe

Will he marry you? Will she? From questions regarding life to those curiosities at work, the Guru is in the house waiting to peer into his Ball of Mystics just for you! Just enter your question when prompted and the Guru will peer deep into ... free , freeware , help , divination , advice ...

May 12th 2008 1,910k Freeware  NCBuy
Startup Guru

Startup Guru

Startup Guru will manage the programs that load on your Windows computer each time it starts. You can add, remove or temporarily disable any item. Great for removing adware/spyware or anything else that is slowing down your ability to get started using your computer! The ... shareware , download , easy , windows , startup ...

May 12th 2008 2,157k Shareware  Lincoln Beach Software
Guru-Devatatma (pdf)

Guru-Devatatma (pdf)

A discussion of spiritual subject matters based on the subject of Guru tattva, spiritual master, with questions and answers. Accepting the Spiritual Master as Ones Life and Soul, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja speaks on the importance of accepting a bona fide Guru, who is dear ...

May 12th 2008 375k Freeware  Bhaktivedanta Trust International BHAKTI

My Siksa guru and Priya bandhu (pdf)

You will receive enlivenment by hearing inspirational memories from Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja about our maha bhagavata Guru, or pure Vaisnava devotee, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. From one of his most intimate admirers, a deep and revealing account of the intimate relationship between them ...

May 12th 2008 344k Freeware  Bhaktivedanta Trust International BHAKTI
True Conception of Sri Guru Tattva (pdf)

True Conception of Sri Guru Tattva (pdf)

A compilation of essays which illuminate the subject of Sri Guru Tattva, the truth regarding the Spiritual Master, and glorifies Gaudiya Vaishnava siddhanta. By getting the favour of the most favoured, guidance of Gurudeva. In pursuit of our own happiness, being attached and forgetful what ...

May 12th 2008 7,011k Freeware  Bhaktivedanta Trust International BHAKTI
Video Edit Guru

Video Edit Guru

Video Edit Guru is a 3 in 1 program that consists of three types of video editing programs which are video converter, video decompiler and video cutter & splitter which will be described below in sequence as follows; Video Converter converts AVI, ASF, WMV & ... image , dll , video , multimedia , converter ...

May 12th 2008 17,790k Shareware  Malware Remover

Web Image Guru Suite

Web Image Guru is a powerful graphics suite for everyone who need to optimize image color and tonal balance, sharpness, noise level, geometry, bit depth, and file size. This product was originally designed as a specialized tool for web designers, but then it was greatly ... compression , enhancement , optimization , image processing , image compression ...

April 8th 2009 4,198k Shareware  VIMAS Technologies

Task List Guru

Freeware task list organizer: Organize your tasks and notes in one place. Task List Guru is a to do list program ideal for personal use and small project management.

July 20th 2012 13,445k Freeware

Plane Equation Generator

Plane Equation Generator is an easy-to-use small application that will generate a Plane equation from three specified points in 3D space. This small application can be very useful when it comes to students or school pupils.

July 6th 2012 28k Freeware

X-plane airplanes

Aircrafts for X-Plane flight simulator. Aviones para el simulador de vuelo X-Plane.

August 20th 2012 10,443k Freeware

self guru

Guru is a tool for automatic refactoring of Self programs. Given a collection of Self objects, Guru produces an equivalentset of objects in which there is no duplication of methods or certain types of expressions.

June 30th 2012 67k Freeware

Crystal Plane

Crystal Plane is a plugin for Crystal Space ( providing advanced 2D vector graphics for Crystal Space applications. It uses Cairo ( as it's main backend providing most of Cairo's features.

May 3rd 2012 447k Freeware
Report Guru Credit Repair Kit

Report Guru Credit Repair Kit

ReportGuru Lite is a lightweight yet powerful tool to help brighten your financial future.if you already have A-1 credit, this application is probably NOT for you. This product is designed for individuals who need to aggressively re-gain control over creditors, collection agencies, and major Credit ... software , documentation , collection agencies , fair credit , harassment ...

April 8th 2009 7,448k Shareware  Jaymo Software

Password Guru

PasswordsGuru is a powerful and convenient passwords generator. Nowadays, it is essentially important for passwords to be exceptionally secure. And it is not that easy to create a secure password. That is why we have developed a freeware application PasswordsGuru. In fact, this application is ...

April 12th 2012   Freeware  CEZEO software

HTML Code Guru Pro

Download web pages via http protocol faster and always. See and edit their html code. Learn more about web site creation (how http works, how to use html, how the scripts on page are interpreted by the browser, etc...) Use integrated html editor to experiment ...

March 30th 2012   Shareware  Hixus Software

Trader's Risk Management Guru

Sophisticated portfolio optimization, money management and asset allocation simulation software for traders and investors. Identify and establish a balance between opportunities and risks. software , risk management , money management , portfolio optimization , asset allocation ...

July 3rd 2012   Demo  Erlo Software

Market Guru

A learning aid for those unfamiliar with the functioning of stock ,bullion and currency markets by means of virtual simulation of its processes.

April 4th 2012 4,569k Freeware

Switch Seat

A tool to quickly change, either manually or through autosensing, your browser proxy settings, network shares, host file, default printer, and desktop background.

August 2nd 2012 11k Freeware
Calc 3D

Calc 3D

Calc 3D calculates 3-dimensional vectors, matrices, complex numbers and quaternions. It's able to do the standard calculations: Addition, subtraction, spatproduct, skalarproduct, unit vector, multiplication of two vektors or matrices, length of a vector, crossprodukt (vectorproduct), angle between two vectors, multiplication of a number with a ... line , mirror , addition , subtraction , division ...

May 12th 2008 403k Shareware  Greuer Andreas

Astral Phantom

As the alien horde finally left our war torn planet, they made one promise, a promise that they would return and finish the job. You have been chosen to take the fight to those dimension hopping aliens, before the fight is taken back to earth. ...

May 12th 2008 8,375k Shareware  Jagged Blade Software
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