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Wake-On-LAN Listener

Wake-On-LAN Listener

The program receives magic packets and can be used as a Wake-On-LAN configuration troubleshooting tool. It allows to select local network adapters and create Windows Firewall exceptions. Requires administrator rights. broadcast , mac address , wake on lan , wol , wake on remotely ...

April 18th 2012 707k Freeware  Alexander Yarovy
Wake-On-LAN Sender

Wake-On-LAN Sender

Wake-On-LAN Sender can be used to turn on remote computers sending magic packets (UDP). This freeware utility supports SecureOn password and allows to identify MAC addresses of LAN computers. It can run hidden with command line parameters: WakeOnLan.exe /ComputerName, if the ComputerName entry is already ... lan , wake-on-lan , broadcast , wol , power on ...

May 5th 2012 1,393k Freeware  Alexander Yarovy
Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine

Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine

If physical host machine has not enough resources or performance to keep every virtual machine running the solution is to start virtual machines only when needed. Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine implements the Wake-On-LAN computer networking standard to turn on virtual machines. When the program starts it ... wake-on-lan , mac address , wol , vmware , virtual pc ...

July 19th 2018 5,034k Shareware  Alexander Yarovy


Program implements Wake on lan function. Wake-up remote computer. MAC address resolve of remote PC. Keeps the list of computers, export and import of the list. Supported command line. This is a freeware! utility , mac , wake-on-lan , remote , wol ...

April 24th 2012 952k Freeware  Simplyware

Wake On Lan

Wake On LAN, shutdown software for Windows. A powerful Wol, ping, shutdown, GUI application. Wake Up remote machinesShutdown Windows machinesSchedule Wake ups, shutdowns (Vista or higher)Command line or GUI

June 27th 2012 3,304k Freeware  aquilatech.com

Wake On Lan Tool .NET

The Wake On Lan Tool 2 allows you to power on, reboot or shut down computers / devices over LAN. You can organise your network into groups and set up timers for different tasks. Wol 2 can be configured to control VNC, Putty, MSTSC etc ...

August 11th 2012 912k Freeware  wol2.sourceforge.net
Starcraft 2 WoL Strategy Guide Review

Starcraft 2 WoL Strategy Guide Review

Learn about the Strategy Guide for Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and about whether you should use this guide in this informative eBook.You will also learn about the various tips contained within the guide as well as about the various sections available.The information in the ... starcraft2 , starcraft ii , where to buy starcraft 2 , starcraft two ...

July 8th 2012 1,847k Freeware  StarCraft 2 Guidance
Starcraft 2 WoL Logo Shirt Review

Starcraft 2 WoL Logo Shirt Review

Read about the Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Logo T-Shirt and about whether it is worth buying and wearing in this informative eBook. You will also learn about the stitching of the shirt as well as the general design of the shirt and its availability.The ... starcraft2 , starcraft ii , where to buy starcraft 2 , starcraft two ...

July 8th 2012 1,847k Freeware  StarCraft 2 Guidance

Wake-on-LAN Packet Sniffer

Wake-on-LAN Packet sniffer is designed to troubleshoot and setup Wake-on-LAN entire your Network. It allows to check whether the target machine recieve the packet. Program will display all incoming "Magic Packets".

August 16th 2012 10k Freeware  Simplyware

Dead Wake

Dead Wake is a survival zombie game for the PC which brings barricades, blood, and weapons to zombie fans. Headshots and physics play a major role when player attempts to survive against the zombie hordes.

July 18th 2012 31,898k Freeware  deadwakegame.com


A aspx based web page to send the "Wake on Lan" magic packet to a host.Integration to static html pages or Sharepoint servers is done in a few minutes.

September 11th 2012 14k Freeware  wolaspx.sourceforge.net

Wake Up Lazy!

a free tool to Wake you lazies up developed in C# . application size is too big. i will try my best to reduce the size. system requirement : windows Vista : all versions windows Seven : all versions

July 6th 2012 6,264k Freeware  wakeuplazy.sourceforge.net

Wake on LAN MIDlet

Wake On LAN Mob is a J2ME application for mobile devices. More Info http://jambelnet.blogspot.com/2008/04/Wake-on-lan-midlet.html

April 2nd 2012 2k Freeware  jambelnet.blogspot.com


This is a small and free program to ARP Ping your LAN and to send Wake on LAN datagrams to devices in your LAN. All found and active physical adresses, which will be discovered by ARP sweep pings will be stored in a list and ...

August 28th 2012 58k Freeware  wol-arp-mon.sourceforge.net

XMMS Wake-up Call

Program allowing you to run XMMS on a remote computer, intended to be used as a Wake-up call.

May 14th 2012 6k Freeware  xmms-wake-up.sourceforge.net

wayqonlan (read Wake You On Lan)

wayqonlan (Wake You On Lan) Wakeonlan front end. Be able to monitor computers' state (On/Off), turn them on, monitor some management services (telnet, ssh, vnc, remote desktop) and start a session in any of them, all in a single application.

September 13th 2012 203k Freeware  wayqonlan.sourceforge.net

HoD's Wake On Lan

HodWol is a customizable Wake-on-lan script written in Perl. Always wanted to start your home computer when you leave work?here's your chance!

June 25th 2012 15k Freeware  hodwol.sourceforge.net

Just Wake Up

Just Wake Up est un rA©veil programmable. Il permet de jouer un son de son choix et d'afficher des alertes soit A une heure dA©terminA©e soit A la fin d'un compte A rebours. Just Wake Up is an alarm clock that allows to play music. ...

April 24th 2012 280k Freeware  justwakeup.sourceforge.net
Wake up News

Wake up News

Loads your online newspapers and wakes you up when it's ready, with a choice of preset alarms or MP3's. Can also be used simply as an alarm clock. Includes more than 3000 newspaper links!

January 19th 2009 1,435k Shareware  wakeupnews com
EMCO WakeOnLan Professional

EMCO WakeOnLan Professional

An advanced Wake on LAN (Wol) utility allows you to power up remote PCs by sending them a magic (Wol) network packet.The application is designed to operate in enterprise networks, which may include domains, workgroups and multiple subnets, to power up one or multiple remote ... wake-on-lan , wake on lan , wol , wake up on lan , power up on lan ...

May 19th 2012 48,447k Shareware  EMCO Software
Software Name  /  Popularity Revised Size License Company
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