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Fractal Sun Clock Live Wallpaper

Fractal Sun Clock Live Wallpaper

Time works wonders. Join the Storm of the Sun! Always be at the peak of the solar cycle! Make a fractal snapshot imprinted in the solar wind! Feel the Sun magnetic field bringing you power, light, and happiness! clock , animation , entertainment , video , wallpaper ...

December 11th 2014 8,898k Freeware  7art ScreenSavers com clock lw max
Alcyone Ephemeris

Alcyone Ephemeris

Alcyone Ephemeris is an accurate and fast astronomial ephemeris calculator covering the period 3000 BC to AD 3500. It calculates heliocentric, geocentric, and topocentric positions of the Sun (Earth), Moon, and planets in ecliptical, equatorial, and horizontal coordinates, with optional corrections for parallax and refraction; ...

January 19th 2009 8,055k Freeware  alcyone ephemeris info

Beautiful Earth - Wallpaper Screen Saver

Beautiful Earth is a Desktop Wallpaper generator and Screen Saver. Beautiful Earth shows you how the Earth looks like from the space at this very moment. You can see which parts of the Earth are enjoying the Sun light. And in night areas you can ...

May 2nd 2012 1,536k Shareware  GimmeGoody

Actual Earth 3D

Display realistic model of the Earth on a background of twinkling stars. You can see times of rising/setting of Moon and Sun. You can configure the product as your Screen Saver. screensaver , screen saver , earth , space , astronomy ...

June 14th 2012 1,055k Freeware  LAVResearch

Mota Wallpaper Changer

The program is developed for automatic Wallpaper Changing at certain time intervals. Program allows to: set wallpapers from Your list, set wallpapers from Internet, set wallpapers as computer starts, set Wallpaper at particular time, change Wallpaper at certain time intervals, change picture size by using ...

January 19th 2009 1,374k Shareware  soft mota ru

Wallch ( Wallpaper Changer )

Wallch is a general purpose Wallpaper Changer for the GNOME desktop which can change the desktop background image after an adjustable time. The aim of Wallch is to make it easier for you to keep your desktop "fresh" and new! Changing Desktop Wallpapers on PC ...

July 10th 2012 565k Freeware
Solar Journey

Solar Journey

Have you ever been curious about the solar system, or wanted to know more about the sky above us? Why does the Sun shine? Why does the Moon seem to change shape? What are black holes? Solar Journey answers all of these questions and hundreds ... learning , school , earth , education , teach ...

May 12th 2008 7,448k Shareware  SAB Software


WALL32 is a self-contained, real-time Wallpaper generator, which simulates the Earth?s and Moon?s illumination by the Sun. The Earth view includes twilight zones and the Moon view takes the earthshine (Da Vinci?s Glow) into account.

May 8th 2012 137k Freeware

Vladstudio Companion

Vladstudio Companion is a freeware program with the following exciting features: (1) Wallpaper Changing. At defined intervals, it changes your desktop background with Vladstudio wallpapers downloaded in random order. Or, just double-click the tray icon to get new random Wallpaper anytime! (2) New wallpapers notification. ... wallpaper , wallpapers , free wallpaper , widescreen wallpapers , free desktop wallpaper ...

May 12th 2008 784k Freeware  Vladstudio


Beautiful Earth is a Desktop Wallpaper generator and Screen Saver. Beautiful Earth shows you how the Earth looks like from the space at this very moment. You can see which parts of the Earth are enjoying the Sun light. And in night areas you can ...

January 19th 2009 1,462k Shareware  GimmeGoody com
APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher, a light-weight and intelligent Android Launcher, is the flagship product of the APUS User System. It will help users to make your Android phone easier, faster and more convenient to use. It can boost RAM and speed up phone, customize and personalize your ... launcher , personalize , speed up , app launcher , android launcher ...

January 7th 2016 4,125k Freeware  APUS Group


PManager is dockable and compact autohiding image browser/converter/editor. You can create, edit and view albums and slide show. Program supports - BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, TGA, PCX and many more image file formats. You can save images in many different formats. You can copy,move,rename... ...

May 12th 2008 481k Shareware  Rayno Kitchukov


Amaze Photo and Multimedia Screen Saver is designed to display your favorite set of images and Multimedia in an interesting and ever-Changing fashion. Thumbnail support allows you to quickly select your desired images. These images can then be displayed using random transition effects and many ... screensaver , screen saver , image screensaver , image screen saver , picture screen saver ...

May 12th 2008 1,618k Shareware  Xequte Software


Ute is a compact utility with Time Syncing, Window Shutdown control, Wave File playing, Delayed / Controlled Running and Wallpaper Changing capabilities. It is a collection of some Sinner Computing utilities (iTimeSync, Slam and QWave.) with two new functions are also added. (Run and Wallpaper.) ...

May 12th 2008 41k Shareware  Sinner Computing


Gravity is a program to simulate the path of move for bodies (i.e. objects with mass) altered by the gravity drive between each other, i.e. a gravity simulator. By using this program, gravitational attraction may be better learned. From the simplest orbit to complicated galaxy ... learn , student , teacher , shareware , education ...

May 12th 2008 3,693k Demo  Uranisoft Co
World time

World time

Dubbed "The 'Swiss Army Knife' of world clocks" with unlimited configurable clocks, each with it's own time zone, configurable Daylight Saving Time, Lat Long, and description in a 12 or 24 hour analog/digital user configurable display, that minimizes to the system tray; 2D/3D World Map ... time , download , date , pim , freeware ...

May 12th 2008 2,364k Freeware  FreeShareware

Active Multiwallpaper Manager

The main function of the program is desktop Wallpaper management. As to the management, the most frequently used functions are as follows: automatic Wallpaper Changing within the given time interval and hot key for Wallpaper Changing. You can specify picture scaling quality level, interface language, ...

August 3rd 2012   Shareware  BlackMoon Software


Wallpaperer is a powerful utility for automatically switching Wallpaper at a specified interval and/or at reboot. Just add your Wallpaper, set the frequency of Wallpaper Changing, and let Wallpaperer do the rest.

April 20th 2012 329k Freeware


A Wallpaper Changing program. select a folder with your images,Set Style (centered/stretched/tiled) and the time between changes. install included so it will start automaticly every time you start windows. (valid formats bmp,jpg,png,gif)

July 29th 2012 164k Freeware

Dr. Regener Sun-Moon-Calenda r

Calculates Sets, Rises and Phases of Sun and Moon, almost 2000 Locations in 96 Countries; Signs of Zodiac, Saint's Days, Days of Eclastical Year, the Moon in the Ecliptic, Graphical Overview of Moon Brigthness; Professional Reports calendar , sunrise , sunset , sun , moon ...

July 17th 2012   Shareware  GPSur
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