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MITCalc3D for Solid Edge

MITCalc3D for Solid Edge

MITCalc is a multi-language set of mechanical, industrial and technical calculations for the day-to-day routines. It will reliably, precisely, and most of all quickly guide customer through the design of components, the solution of a technical problem, or a calculation of an engineering point without ... engineer , cad , cam , calculation , autocad ...

May 12th 2008 29,152k Shareware  MITCalc

NRage Input Plugin v2.0

The Best N64 Emulation Plugin has been revived, Nrage V2.0 fixes an assortment of bugs in the original 1.8 code, and adds new functions, and features, at the same time. Xinput and Directinput controller support including rumble.Transferpak supportMacro'sMempak support

May 14th 2012 172k Freeware

DownloadTrailers v2.0 (

Download Movie Trailers from

August 29th 2012 757k Freeware
Password It! v2.0

Password It! v2.0

!!! Program shortcut links security password protectionThis program adds a password prompt to a program shortcut linkso that only the user who knows the password can access theprogram via the shortcut.When user click on the shortcut link to the program, a small box will pop ...

May 12th 2008 1,148k Shareware  Turingram

WB Zen Fire (screen saver v2.0)

This screen saver features a fire in the night forest. Hear the crackling sounds of the fire as you are transfixed by the hypnotic powers of the flames. Includes music.

June 21st 2012 5,120k Freeware

Complete Chaos v2.0: Special Edition

A dark comedic RPG that takes place in the modern world and features a huge cast and a mature storyline.

April 27th 2012 73,339k Freeware

Pushback Panel v2.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

This panel uses a new mechanism of XML gauges by Rob Barendregt that does not require ADF for playing sounds. This makes it possible to include Brakes sound FX in this version. For Brakes sound FX to become available all you have to do is ...

July 12th 2012 924k Freeware

Bear Creek Winery and Lodging Enhanced v2.0.9 for FS

An all new Flight Simulator experience awaits you at Bear Creek. This is a completely re-vamped "Extreme Make Over" of the previous Bear Creek Winery & Lodging.

May 25th 2012 41,001k Freeware

Personal Records V2.0

Personal Records is a cool application for keeping track of achievements that you do! There are six slots for six different records and it uses stream reader technology! 6 record slots (replaceable)Uses stream reader and writer technologySave ButtonRead Button

July 15th 2012 19k Freeware

Scrum Project V2.0

Web application for managing projects through the Scrum methodology. Developed as Final Work at Universidade do Vale do ItajaA­ (UNIVALI) - Brazil. Project Management with ScrumTask BoardPlanning PokerBurndown Chart

June 1st 2012 730k Freeware
Vembu BDR V2.0.1

Vembu BDR V2.0.1

Vembu BDR is an effective VMware Backup solution that easily performs Agent less and advanced VMware ESXi, vCenter and vCloud Backups, Application aware disk image backups, Granular Mailbox level, Mail Level Recovery for Exchange Server, Table Level Recovery for SQL Server, Document Level Recovery for ... server backup , online backup , data backup , exchange backup , sql backup ...

November 16th 2014 581k Shareware  Vembu Technologies Inc
SE Image Extractor

SE Image Extractor

SolidEdge Automation Tool that easily extracts 2D and 3D drawings into different image formats (bmp, jpg, etc.) for easy integration with 3rd party software. Integrate SolidEdge drawings with your catalogs, websites, assembly instructions and other printed materials. SE Image Extractor is used as a batch ... automation , cad , 3d , 2d , drawing ...

May 12th 2008 4,280k Shareware  Xpress Software Inc
Tech Writers IO

Tech Writers IO

Tech Writers IO V2.0 is a simple executable applications that requires nothing but the push of a button to run. It allows use to see the offline version of the website Tech Writers and all it require is to Download the app. Tech Writers IO ... tech writers io v2 0 , evil laptops ...

February 22nd 2016 8,124k Shareware  Alma Rishel
SE BOM Extractor

SE BOM Extractor

SE BOM Extractor is a SolidEdge automation tool that extracts Bill of Materials from Solid Edge files into SQL Server database for easy integration with 3rd party software, like ERP and SCM systems. Integrate SolidEdge Bill of Materials with your ERP, accounting, supply chain management ... automation , cad , 3d , 2d , drawing ...

May 12th 2008 14,234k Shareware  Xpress Software Inc
SE CNC Converter

SE CNC Converter

SE CNC Converter is a must-have tool to automate extraction of 2D and 3D drawings from proprietary Solid Edge format to CNC machines compatible DXF, SAT, IGS, STP and XGL files. SE CNC Converter is usually used as a link between design department (Solid Edge ... automation , cad , 3d , 2d , drawing ...

May 12th 2008 4,035k Shareware  Xpress Software Inc
Taig download

Taig download

TaiG is the best jailbreak tool which can jailbreak iOS 8.1.2. TaiG Download tool currently available in Windows OS with English language support. Now you can jailbreak iPhone with taig 1.2.0 latest update and get unlimited cydia Download apps for your Apple device. Taig 1.2.0 ... cydia download , install cydia , taig download , taig jailbreak , download taig ...

February 1st 2015 381k Freeware  Taig team

.NET Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Microsoft .NET Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) V2.0 (x86) includes tools, documentation and samples developers need to write, build, test, and deploy .NET Framework applications.

May 2nd 2012 362,496k Freeware

Windows SideShow Managed API 1.0 SDK

The Windows SideShow Managed API 1.0 SDK installs the runtime and development components that are required to build and run gadgets for Windows SideShow using the .NET Framework 2.0. This Download facilitates gadget development and enables developers to b

July 30th 2012 4,127k Freeware

Sony PSP v2.71 Downgrader

Sony PSP V2.0 Downgrader allows anyone running the latest firmware to downgrade to v1.50 and run anything they please.

August 7th 2012 16,005k Freeware

Dialgo Personal Call Center

Answering Machine for scripting your own professional call center business scripts using a voice modem. Features Caller-ID, Wave Playback, Wave Recording, Digit Monitoring, POP3 Email Manipulation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis. With Dialgo Personal Call Center V2.0, you can program your computer to have spoken dialogues ... modem , phone , call center , wave , speech ...

May 12th 2008 4,217k Shareware  United Research Labs
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