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Space Flights Free Screensaver

Space Flights Free Screensaver

The Space Flights free screensaver will briefly show you off the recent and present events in the history of space Flights. You will see the inhabited space stations and spacecrafts that take astronauts to the orbit. Another important activity in the space is the working ... free , download , screensaver , screen saver , flight ...

February 8th 2017 5,298k Freeware  Mega Screens com

Cheapest Flights Guaranteed Everytime!

FINDING THE CHEAPEST Flights... At the moment, when looking for Flights, how do you know that you have booked the best possible Flights at the best possible prices ? Do you spend hours going backwards and forwards with different dates to see if there is ...

May 12th 2008 4,431k Shareware  www My Software co uk

Swiss Army Knife of Underspecificati on

The Swiss army knife of scope underspecification tools. It solves underspecified descriptions and converts between different description formalisms.

July 14th 2012 465k Freeware

Swiss Ephemeris AutoTools

The Swiss Epmheris AutoTools replaces the native Swiss Ephemeris build system, (a GNU Makefile), with an GNU autotools setup. No source files, that is, .h or .c files are modified.

August 29th 2012 244k Freeware

Swiss GD Knife

Swiss GD Knife is a C++ middleware library for game developers, designed to provide miscellaneous but extremely useful library modules that are absent from most other libraries.

April 14th 2012 366k Freeware

Swiss Screensaver

This amazing screensaver shows you all the best views of Switzerland. See the mountains, the valleys with spring flowers and the splendid waterfalls. The relaxing song "native voices" is also included in this state of art screensaver. The song is written especially for the marvelous ...

May 12th 2008 11,513k Shareware  hqart com

SIP swiss army knife

sipsak is a command line tool which can send simple requests to a SIP server. It can run additional tests on a SIP server which are usefull for admins and developers of SIP enviroments.

July 3rd 2012 155k Freeware


Promedia is the Swiss Army Knife of multi-media tools. This amazing all-media software allows users to acquire music from CDs or MP3s, images from a digital camera, scanner, TV/VCR, Internet, or digital video from your camcorder and then display them in any one of the ... software , video , mp3 , cd , audio ...

May 12th 2008 18,861k Shareware  DigiSoft LLC
Archibald's Digger

Archibald's Digger

Archibald Digger remakes the well-liked original arcade game Boulder Dash in modern way. As long as you like to recall frenzied Flights from falling rocks and mysterious spirit of the quarry, or easy to have a game different from neverending variations of PacMan, try for ... game , children , kids , fun , arcade ...

May 12th 2008 2,119k Shareware  Archibald The Cat entertainment


Software with wheels for lotteries 6/49. These wheels permit to optimize the play. These systems permits to play the numbers selected by the user on several boards with the garantee of a result if a condition is respected Ecoloto can print directly on the canadians ... wheels , lotto , loto , lotto 649 ...

May 12th 2008 830k Shareware  CELLARD COM
Tweaki...for Power Users

Tweaki...for Power Users

Designed for *all* Windows operating systems, Tweaki is your Swiss Army knife of utilities. Configure, secure and optimize Windows, MS Office and Internet Explorer. Add productivity enhancements like right click functions that allow you to print the contents of a folder or drive, copy a ... windows , registry , shell , internet , desktop ...

May 12th 2008 3,822k Shareware  JerMar Software Corp
AirLog Pilot's Logbook

AirLog Pilot's Logbook

AirLog is an electronic logbook for pilots that has features and options that give pilots the power and flexibility they demand. With extensive reporting and graphing capabilities, AirLog tracks and maintains your Flights with ease. AirLog is the perfect tool for all your flight logging ...

May 12th 2008 11,036k Shareware  Glenn Tobin

Loto Excel Universal

Loto Excel Universal is a new generation product applied to all the lotteries throughoutthe world drawing six numbers and a bonus.It has a search engine of combinations optimized to the maximum and adapted to any typeof lotto, which no other software is able to realize ...

May 12th 2008 9,806k Shareware  Payras Software

SI-Metric Office

SI-Metric Office, the Swiss army knife of business desktop utilities, includes several essential key utilities under one sleek customizable interface. Features include atomic clock time synchronization, customizable reminders to alert you of important events, 4-grid timezone utility with optional world map, and data conversion calculator ...

May 12th 2008 6,585k Shareware  ButterflyVista


FS2004/FSCOF/FS2002/FS2000 Courseplanner 2.D.1, stand alone flight planner. Complete with a color map to track all your moves in a separate window. Can be used with or without Flight Simulator running, (totally independent of FS). Allows you to use all the planes in your hangar, control ... courseplanner , fs2000 , fs2002 , fs2004 , fscof ...

May 12th 2008 13,872k Shareware  MyOddweb com


For All versions of Windows 95, 98 Millenium. QikFix is the Swiss Army knife of utilities. Comprised of 10 different tools: -a file shredder, for permanently removing all traces of a file from your hard drive - a memory diagnostic utility, for not only to ... registry , extract , shut down , file repair , expand ...

May 12th 2008 2,954k Shareware  Easy Desk Software


All-in-One SECRETMAKER is your Swiss Army Knife for the Internet and ultimate survival kit for your nerves. It includes a Spam Fighter, Pop-Up Killer, Cookie Eraser, History Cleaner, Garbage Cleaner, Privacy Protector, Banner Blocker and a Worm Hunter. All-in-One SECRETMAKER's Spam Fighter combines several processes ...

May 12th 2008 1,059k Freeware  secretmaker team

Financial Advisor for Excel (Standard)

Borrowing, business profitability, discounted cash flows, financial planning, investing, bonds, cost of capital, options, valuation and more in this financial toolbox!!! Financial Advisor for Excel is the Swiss Army Tool of financial calculators: loans, NPV, bonds, etc. It's a powerful tool that consists of 73 ...

May 12th 2008 5,917k Shareware  Model Advisor


This compact box of color tools is the designers equivalent of the Swiss Army Penknife. It packs in a color picker, color scheme generator, web preview tools and much more. Designed to fit seamlessly with the way you work, it sits quietly in the system ... color scheme , palette , color , illustrator , colour ...

November 14th 2013 5,817k Shareware  Technology Lighthouse
ShowFont - Windows Font Lister

ShowFont - Windows Font Lister

ShowFont is a Windows utility designed to list the fonts available on your system, show some of the characteristic properties of each font, and display a text sample - or character table - for the font. ShowFont provides more detailed information on fonts than conventional ... character set , truetype , style , raster , pitch ...

May 12th 2008 615k Shareware  Procon Systems
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