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Project IGI 1.0 Cheats

This is a free cheat program for Project Igi 1.0. Just unzip the two files in your Project Igi 1.0 installation folder and run IGI_Cheat.exe to get started.

April 6th 2012 53k Freeware  ankitr.in

Project FrameGameG game engine

A Very simple EXSE based system for making games that are like old choose your own adventures but with more features. Includes "almost no code needed" IDE

April 12th 2012 537k Freeware  framegameg.sourceforge.net
Pong Project

Pong Project

Pong Project V1.1 is a 4 player pong Game you and your friends will love. Amazing 2v2 or 1v1v1v1 battles! Extra effort was put into the Game to allow for as much control over the Game rules as possible, from global to individual player settings. ... game , games , arcade , sports , pong ...

June 7th 2015 8,019k Freeware  Bruce McArthur

Braille Writing Tutor

The Braille Writing Tutor, a Project of TechBridgeWorld research group at Carnegie Mellon University, is a simple and inexpensive device that provides braille writing practice for the visually impaired. Hardware specifications and software included.

May 20th 2012 3,093k Freeware  techbridgeworld.org

Game Server Launcher

This Project is to create a Game server launcher, for games like Quake3 and possibly direct play games such as Age of Empires. This program is to be run as a background process and launch the Game server much like HEAT used to work. Currently ...

April 24th 2012 5,570k Freeware  gnugsl.sourceforge.net

Torque Game Engine Learning Kit

This Project is Torque Game engine Starters kit for Academic audience and modified version of TGE demo.

April 8th 2012 148,540k Freeware  bsc-torque-proj.sourceforge.net
Pong Solo

Pong Solo

PongSolo V1.1 is a single player pong Game. Extra effort was put into the Game to allow for as much control over the Game rules as possible, from global to individual player settings.By using the options screen you can create a whole new Game every ... game , games , arcade , sports , pong ...

May 12th 2008 5,524k Freeware  Digital Liquid

DoSWF Professional

DoSWF is a professional encryption tool for Adobe Flash SWF and SWC files. Protect your actionscript and all assets, such as image, sound, movie etc. Defend current all Flash decompilers, make your Flash more secure! The key functions of DoSWF as following:-Encrypt Adobe Flash SWF ... files , encryption , flash , protect , swf ...

September 1st 2012 922k Shareware  DoSWF co.,Ltd

Travian 4 Clone FR

Travian 4 Clone FR est un projet open sourceTravian 4 Clone FR is an open source projectProjet en phase bAStaLe jeu n'est pas full debugProject in betaThe Game is not full debug

July 9th 2012 42,708k Freeware  SourceForge.net


This is a Project to develop a Game engine (both 2D and 3D) in Java. It does not use Java3D.

June 17th 2012 2,230k Freeware  dynaj.sourceforge.net

Galaxy Sleuth

A generic "Clue-like" Game, assigned as the senior programming Project at LMU. lmusleuth.sourceforge.net is also another groups Project of the same Game. Will have basic nertworking, graphics, and hopefully AI.

April 9th 2012 13,250k Freeware  lmugalaxysleuth.sourceforge.net

Ikariam Clone FR

Ikariam Clone FR est un projet open sourceIkariam Clone FR is an open source projectProjet en phase bAStaLe jeu n'est pas full debugProject in betaThe Game is not full debug

July 8th 2012 43,835k Freeware  ikariamclonefr.sourceforge.net


Project DDT is a Game engine to run the classic Diablo Game and its Hellfire expansion on modern computers.The whole thing is in early alpha. No Game-play and only Linux is supported.

June 22nd 2012 840k Freeware  SourceForge.net

Quests Of Nargoth

Quests Of Nargoth (QON) is a Project of an RPG Game made for the Amiga AGA computers. It is in 3D ("Wolfenstein3D" style), and in HAM8 color mode. It's not finished yet, but will maybe one day ;-)

June 19th 2012 2,468k Freeware  qon.sourceforge.net

The Ancients

This Project is a MMORPG Game made using the Irrlicht open source graphics engine. Based in ancient times, you can be either Spartans or Egyptians. Each faction has several races and classes to choose from.

April 27th 2012 1,820k Freeware  theancients.sourceforge.net

The Sand Empire

University Project. A strategy Game which takes place on a planet similar to the one in the award winning book: Frank Herbert's - "Dune".

June 27th 2012 69k Freeware  sandempire.sourceforge.net


This Project is a Rapid Game Development/Design Library and Interface. From 2D-3D, Single-Multiplayer, low-highend games all presented in a easy interface with VBScript and Point And Click style programming or use the library in a supported language.

July 12th 2012 555k Freeware  visgame.sourceforge.net

Project Planner Tutor

Project Planner Tutor 4.8, introduces Project management concepts to aspiring Project managers and also covers the various features available in Smartworks Project Planner 4.8. It gives a step by step introduction to various features available under Smartworks Project Planner version 4.8 . It is a ... freeware , manage , project , task , plan ...

May 12th 2008 4,052k Freeware  Accord Software Systems Inc

Final Hour Game Engine Project

This is a Project to make a high quality Game engine using the Genesis 3D engine. When Destiny 3D is realeased we will port to it.

April 23rd 2012 141k Freeware  fhgep.sourceforge.net

UGENE Game Project

UGENE is a Project dedicated to creating open-source games. Our focus is on making original multi-player games that don't require a powerful computer. Our current catalog includes Squee (a board Game) and Five Thousand (a dice Game).

May 10th 2012 478k Freeware  ugene.sourceforge.net
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