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Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer

Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer by Komeil Bahmanpour is a tool for viewing files in Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF) in Microsoft Windows. Chortkeh BDF Font Viewer for Windows is able to process BDF Specification 2.2 Font files including Unicode glyphs up to 64x80 pixels as ... unicode , chortkeh bdf font viewer , bdf , bdfviewer , bdf viewer ...

August 1st 2012 287k Freeware  Chortkeh

Font Viewer

Font Viewer is a Font manager and preview utility for Windows. Font Viewer helps you find the right Font for your application needs. Using Font Viewer, you are able to preview fonts in many ways including sample text, comparison list, and large character map. Print ... font , utility , install , print , compare ...

May 12th 2008 407k Shareware  Barefoot Productions Inc
Font Viewer by Blaiz Enterprises

Font Viewer by Blaiz Enterprises

FREE - Don't know what Font to use? View Screen/Printer fonts with definable sample text and variable auto scroll option. Network with browser support and cloning. Integrated Help - (See also left panel Links / Help for online Help). Program Features: * View Screen / ... html , free , viewer , easy , font ...

May 12th 2008 438k Freeware  Blaiz Enterprises
Advanced Font Viewer

Advanced Font Viewer

The quality of your work with text and graphics in many respects depends on the fonts you use. You can quickly choose a Font among all installed fonts because now you do not have to click each Font file you see all Font types at ... ttf , otf , font viewer , fonts viewer , uninstall fonts ...

July 8th 2009 1,463k Shareware  Alexander G Styopkin
Free&Easy Font Viewer

Free&Easy Font Viewer

Have you got lots of fonts to choose from? Do you get annoyed every time you pick a Font for a fancy birthday card or a web page logo because all the software you have is only capable of showing one Font at a time? ... viewer , font , list , freeware , fonts ...

May 12th 2008 853k Freeware  Alexander G Styopkin
Windows Process Viewer

Windows Process Viewer

That Windows process Viewer shows you detailed Windows process description as well as users opinions from the File.Net forum. Thus you can learn more about Windows processes running on a computer or identify process in Task Manager. Verify your startup system processes located in System32 ... taskmanager , windows task manager , process viewer , process explorer , file information ...

April 24th 2016 668k Shareware  file net
Free&Easy Font Viewer

Free&Easy Font Viewer

Have you got lots of fonts to choose from? Do you get annoyed every time you pick a Font for a fancy birthday card or a web page logo because all the software you have is only capable of showing one Font at a time? ... viewer , list , fonts , look , see ...

April 8th 2009 657k Freeware  Alexander G Styopkin
Font viewer utility

Font viewer utility

Font Viewer ais a Font utility. It uses a HTMLa for viewing fonts, installed on your PC:View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a Font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters ... utility , fontviewer , fontmanager , fontsviewer , fontinstaller ...

April 8th 2009 459k Shareware  AB Utilitys for your PC

Horizon5 Font Viewer

With this tool you can pick any Font installed on your system and check out how it will appear in a range of sizes and styles and against a background of any colour.This is particularly useful when you are word processing or creating graphics and ...

July 11th 2012 512k Freeware

Web Font Viewer

Web Font Viewer is PHP script which is intended for TTF fonts storing on the Internet in form of catalogue categorized according to fonts.Web Font Viewer is also intended for Font exchange and their selling.Web Font Viewer will be of use for designers which have ...

May 12th 2008 185k Shareware  FastReport Software

Opcion Font Viewer

For viewing fonts, seeing how they would appear applied to your name/logo/tagline, and keeping track of which fonts best suit the job is the purpose of Opcion Font Viewer. Opcion allows you to view both installed and uninstalled fonts individualy or many at a time.

January 19th 2009 700k Freeware  opcion sourceforge net

Tiny Font Viewer

Tiny Font Viewer is the ultimate tool to preview all your system fonts. Increase or decrease the size, add bold or italic to decide which Font to use for your next project.

August 14th 2012 1,628k Freeware

Free and Easy Font Viewer

Have you got lots of fonts to choose from? Do you get annoyed every time you pick a Font for a fancy birthday card or a web page logo because all the software you have is only capable of showing one Font at a time? ...

May 21st 2012 2,253k Freeware
ShowFont - Windows Font Lister

ShowFont - Windows Font Lister

ShowFont is a Windows utility designed to list the fonts available on your system, show some of the characteristic properties of each Font, and display a text sample - or character table - for the Font. ShowFont provides more detailed information on fonts than conventional ... character set , truetype , style , raster , pitch ...

May 12th 2008 615k Shareware  Procon Systems

Windows Playlist Viewer/Generator

This is a full-fledged Windows application for viewing and creating playlists. The application was built for Windows using ActiveX controls. For more information, please visit playlist ...

April 8th 2009 280k Freeware  Moon Valley Software

AMP Font Viewer

Easy to use but powerful Font manager, which allows getting a quick overview of both installed and non installed fonts (supports TrueType, OpenType and Type 1). It also have several options for easily organizing fonts in categories. It can print custom lists of fonts, install ...

September 11th 2012   Freeware  Alberto Martinez Perez

Webcyte Design Font Viewer

Because I?m a web developer I need to use defferent fonts all the time. The thing is I have hundreds of fonts and most programs don?t let me see how the Font looks until I?ve highlighted the text and selected the Font. With application I ...

June 20th 2012 6k Freeware

IBM AFP Font Viewer

This project is intended for viewing the ibm fonts. IBM-FOCA is the specification for this fonts.

April 29th 2012 19k Freeware


X-Fonter is an advanced Font manager and Font Viewer for Windows that supports all Font types (Truetype, Opentype, Postscript, Raster and Vector). The clear Font previews make selecting the right Font an easy task. You can also organize your fonts into custom collections and print ... font , graphics , 3d , picture , fonts ...

May 4th 2014 4,816k Shareware  Blacksun Software


Preview the fonts you just downloaded/got on CD, without spending too much precious time! With FontViewer you can say goodbye to long hours spent evaluating your brand new collection of fonts! Preview the Font files contained in a directory and install only the ones you ... font viewer , fontviewer , preview fonts , font previewer ...

April 8th 2009 389k Freeware  Loris Bognanni
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