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AEON is an evolutionary framework written in C++, completely object-oriented.AEON is based on a plugin architecture to allow easy integration of new Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) and encodings, and to facilitate sharing of experiments among researchers.Experiments are developed and compiled separately with respect to the main ...

August 26th 2012 668k Freeware  aeon-framework.sourceforge.net

Yams of Coleen (dice game)

Le Yam's est un jeu de dA©s. Il se joue A plusieurs joueurs et avec 5 dA©s. Plutot que de Ga©rer les scores du jeu avec un crayon et un papier, ce projet personnel a pour but de dA©velopper un jeu complet de Yam's sur ...

July 24th 2012 94k Freeware  yamsofcoleen.sourceforge.net

Yost-Your Hosting!

Yost est une solution de gestion da€™hA©bergement de services entiA?rement automatisA©e et permet de Ga©rer bien plus qua€™un espace da€™hA©bergement web, il sa€™adapte trA?s bien A tous types de serveur.

June 23rd 2012 26,133k Freeware  yost.fr


Das phpBoard ist ein schnelles und einfach zu bedienendes PHP Forum mit Funktionen wie Profile, Feeds und Statistiken. Es lA¤sst sich unkompliziert auf jedem Webspace mit PHP + MySQL installieren und ALber einen komfortablen Admin Bereich verwalten. Jeder registrierte Benutzer erhA¤lt eine eigene Profilseite und ...

September 7th 2012 989k Freeware  phpboard.org


The PORTIONS (PORTlets actIONS) framework allows you to develope JSR-168 portlets as if you were developing J2EE Web applications using Struts. It has been tested in Pluto 1.0.1, Jetspeed 2.0, JBoss Portal 2.4.1-Ga and Vignette Application Portal 7.2

July 12th 2012 2,181k Freeware  portions.sourceforge.net


pyRenk, bir .py dosyasA±ndaki Python kodlarA±nA± uygun HTML etiketleri ve stiller yardA±mA±yla renklendirir Python kodlarAnAzA HTML etiketleri yardAmAyla renklendirmeyi ve web sayfanAzda bu kodlarA yayAnlayabilmenizi saAzlarRenklendirilen kodlarAnAzAn sayfanAzda nasAl GarALneceAzini test edebilirsinizPyQt tabanl

August 30th 2012 82k Freeware  pyrenk.sourceforge.net


Wodka is the implementation of a genetic algorithm (Ga) that can bread two dimensional structures that might be used as robots in sodarace competitions.

July 20th 2012 4,035k Freeware  wodka.sourceforge.net


RFC 1924 describes a compact, fixed-size representation of IPv6 addresses which uses a base 85 number system. The base 85 numbers(from 0 to 84) are as follows:0..9 A..Z a..z ! # $ % & ( ) * + - ; < = > ? @ ^ ...

August 25th 2012 9k Freeware  SourceForge.net

CPP free library of genetic algorithms

C++ genetic algorithms library (solving of the NP opnimisation problems). More Ga strategies, more useability, more algorithm speed.

May 4th 2012 34k Freeware  cpplibga.sourceforge.net


Du mA¶chtest ein Kontaktformular, welches mehr kann als nur ein Kontaktformular sein? Na dann, hier ist ContactUsimple! Sei es ein Ga¤stebuch oder ein Kontaktformular, willst du dich vorstellen, egal: Du brauchst nur PHP und eine Datenbank! Bis Version 4 ohne Datenbank lauffAhigeinfach zu bedienenKeine Installation ...

August 5th 2012 76k Freeware  lucas.ist-genial.eu

Corewars Redcode Evolver (CRE)

Corewars Redcode Evolver, or CRE, is a program for generating Redcode warriors by use of a genetic algorithm (Ga). It is intended for use by Corewars players, or people in research fields who wish to learn about GAs by evolving redcode warriors.

April 19th 2012 29k Freeware  cre.sourceforge.net


Corynth est un jeu de stratA©gie lA©Ga?rement futuriste au tour par tour. Jouez contre l'IA, dA©fiez vos amis, et dA©cidez du futur de l'humanitA© sur la nouvelle planA?te : "Corynth".

March 31st 2012 1,577k Freeware  corynth.sourceforge.net

EtkinleLztirici( Activator)

EtkinleLztirici, DevredA±LzA± BA±rakA±lan Ga¶rev YA¶neticisi, CMD Ve Regedit'i EtkinleLztirmenizi SaAzlar. EtkinleLztiriciActivatorCMDTask ManagerRegedit

June 14th 2012 21k Freeware  crazycoderr.wordpress.com

Evolutionary C. System Identification.

ECSID (Evolutionary Computation based System Identification) is a program that automates the process of system identification through the use of Evolutionary Computation tools (Ga, GP and GEP). ECSID is written in lisp, using asdf and clgtk

July 9th 2012 234k Freeware  ecsid.sourceforge.net


Ceci est une extension pour Google Chrome et compatible avec Greasemonkey qui met A disposition des outils affin de mieux Ga©rer son compte sur exile.

July 5th 2012 136k Freeware  exilepp.sourceforge.net
F750 Logger

F750 Logger

Analyserar loggfiler frAAn NIBES frAAnluftsvA¤rmepumpar F750, F370. Statistik, diagram, etc fA¶r att fA¶rstAA hur pumpen arbetar.- NIBEs loggfiler pAA andra pumpar verkar vA¤ldigt snarlika. Kommer implementera stA¶d fA¶r 1245 + andra om jag fAAr tillgAAng till loggfiler. Skicka Ga¤rna loggfil via email till mig. FlernivAA-zooma ...

June 28th 2012 1,710k Freeware  SourceForge.net

GKBRK Internet Suite

GKBRK Internet Suite is a feature-rich, user friendly WebBrowser developed by Ga¶kberk YALTIRAKLI. Open SourceOnly supports Turkish for now. But it is planned to translate it.Has built-in WidgetsHas built-in Virus Scan tool.

July 2nd 2012 3,557k Freeware  gkbrk.info

Genetic Algorithm - root evolution la

Design and execute ALife experiments without programming. Ga Lab allows you to build simulated robots in a 2-D environment, designing all aspects of the simulation visually. Flexible options for several types of Ga are supported.

May 1st 2012 430k Freeware  galab.sourceforge.net

Genetic Algorithms Engine - Blackjack

This project is a Genetic Algorithm engine able to be reused for other projects with minimal additional programming. To use Ga to search for a problems solution, program a fitness function, the project settings, and a few virtual functions.

July 9th 2012 23k Freeware  gablackjack.sourceforge.net


Calculatrice graphique en franA§ais, destinA©e aux professeurs ou aux A©tudiants du collA?ge et du lycA©e. Elle permet de faire du calcul approchA©, de tracer des courbes et des figures Ga©omA©triques exportables en png, eps ou svg. Linux, Windows, Mac.

September 17th 2012 6,046k Freeware  geophar.sourceforge.net
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