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Enko's Tile Map Editor

A Tile Map Editor that you can use for making maps for your games or any other background type.

July 27th 2012 301k Freeware  enktilemapedit.sourceforge.net

JavaThis Map Editor

Pure Java Tile based Map Editor. A Cross platform, multi-language tool to create a Map file for 2D/3D applications.<p>Un basado en azulejos redactor de mapa en Java. En plataformas mltiples, y idiomas mltiple crea mapas para aplicaciones de 2D/3D.

September 1st 2012 894k Freeware  javathis.com

Gameboy Advance Map Editor

GBA Map Editor written in C using GTK to interpret GBA Tile/palette data to allow a graphical method of creating large maps for GBA games.

May 6th 2012 16k Freeware  gbamapedit.sourceforge.net

Game Map Editor

This is a Game Map Editor, Screen Based. It's programmed in Java, and we have made several games using it like: Abusimbel Profanation Deluxe, Las 3 Luces de Glaurung. For more information see: http://masoftware.galeon.com

September 8th 2012 549k Freeware  ma-mapdesign.sourceforge.net

Tile-Based Editor

A small, highly portable Tile based Editor. Great for anyone learning SDL or C++ in general. A zombie game example will also be included in the near future.

June 18th 2012 2,700k Freeware  implodeinteractive.com
Imagination Image Map Editor

Imagination Image Map Editor

Create image maps for your website with this easy-to-use tool from Multimedia Australia. Simply select the image you want to use, choose a shape, then visually draw the image Map regions. The image Map coordinates can be copied to the clipboard for insertion into your ... editor , html , image , editors , web ...

May 12th 2008 456k Shareware  Multimedia Australia

Game Files Open - Map Editor

A simple tool for developing new maps or for editing the regen/boss/npc/stone ecc. of an existing Map.The tool was developed by tha Game Files Open Team for the metin2 community.

June 8th 2012 2,344k Freeware  metin2mapeditor.sourceforge.net

tmWorks Tilelevel Studio

tmWorks Tilelevel Studio is a general purpose 2d Tile Map Editor. * Manage your Tile Map as a project. * Support abnormity and standard Tile. * including sprite animation Editor. tile , j2me , mobile game , map editor ...

May 12th 2008 423k Shareware  tmWorks Dev Team


Tiled is a general purpose Tile Map Editor, built to be flexible and easy to use. In addition to its own Map format, Tiled supports read/write plugins for using it with proprietary Map formats or formats used by other editors. General purpose Tile Map Editor ...

August 7th 2012 803k Freeware  mapeditor.org
VB Image Map ActiveX Control

VB Image Map ActiveX Control

The VB Image Map OCX is an ActiveX Control designed to provide your applications with the ability to display interactive images. Hotspots, or specially designated areas on your image, can be defined that will react to various mouse events. It is easily integrated into your ... shareware , image , vb , control , graphic ...

May 12th 2008 512k Demo  Silverband Software

Moo editor

This is a Map Editor using my new file format 'moo'. It allow the user to make a heightmap terrain, the texture edition and (not finished yet) the objects edition.

May 24th 2012 625k Freeware  mooeditor.sourceforge.net

Mobile BASIC

Mobile BASIC is the easy way to write your Mobile Phone Programs. With Mobile BASIC you can write Mobile Phone programs within minutes using nothing more than your desktop computer - there is even a Linux / Unix Version.Features include: Graphics, Sprite Graphics with Sprite ...

May 12th 2008 17,713k Commercial  David Firth
Lux Delux

Lux Delux

Lux is an awesome game of strategy and domination. Based on the time tested gameplay of the board game Risk, Lux adds everything you could ask for in a computer version. Easy Network Play: Joining an online game is as easy as 2 clicks. No ... game , board , player , online , multiplayer ...

May 12th 2008 4,739k Shareware  Sillysoft


RILedit is a Map Editor for 2d Tile-based games, written in Java. It features Tile editing, entity editing, and is compatible with the freeware Tile Editor Mappy. It's easy to modify it so that it creates custom files to use in your own game.

July 26th 2012 42k Freeware  riledit.sourceforge.net


SaqMap is a windows open-source flexible 2D Map Editor written in c# for use in Tile based games. A developer can use it to easily create multiple layered animated maps. Outputs XML files so they can easily be converted to be used in any engine ...

April 5th 2012 88k Freeware  saqmap.sourceforge.net
Web Spider

Web Spider

To present a site as a project which groups files by their types, with the appropriate editing and viewing programs. An opportunity of simultaneous operations with several projects;To work with databases on ADO technology foundation: standard access to various data types. SQL Editor with highlighting ...

May 12th 2008 1,807k Shareware  Tsezy

Laser Squad Nemesis

The award winning strategy game from the creators of the X-Com series. Play Marine, Machina, Spawn or Grey campaigns against a devious AI opponent, or play online against human opponents in competitions and tournaments with over 100 maps to choose from. Laser Squad Nemesis is ... wargame , strategy , tactics , turn based , turn-based ...

May 12th 2008 6,127k Shareware  Prospero Productions
Pong Ultra

Pong Ultra

Pong Ultra - Is a freeware remake of the classic pong game. Play with 3 game modes, either 2 player, 4 player, or solo as well as either for score or against time. The game also features 8 unique music tracks, a fully functional Map ...

January 19th 2009 4,000k Freeware  pongu sourceforge net
Ultimate Mahjong

Ultimate Mahjong

Ultimate Mahjong Combines breathtaking graphics and the most complete set of features and tools you are likely to see in any Mahjong game. Ultimate Mahjong comes with both Tile-set and Tile-layout editors integrated into the game. If you get tired with 500+ standard layouts included, ...

January 19th 2009 3,527k Shareware  inertiasoftware com
Pipeline Plus

Pipeline Plus

Pipeline Plus - the futuristic fantasy adventure!* Two challenging adventures, eight large levels in total, set on two of the moons of the planet Jupiter.* A huge number of pipe elements link together on the rigs over the moons' surfaces, and you will often be ...

January 19th 2009 4,839k Shareware  superiorinteractive com
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