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Adventus VST -VSTI

Adventus VST -VSTI

VST Instrument Analog virtual synthesizer, Adventus VSTI is best suited for techno and trance music with over 300 high quality presets, If you are looking for great leads, pads, strings, basses, organs and pianos, whether for live performance work or sequencing …look no further! Cool ... download , fm , synth , demo , musical ...

May 12th 2008 4,400k Demo  Softplug com
Audio To MIDI VST (PC)

Audio To MIDI VST (PC)

WIDI Audio To MIDI Vst plugin automatically transcribes arbitrary polyphonic audio tracks into MIDI output. With this plugin, you can: * turn an original audio record into a corresponding MIDI stream * get instant Wave-to-MIDI transcription while playing a musical instrument * detect chords in ... plugin , vst , wave to midi , music recognition , audio to midi ...

May 12th 2008 838k Shareware  WIDISOFT


WIDI Audio To MIDI Vst plugin automatically transcribes arbitrary polyphonic audio tracks into MIDI output. With this plugin, you can: * turn an original audio record into a corresponding MIDI stream * get instant Wave-to-MIDI transcription while playing a musical instrument * detect chords in ... plugin , mac , vst , os x , wave to midi ...

May 12th 2008 1,017k Shareware  WIDISOFT
Zeta Uploader (Windows-Client)

Zeta Uploader (Windows-Client)

Zeta Uploader is a service of the Zeta software GmbH for electronic data exchange. Use the Zeta Uploader to mail several files and/or folders to one or more receivers. The free Windows client allows you to automatically send multiple files or folders ZIP-compressed with the ... file , file sharing , file exchange , zeta uploader , file transmission ...

May 12th 2008 10,190k Freeware  zeta software GbR
Zeta Helpdesk

Zeta Helpdesk

The organization software “Zeta Helpdesk” for Windows and Web offers an optimal environment with its modular software architecture for the adaptation, documentation, monitoring and payoff of external or internal support inquiries (tickets). documentation , monitoring , support , zeta helpdesk , ticket system ...

May 12th 2008 71,902k Freeware  zeta software GbR


DGenR8 Vst uses virtual analog synthesis to re-create the sound of classic beat boxes such as the Roland TR series. It has 11 tweakable voices: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Rim Shot, Clap, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Open and Closed Hi Hats, and Low, Mid and ... instrument , vst , roland ...

April 8th 2009 1,046k Shareware  ExperimentalScene

SpatialVerb VST

SpatialVerb Vst has a powerful ray tracing system for generating the early impulse response of the reverb unit. The late impulse response is generated by a feedback delay network to minimize ringing. This simple to use yet powerful Vst effect is great for those who ... plugin , effect , vst , reverb ...

April 8th 2009 1,033k Shareware  ExperimentalScene

zeta producer Freeware

zeta producer is a website content management system based upon Microsoft Windows®. With Zeta producer users can easily manage their website with nothing more but basic windows-knowledge.The freeware version of Zeta producer handles up to 20 pages, it is designed for private users and small ...

May 12th 2008 14,523k Freeware  zeta software GbR

zeta producer Desktop

Der Zeta producer ist ein Website Content Management System auf Windows-Basis. Anwender können allein mit Windows-Grundkenntnissen die Pflege Ihres Internet-Auftrittes auf einfachste Weise selbst übernehmen. Da Zeta producer Windows-basiert ist, benötigen Sie keinen bestimmten Web-Server. Mit Zeta producer erstellte Websites sind auf allen Web-Servern ohne ...

May 12th 2008 33,457k Shareware  zeta software GbR

VST MIDI Control Extension

VST MIDI Control Extension (MCX) is a plugin wrapper attached to the selected Vst plugin that extends the plugin with MIDI controlling capabilities. The extension allows you to assign each parameter of the Vst plugin to a MIDI Controller (CC0 - CC127). It works with ... midi , extension , controller , wrapper , midevice ...

April 8th 2009 2,200k Demo  MIdevice
Virtual Room Emulator VST

Virtual Room Emulator VST

Virtual Room Emulator is a Vst reverb plug-in for native PC platforms. Used to create psycho-acoustic models in the DSP environment. It simulates the reverberation of a sound in a rectangular type room, allowing separate control of the room's width, depth and height. It also ... room , reverb , convolution , synths ...

April 8th 2009 912k Shareware  Syntheway

zeta producer Desktop English

zeta producer Desktop is a desktop content management system based upon MS Windows.It combines the advantages of HTML-editors (simple installation) and CMSs (simple usage)The test version is not limited in time, only a little text will be displayed on every created page. With the supplied ... html , html-editor , windows , internet , website ...

April 8th 2009 37,580k Demo  zeta software GmbH

Voxengo Voxformer VST

Voxformer is a multi-functional vocal channel strip plug-in in Vst format (Virtual DJ, FL Studio, SoundForge, Cubase, etc). Combining several professional quality processing modules, Voxformer was designed to be a comprehensive solution for all your vocal processing needs - be it a spoken or a ...

July 25th 2012 973k Shareware  Voxengo

Vinyl Boy VST

Vinyl Boy is a Vst plugin brings DJ scratching directly to your studio, with the advantage of precise midi treatment for the exact results you need. Open Vinyl Boy as an insert effect on the track that you want to scratch, and use your modulation ...

April 22nd 2012   Shareware  Musicrow

Zeta Resource Editor

Zeta Resource Editor is a free application that enables you to edit standard Microsoft .NET string resources from multiple different resource files together inside one single data grid.

August 19th 2012 12,104k Freeware  zeta-sw.com

Zeta - zeta potential calculation tools

Zeta can be used to calculate Zeta potentials for ka>6 from electrophoretic mobilities measured at the stationary level, from apparent Zeta potentials displayed by zetameter or from apparent mobilities measured at 3 different levels in a rectangular

April 27th 2012 510k Freeware  zeta-potential.sourceforge.net

Delphi ASIO & VST Packages

With these packages for Delphi the user can easily create Vst plugins or ASIO applications within minutes. The included algorithms for filters and dynamics help to built effects without much knowledge of digital signal processing. Audio processing framework for ASIO applications and Vst pluginsmany examples

August 17th 2012 3,733k Freeware  delphiasiovst.sourceforge.net


IC.J.Vst ("Intra-Actively Communicating JavaVST") enables you to create innovative Vst audio plugins: "Intra-Actively" means that the single plugin instances can exchange any form of data - what opens a lot of new perspectives and possibilities!

August 15th 2012 37k Freeware  icjvst.sourceforge.net

mda VST plug-ins

Source code for "mda" audio processing plug-ins in Vst format.Available for many years as closed-source freeware from mda-Vst.com

August 2nd 2012 3,122k Freeware  SourceForge.net

Mekton Zeta Beam Weapon Generator

UPDATE!! This project is now using Visual Basic 2010 Beta 2 for development. If you wish to contribute, please download the beta 2 version of Visual Studio and lend a hand! Thanks.

September 2nd 2012 119k Freeware  mzbwg.sourceforge.net
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