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Wireless Switch Applet

Wireless Switch Applet provides the applet for GNOME2 to Switch the Configuration for iwconfig. you can add/modify/delete that Configuration on GUI, and Switch it on the panel easily.

May 31st 2012 233k Freeware  wirelesssw.sourceforge.net

CSTA Switch Simulator

The CSTA Switch Simulator is a Software telephone environment that can be used to test Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications. The simulator complies with the CSTA phase II specification.

May 6th 2012 187k Freeware  SourceForge.net
Advanced Serial Port Monitor

Advanced Serial Port Monitor

Today we are all living in a completely new era. Nowadays, utilizing digital technologies is as natural as breathing and eating. This is why so many businesses turn towards digital products and solutions. The number of devices that can be connected to a home or ... hardware , serial , spy , rs232 , developer ...

May 12th 2008 2,381k Shareware  AGG Software


Inox is a system service that operates in background of your server. At defined time periods it collects mail from external POP3 mailboxes e.g. ISP and forwards it to your MS Exchange or other SMTP compatible server. Easy to use Configuration Software allows defining of ...

May 12th 2008 1,036k Shareware  Virtual Moon s c


DVD XCopy Deluxe: copy your DVD movies without losing quality. Now you can make backup copies of your DVD movies and watch it on your DVD Player! With its superior kernel, DVD XCopy Deluxe can backup your entire DVD movie - including menus, trailers and ... dvd copy , dvd duplication , dvd copier , dvd xcopy deluxe ...

May 12th 2008 3,179k Shareware  MP3TOWAV ORG
WatchDog Print Monitor

WatchDog Print Monitor

WatchDog Print Monitor is state-of-the-art print tracking Software that is easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and provides a complete, customizable, detailed, and exact accounting of printing within your business. WatchDog Print Monitor was bred to retrieve and review printer usage, charge printing costs back to clients or users, ...

January 19th 2009 11,000k Shareware  ADIWatchDog com
ClearContext Inbox Manager

ClearContext Inbox Manager

ClearContext Inbox Manager? for Microsoft Outlook« is the quick and easy way to regain control of your inbox. This Microsoft Outlook add-in prioritizes incoming email, assigns topics to email conversations, and automates email filing. Your most important e-mails from the most important senders are highlighted, ... email , outlook , inbox , exchange , add-in ...

April 8th 2009 4,298k Shareware  ClearContext Corporation
ClearContext IMS Pro

ClearContext IMS Pro

ClearContext Information Management System Professional is an Outlook add-in to help users more efficiently manage their workday. IMS Pro utilizes patent-pending email and contact prioritization algorithms to automatically highlight a user?s most important email - no Configuration or Software "training" is required. Assign topics to ... manager , organizer ...

April 8th 2009 5,740k Shareware  ClearContext Corporation
Icon extractor package

Icon extractor package

The Icon Extractor Package includes two programs: an icon viewer which is able to extract icons from executables or libraries and copy or save them as icon or bitmap files; an additional Configuration Software which makes it easy to distribute large icon libraries. A configured ... files , icons , icon library , icon manager , distribute icons ...

April 8th 2009 599k Shareware  Michael Brick
Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 Converter

Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 Converter

Now get the highly advanced Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 Converter tool of Birdie Software, which is the result-oriented and flexible solution for the users who are in need to convert their e-mail messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010. Our Windows Live ... eml to pst converter , windows live mail to outlook 2010 converter , windows live mail to outlook 2010 , convert windows live mail to outlook 2010 , windows live mail to outlook 2010 pst ...

June 13th 2011 2,417k Shareware  Birdie Software

TrustPort PC Security

TrustPort PC Security 2009 is a comprehensive Software solution for the safety of your computer. At all entry points, it protects against various types of malicious codes; it provides antivirus, antispyware and antiadware control. It checks electronic mail and reliably takes away spam. It prevents ... antivirus , antispam , data security , antispyware ...

June 12th 2012 196,608k Shareware  TrustPort, a.s.

HMI-SCADA Graphics Visualization

UCCTouch + HMIBuilder + HMIPlayer + HMI OCXUCanCode Software Inc. is a premier provider of Dynamic Graphics, Data Visualization, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Real-Time Mapping Solutions for Software developers around the world. Its products are used to visualize and control real-time and mission-critical processes in ... developers , programmers , source code , graphics libraries , sdk tools ...

July 9th 2012 492k Freeware  ucancode software


An open source version of Microtechs own laptop Configuration Software, but instead designed for use in an in car dashboard displayed enviroment...The offical home of Microtech is Microtechefi.com

March 26th 2012 747k Freeware  microdash.sourceforge.net


Swikup establishes a connection (ssh or telnet) with a managed network Switch and through there sends (or receives) the Switch Configuration file to (or from) the tftp server.Swikup is based on the tcl extension Expect and works with many H3CA® (3ComA®) and DLinkA® switches.Swikup is ...

July 13th 2012 19k Freeware  SourceForge.net

Wireless Network Topology Emulator

A QT based compact network topology emulator and Configuration Software for wireless networks. The Software was developed by members of the Institut fr Telematik, Universitt Karlsruhe (TH) within the project IPonAir.

April 23rd 2012 40k Freeware  wnte.sourceforge.net


Autobuild allows platform specific Configuration of Software build processes to be defined in declarative Buildfiles. Autobuild automates Software construction by executing build processes somultaneously on a number of different platfrooms.

May 25th 2012 40k Freeware  autobuild.sourceforge.net
Switch MP3 Audio Converter Software

Switch MP3 Audio Converter Software

Switch MP3 is an audio file converter for Windows and is easy to use. Just add the audio files to be converted to the audio file format to be converted list, select the output audio file format, and click the convert button. Switch MP3 Converter Features: * ... mp3 to wav , mp3 converter , mp3 conversion software , mp3 encoder , convert wav to mp3 ...

January 19th 2010 395k Shareware  NCH Software

serval: an internet software VLAN switch

SERVAL: An Erlang client/server Software to emulate VLANS over Internet. SERVAL is a Software Switch to create VLANS and connect a machine to a different LAN from the one its network card is actually connected.

September 13th 2012 127k Freeware  serval.igalia.com

software configuration management

software Configuration management (SCM). makes a project to easier. This is my senior project to complete a bachelor degree .

March 26th 2012 708k Freeware  sconfig.sourceforge.net

Wireless Radio Software Switch

This project is here to help users change the status of their wireless cards radio on laptops which do not have a hardware based wireless radio Switch. We have a laptop support table, and linux modules for some Averatec and Packard-Bell hardware.

April 12th 2012 11k Freeware  rfswitch.sourceforge.net
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