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Windows CE VNC server

Bare bone Vnc Server for Windows CE. Currently only uncompressed blocks are supported. It has been ported from the original code from AT&T (windows Server release 3.3.3.r9) as part of a feasibility research project. Also compiles under VC++6.

September 9th 2012 47k Freeware  wincevncsvr.sourceforge.net

VNC Server NLM for Netware

Provide a NLM to allow access from any Vnc client to Netware Servers.Since Novell has released a Vnc Server for Netware we do not any longer work on this project.http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?vncnw

August 29th 2012 82k Freeware  vncnlm.sourceforge.net
abtoVNC Server SDK

abtoVNC Server SDK

ABTO Software presents the Vnc-based remote desktop Server SDK. This toolkit allows to create custom specific Vnc Server software and include Vnc functionality into customers' applications. With our SDK tool you can build Windows Vnc Server that will provide the robust connection with the remote computer ... vnc server , vnc server windows 7 , remote desktop server , vnc server windows , vnc server for windows 7 ...

July 1st 2013 2,628k Shareware  ABTO Software
AbtoVNC Server SDK for Windows

AbtoVNC Server SDK for Windows

ABTO Software's Vnc Server SDK is a highly efficient basis that allows to integrate Vnc functions to applications and programs or create custom Vnc Server software. SDK-based Vnc Server for Windows can be seamlessly utilized as an ActiveX component so you can use it flexibly ... vnc server for windows , vnc server sdk ...

August 18th 2015 2,603k Shareware  ABTO Software
abtoVNC Remote Screen Server SDK

abtoVNC Remote Screen Server SDK

abtoVNC Remote Screen Server SDK provides you with toolkit to integrate Vnc support into your applications (including .NET ones). abtoVNC Server together with the most popular viewers, including Vnc viewer for .NET, allows stable connection with the remote computer, which hosts the Server, and control of ... vnc server , vnc server windows 7 , remote desktop server , vnc server windows , vnc server for windows 7 ...

September 10th 2012 5,766k Shareware  ABTO Software

SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise Edition

SmartCode Vnc Manager is a powerful remote administration and monitoring software. It is typically used for remote network management, remote system administration and in helpdesk environments. Major Features:CONNECTIVITY * Vnc with support for SSH tunneling, SecureVNC plug-in, UltraVNC Repeater, SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies. * RDP ... manager , ssh , vnc , radmin , citrix ...

July 23rd 2012 18,596k Commercial  SmartCode Solutions
OnlineVNC Server 64 bit

OnlineVNC Server 64 bit

OnlineVNC Server 64 bit is a quality and easy-to-use program that allows you to control your desktop from the web-browser from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Viewer for the Server is written using Adobe Flash technology and requires no installation at all. You just to ... remote control , remote access , desktop sharing , vnc server , vnc windows 7 ...

January 8th 2013 14,953k Freeware  OnlineVNC Software
VNC Password Set

VNC Password Set

This program allows you set the password of your Vnc Server on your LAN. It also lets you set alternate credentials for connecting to the remote machine. Supports UltraVNC, RealVNC, and TightVNC. vnc , ultravnc , realvnc , tightvnc ...

May 12th 2008 987k Freeware  IntelliAdmin LLC

VNC Fast

VNC Fast is a utility for installing and launching the Vnc Server to connect to a Vnc Viewer running in Listening mode. Configuration is downloaded from an XML file to connect from behind firewalls. An easy Vnc Manager for end users.

June 25th 2012   Freeware  The Data Furnace Pty Ltd

VNC-Client for .NET

VNC-Client for .NET is a Vnc-Client written in C# using the .NET Framework. It allows you to interact with a remote computer running a Vnc-Server.

July 31st 2012 301k Freeware  dnvnccl.sourceforge.net

VNC Viewer for Symbian

This is a Vnc Viewer for Symbian 3rd Edition. It allows a smartphone to estabish a TCP/IP connection with any remote computer running a standard Vnc Server and control it from the phone without the need of any other software

May 10th 2012 130k Freeware  symvnc.sourceforge.net
Foxy Admin

Foxy Admin

Foxy Admin is domain computers manager for Windows (TM). It is intended for use system administrators or other IT personnel to keep control of the local network with users' computers without moving from his workplace. Here are some key features of Foxy Admin: Reading the structure of ... windows , lan , net , inventory , admin ...

May 21st 2012 12,115k Shareware  DemiWare Inc
abtoVNC Viewer SDK for Windows

abtoVNC Viewer SDK for Windows

abtoVNC Remote Screen Viewer SDK for .NET with repeater support. Android, Win Mobile and Desktop versions. Virtual Network Computing Viewer Library acts as a remote control software allowing to view and fully interact with one`s computer desktop (the "Vnc Server") using a simple program (the ... remote desktop client , vnc viewer , remote desktop windows 7 , vnc client , windows remote desktop ...

July 16th 2012 4,438k Shareware  ABTO Software

XDM-OPTIONS Display Manager Suite

X Display Manager. Xhost Phonebook, X Login, X Desktop Chooser, and XDM X Server (Vnc Server). Easy install, Clean Uninstall (X up when done). Highly compatible, no libs. Like gdm but different in goals and features. Great as primary or as a backup. New 0.2.1.d ...

May 14th 2012 163k Freeware  xdm-options.sourceforge.net
abtoVNC Viewer SDK for iOS

abtoVNC Viewer SDK for iOS

ABTO's remote desktop Viewer built with SDK for iOS is the great tool which is able to become an essential part of your everyday business process because of its possibility to operate with any Mac or PC desktop via network or internet. ABTO's Viewer based on ... vnc sdk ios , vnc sdk for ios , vnc sdk iphone , vnc sdk for iphone , iphone vnc sdk ...

December 28th 2013 8,339k Shareware  ABTO Software


SSVNC adds encryption security to Vnc. It provides a GUI for Windows, MacOSX, and Unix that automatically starts up an SSL or SSH tunnel for connections to any Vnc Server.

May 30th 2012 6,062k Freeware  ssvnc.sourceforge.net

T-Plan Robot (formerly VNCRobot)

T-Plan Robot is a tool based on a Vnc client. It can control remote computers running a Vnc Server via the RFB protocol.

July 21st 2012 6,339k Freeware  vncrobot.com

Peersites Program

Share files on a peer to peer network using a peer web Server. Then people use a web browser to surf to the peer web site. This package is complete and ready to use. It includes the Jetty web Server, JSP Wiki, a Vnc Server ...

September 10th 2012 3,783k Freeware  peersitesprg.sourceforge.net


VNC Snapshot is a command line utility for Vnc (Virtual Network Computing) available from RealVNC, among others. The utility allows one to take a snapshot from a Vnc Server and save it as a JPEG file. Unix, Linux and Windows platforms are supported.

September 16th 2012 661k Freeware  vncsnapshot.sourceforge.net


VncSelector offers a way to manage a user's running Vnc Server sessions. From a single GUI window, it lets you create new instances, connect to an existing instance, or kill existing instances.

July 29th 2012 830k Freeware  vncselector.sourceforge.net
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